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  • hi Ethan,

    I'm loving the sight of your variant covers for Blackest Night.
    But I was wondering: have these covers been made a long time ago, or are you creating them now? And if so, how do you balance that with doing Flash: Rebirth?


    • Ethan I was wondering if you knew what was behind this minor costume alteration.

      While the metal badge looks cool I was wondering if you knew why it was changed?




      • Hello Ethan. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the letter you wrote at the end of Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2. Very interesting.


        • Hello, Ethan.

          Aside from my highest praise for your contributions to comics in general, I want to say just how happy I was with your personal input at the end of Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2.

          The knowledge was very interesting and insightful, and I liked your reasons for each design, but what made me happiest was how you said your favorite corps was the Red Lanterns; they're mine as well.

          I don't have much else to say, so I'll just leave it there.

          Again, thank you.
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          • I am love rebirth (both), but you helped me see (Johns helped me understand) just how cool the Flash (and the GL) truely are and thank you for that!


            • Ethan your one of my favorite artist you and Geoff got me interested in Green Lantern Comic with Rebirth. Being a Green Lantern Fan I even run my own Green Lantern web site called Green Lantern Wiki its like a giant for everything Encyclopedia. My question is wondering if you had any advice to someone that would be interested in getting a job as a Comic Book Writer or Artist?


              • Johns confirmed at SDCC that there will be an Absolute GL:Rebirth next year!! HOW AWESOME!!! EVS, you've gotta be excited about seeing your art in that format.


                • HEy Thks 4 the Add In FacebooK... guess iz reali hard 2 win the Premiums u offered! Haaha... Can ther b 2 Lucky winners? Hope 2 C u here liked 1s a week man!
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                  • Ethan you rock! I love your art on both Green Lantern and Flash and I hope you do an ongoing soon.
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                    • little question, why is there delay on flash now?? you said, there youldn't have any, because you started it early enough.....but now almost if not a month of delay...

                      what is going on????

                      did you managed to get hold on one od those promotional black ring??


                      • Ethan,

                        I have a few questions (pardon if they have been asked already through the 40 or so pages I haven’t combed totally through …yet).

                        I was wondering more along the lines of what types of materials that you use and a little about your Pencil/Ink time,

                        - What type of Pencil do you use? Mechanical/Drafting and even lead types (if you use those specifically).
                        - What type of Pen/Ink do you prefer? I know there are so many now, and the more “traditional/older school” tended to lean more toward fountain/dip pens and brushes, and now it seems to be more technical/drafting pens.
                        - What type of paper do you prefer? Is Bristol paper still kinda the favorite?
                        - Last but not least (I assume this would be totally dependant on the page at hand) but how much of the page do you actually Pencil before putting the Ink to it? Personally (nothing against inkers, I mean Scott Williams is my ALL TIME FAV) I just do the bare minimum and let the imagination do the rest. I have seen Art Adams (another big favorite of mine) barley lay down any pencils at all…

                        Lastly, thank you for making me a fan of GL. Until Rebirth I had never had picked up a GL comic (*GASP* Blasphemy! Lol.). Now it’s at the top of my list and I can’t get enough. So my hat is off to you, Geoff and Pete…..truly.


                        • I just saw mallrats and realized you drew this

                          Its from one of my favorite movies ever. Howd you get to draw this for the movie?



                          • i wish wally was a part of blackest night as opposed to having to wait to reapper until Rebirth sets his new identity


                            • how about this..

                              ethan will we see wally west in the blackest night mini -- not talking about say the flash spinoff or any other tie in
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                              • 0_0 wow EVS is a actual member here and he's got his own personal thread. NICE...

                                Too Bad he's not here for the last something pages. i had a question for him.