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Hal Jordan and the GLC #27 *Preview/Spoilers*

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    I agree about the Guardians at least. He was hinting at their motives for quite a while before he made them outright evil and set up their departure.


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      Originally posted by Trey Strain View Post
      I'm not particularly knocking Geoff here. He just did what everybody else does. But he's a pertinent example, in that he spent 10 years making very gradual changes in Green Lantern.

      That's why the comic sucks now. It's nothing like the way it was when he took it over, and his changes have been harmful.
      Yeah when he took it over and Rebirth was being teased, the last few issues of the clusterfuck ending of Marz Homecoming? arc to end the Kyle era were still doing better than what we're getting now. Despite how bad editorial made that ending turn out it STILL sold better.

      51 Green Lantern 179 $2.25 DC 35,564
      56 Green Lantern 180 $2.25 DC 36,426
      49 Green Lantern 181 $2.25 DC 41,528

      Making Hal and Kyle the stars of Green Lanterns makes complete sense. Shifting focus on the GLC title and only focusing on two human Lanterns at a time rather than four would also help develop them further, and it could be any pairing if they wanna keep Baz and Cruz. I wouldn't mind seeing Cruz and Guy team up after her experience training under Guy.


      Back on the issue #27 topic... I can't wait to see more New Gods/GLC. Lightray has always been my favorite NG character so I hope we don't just see him for like two pages next issue and that's it. I'd love to see EVS take on the new design of Orion's as well.



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        Geoff's first issue of Green Lantern was published in 2005. Blackest Night was published in 2009, but DC was already promoting it in 2007.