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  • ethan, it's been 6 months since you posted on here, yet you do log on here now and then..

    whats the deal?
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    • Omg... You are amazing, it's people like you that make may day a little brighter with your awesome work!!! I so want to write comics. Hopefully my work can inspire as much as yours has.


      • just found out that you're going to be attending the "Montreal comic con" on the 11 and 12 of September. Any chance that this is guaranteed or that one of our fine members can tell me how much Mr. Sciver charges for prints?(as I'm so getting one!)


        • Just went to Ethans panel at Phoenix Comicon. He's really funny. And has strong opinions about zombies and vampires. lol.

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          • Mr. Van Sciver I heard you were having health problems. Are you feeling better now? I would also like to say that you are probably the best artist in comics today and would love to see more of your work. I do have one question for you when you partner with Geoff do you ever contribute to the writing if so can you give us an example?


            • Ethan,

              Why haven't you returned for the past year? Was it because of your GL Spotlight Podcast interview? Because if so, we're sorry

              Originally posted by W.West
              DID ANYONE READ THE ARTICLE?!!!!!!


              • Hahha no you're not
                I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


                • Loving the artwork dude.


                  • Originally posted by Shingo Wol View Post
                    Loving the artwork dude.
                    Shhhh don't say that..You're going to scare him off.


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                    • Originally posted by Ethan Van Sciver View Post
                      Hi, Ethan here. I thought I should join this glorious forum and be among you, the people that I love. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments on this thread for me, and I will check it nearly every day and respond.

                      Sinestro gets a bad rap,
                      Ethan Van Sciver

                      it's an honor to get the chance to chat with you sir, my question is what is your option on brightest day and where the charachters of hal and sinestro are going. and if you were on the title how would you write it?
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                      • Originally posted by tommyofshaolin View Post
                        Hey Ethan, was wondering. I know geoff is coordinating with other writers on all the Tie-in books, but I was wondering who was doing all the character designs for the Black Lantern costumes? A lot of them are very imaginative, like BL Firestorm. They rock, the way the BL emblem has been incorporated into some of the previous cotumes.
                        Hey Tommy!

                        The initial Black Lantern costumes were designed by me, including the basic instructions (incorporate five fingers, or hand imagery whenever it's possible, blend elements from original costumes, etc) and then other artists designed costumes for other Black Lanterns where necessary. I did Firestorm, so thank you!



                        • Originally posted by Pearsonic View Post
                          Where to start? Well, I don't post here too often but someone pointed me in the direction of the green light this forum glowed with, and, well, here I am occasionally. Stumbled upon this thread, and read the first 13 pages solid.........cheated, and jumped to the 40th-forth, (will play catch up when time allows.)

                          What an awesome thing for you to do - indulge all of us fans! Can't say I've met many other artists or writers from the comic or movie industry, (had a chance to chat some with Joss Whedon while he was up here in Vancouver working on a film, ran into him at a wrap-party and brain-farted on my only question I really wanted to ask him: About how he caught his break for getting his writing to the 'right' people, and if he'd ever consider giving my work a look-see........).....but, I guess what I'm trying to get at here is: it's truely awesome - yes, look up the definition of awesome people, - to see a man with so much talent and skill not let it all go to his head, (as I've heard some others do,) and humble us, his fans, with answers to even our most fickle questions.

                          I first got into 'comics' around '93, but it was the Marvel Super Heroes RPG game by TSR that first hooked me. Never really read much comic wise even then, (just a little Hulk2099, and the Infinity Crusade,) but fast forward to when Marvel Civil War was just about to hit, and my cousin, then 13, suggested I start reading. I was pretty Marvel biased, but I saw that The Sinestro Corps special was upcoming, and it looked beautiful. I thought to myself - this seems like a great time to jump into DC, not even knowing much of anything about Green Lantern at that point.

                          Ever since I 1st picked up that issue, I have never looked back - my love for GL was born that day, and feverently grew each new issue. It took a while since all my LCS had sold out of back issues and TPB's, but I managed to track down Rebirth - and I thirstily drank up each page in that book! So much so in fact, that between the artwork in Rebirth, and the artwork in the Sinestro Corps special - I have begun quite the commitment, and expression of my love for all that GL embodies: getting a 'quarter panel' worth of work tattooed on my right side, (from wrist all the way up the arm, and onto my chest and shoulder.)

                          The sad thing: after much searching, and finding the perfect artist to transfer your work from page to skin - and only managing to get an hour's worth under the needle, my artist, Conway, out of Next in Vancouver, passed away from a battle with cancer on July 1st/09.

                          I am slated to get back in there, with a new artist to pick up where their friend had left off, On Oct 2nd/09 - a day after my 29th b-day.

                          EDIT - UPDATE:


                          I hope to share the images with you in the near future............since to me, it is vital that the work resembles your's as much as possible - your Sinestro oozes attitude and arrogance - and I love every bit of it. I want SO MUCH to try and fit in on my arm, but I know I can only fit so much......I am getting the limbless Cyborg Supes fromt he beginning of SC on my inner forearm, the GL symbol on my elbow will have the energy vapour coming off of it (just like your Spectre, from Rebirth second printing variant...where he's holding the lantern...sorry if I'm miss-numbering things.......) and I'll be having the Parallax entity nicely worked into the whole she-bang!

                          ....btw, you a fan of how the Sinestro fig turned out from DCD? I heavily prefer it to what DCUC put out there.

                          Also - are all the Blackest night figs from DCD to be based on your designs?

                          Are you a tad more pleased with how the Collect & Connect fig of Kilowog from DCUC series 11 turned out? I think the sculpt is killer! And I thought the DCD one was fairly slick to begin with.........

                          Anyways, hope all is well, and even though Vancouver has a Comic-Con once every few months, it's small, kinda sad really, since I'd love to meet you in person, and get a sketch done by ya - consider coming to our crappy comic con one day soon eh? I saw you made it to Calgary, but I couldn't make it myself.

                          As many others have already mentioned - don't ever stop drawing, and please stray back to GL as much as you can. Reis and Manke are talented don't get me wrong, but you take the cake sir!

                          I thank you in advance if you manage to read through all of my rambling, and I further thank YOU for opening my eyes to what greatness DC does have! I am now also an avid reader of Outsiders, and a few other choice titles - so glad I just got my hands on 52 Aftermath - The 4 Horsemen TPB - more awesome cover work by you!
                          Thank you, Pear, for all of the kind comments! To answer your questions, I've been very happy with the work that DC Direct has done with the Sinestro and Blackest Night action figures, and yes, I do prefer the DCD Sinestro to the Mattel ones, which so far haven't really been quite right. I did design a handful of the BN DCD toys, yes.

                          And I hope to come to Vancouver soon!

                          Beautiful tattoo!

                          Take care!


                          • Originally posted by vuldarianwarrior92 View Post
                            Ethan, first I would like to say that I'm a huge fan. I'm 17 and I want to become a comic artist, what I want to ask you is how did you come to find your art style and what should I do to go forth and become a comic book artist?

                            Hey! My comic art style comes from a few things. I mean to be as literal as I can, as realistic as possible, while still maintaining an expressive visual sense of humor. I fail on all counts, and there's my style, by accident! You shouldn't strive to find a drawing style. Feel free to acknowledge your influences, and to absorb elements of comic art that you've personally found pleasing, and then just draw the way you draw! It should be a natural thing, nothing worked at.

                            And once you're comfortable, begin drawing your own comic book series. Draw a page every day. Do it because you enjoy it, because you're compelled to do it. And then copy your pages, staple them together, and ask friends and family to read them and give you feedback. At age 17 (or perhaps you're 18 now!) that's where you should be!

                            Good luck!


                            • Originally posted by Blackhand View Post
                              Ethan, have you ever fought of doing a superman or guy parralax. a killawog parralax would be hilarious lol. oh and hi, its awsome to talk to a dc artist!!! (im new)


                              • Originally posted by Gene191919 View Post
                                Mr. Van Sciver I heard you were having health problems. Are you feeling better now? I would also like to say that you are probably the best artist in comics today and would love to see more of your work. I do have one question for you when you partner with Geoff do you ever contribute to the writing if so can you give us an example?
                                Hi Gene!

                                Feeling much better, thank you! I run 2-4 miles a day, lift weights 5 days a week, and eat right! It's done wonders, believe me. My handsomeness is unstoppable as well!

                                I do not write when I'm working with Geoff, no! I contribute ideas often, and sometimes he uses them to great effect! But I am beginning to write for the GL office now, just a LITTLE. Stay Tuned.