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  • Ethan! Welcome to the boards! It's great to have you here..

    I don't know if you remember(I'm Javier, from Argentina), but a long time ago I wrote to you and you answered me in a very

    cool way! I never forgot that, and I really appreciate it!

    Like you know, I love your art, and am really looking forward to all your upcoming projects.
    I know it's secret, but I'd love to see you take a swing at:

    -A Barry Allen book with Geoff.(Or anything with Geoff for that matter)


    -Plastic Man.. (Written by.. say.. Gail Simone? That'd be cool!)

    Is there any chance one of the previous ones becoming a reality some day? Just tease me

    Well, I'll just be honest and say I'll be thrilled by any new project you have coming up, I'm

    sure it must be big if you're giving up your GL baby to do it..

    I have a couple of questions:

    Is it just me or the Orange Lantern Corps symbol looks like a fat creature? That's the first

    impression I got when I saw it. Maybe it's too obvious or I'm totally wrong.

    Ever thought of coming to Mendoza for your Holidays with Sharis and Hunter? We have rafting,

    skiing, beautiful mountains, and the city is called the city of the sun and the good wine! lol,

    if you ever do, let me know and I'd tour guide you around lol! If not, I hope I'll meet you some

    day when I travel to the U.S. again.. I've never been to a convention or met any comics author, but you're top on my list! I'd kill for a sketch by you! Maybe not soon, but some day, years from now I'll stalk you at a con and let you know it was me.

    Why don't the other artists stick to your version of the black being FULLY black in the GL costumes? It looks spectacular, unlike the greyish-blueish color it seems to be colored when you're not at the art. I know, this is not a question, it's more a complaint, sorry..

    Who's your favorite DC character right now?
    What comics are you enjoying the most currently?Any reccommendations? Sth we should be reading?
    and finally, are you enjoying the boards so far? Cool, passionate fans here, right?

    Anyway, thanks for your time, have fun and take care!
    Corps Honor Guard
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    • Originally posted by Yoda View Post
      Hey Ethen, do you have any "Plastic Man" artwork published in any of the past DC books you worked on? Or any viewable pin-ups of "Plas" you might have drawn anywhere?
      Ethan did the origin of Plas in 52 # 43.. awesome!! What? You're talking to Ethan? Sorry..
      Now that's a good question, is there any more work you've done with Plastic Man, ethan?


      • Hey Ethan!! it IS really cool to have you here im the dude here coming all the way from the Philippines hehe

        anyway, i love Green Lantern, and i really loved your art in GL. when i first dove into comics, which was just 2yrs ago, i already wanted GL, and the first book i bought was Rebirth, and it Effing Blew me away. thanks for doing that book man, really awesome

        well, theres already too many good questions asked here. so heres mine

        is it true that you and geoff are going to 'team-up' again and take on a different character in the dcu? probably a 'rebirth' of a character? hehe


        • Poor Ethan, so many questions!
          Anyway, i'll add mine too:

          After the experience with Ann Nocenti, would you like to work on Catwoman again?


          • Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
            what previous work of yours helped you ge the job on rebirth?
            I met Dan Didio at a New York City comic convention in 2004 and showed him pages from BATMAN/CATWOMAN: Trail of a Gun. I told him that I was really looking forward to settling in at DC, and working on some cool stuff. Dan really liked what he saw and asked me to come to the office to chat about something cool.

            That Monday, he offered me IDENTITY CRISIS, and told me it was extremely important, even though I wasn't sure what to make of it based on the way he described it. Later, obviously, Rags Morales was assigned IC, and I was reassigned GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH due to the fact that it had a longer deadline and Pete and Geoff wanted me there.


            • Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post
              Can you comment yet about the fuzzy/blurry orange "shield" around the Orange Lanterns in the double-splash in GL #25? Was it just to prevent us from seeing the ring collection the Manta Ray Orange Lantern was carrying under its wings?

              It's odd, because the same double-splash page appeared -- I think -- on Newsarama without the fuzzy/blurry shield over the Orange Lanterns.
              I cannot comment on that at this time.


              • Originally posted by Darth_Andrea View Post
                Hey Ethan, I was wondering if you know how their getting around the copyrights and useing a Vulcan Green Lantern. You would think Paramount would have issues.

                From Vol. 2

                Current Series

                Weird....I have no idea!


                • Originally posted by Superlantern View Post
                  Hey EVs thanks for being so open to us here... i don't have comic related question, but .. do you plan to visit Acme superstore in longwood anytime soon? I've seen stuff you have signed there all the time.
                  Those ACME guys are great. But no, I moved to Charlotte NC, so it's not so likely I'll be back to a Florida shop anytime soon.


                  • All right, without giving anything about future stories away, we have more than a little inkling that the Empire of Tears is behind the Red Lanterns and the Orange Lanterns are stemming from the Controllers. Any comment on where you derived the symbols for the Reds and the Oranges at this time? Barring that, are the symbols derived from logical things that a fan could do a bit of detective work and derive? (like you'd mentioned you designed the Sinestro Corps symbol from Darryl Banks' design of Hal's Parallax suit) For the record, I was damned sure the Red Lantern symbol stemmed from the helmet design of the Controllers... but now we know the Controllers have nothing to do with the Reds.

                    Any comment on your recent issue of JLA, what you brought to the table creatively/design-wise? And what is your very next work coming that we can look forward to seeing on shelves?

                    How happy are you with the Sinestro figure that's coming out in July, and your Hal, Superman, Batman, and Despero due out in November? About the latter four, are these about the same height/dimension as the regular DC Direct GL figures?


                    • I know you wouldn't reveal anything to spoil any stories or plots. But, could you, or do you know, about when we might expect to see any inkling at all of the blue and indigo lanterns emerge?

                      Other than the teaser previews we've already gotten? Just a teeny little hint. Say a story arc or time frame within this year or next? Anything, anything at all?


                      • Welcome to the boards Ethan. I'm a big fan of your work and I have a question.

                        Have you ever worked with DC inker Jack Purcell? He's a colleague of mine and works for DC so I was just wondering.
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                        • Good day to you Mr. Ethan, this is an honor

                          IonFan says

                          MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


                          • another question: How tied are two GL comics?
                            Is geoff saying "this is the story in Corps (for instance: Mongul takes over the Sinestro Corps, with the plants, etc. etc.)" or is it more like little piece here and there (like: in issue 23 there needs to be a small Red Lantern scene, make up the rest as you go)?

                            Also: what do you think of the art in GLC? is it up to lantern standard?


                            • I'm at a loss for questions....I'm just in awe that you're here.


                              • Originally posted by LanternBrina View Post
                                I'm at a loss for questions....I'm just in awe that you're here.
                                LOL... thats about how I feel.
                                Do good. Be well. Make happy.