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Hal Jordan and the GLC #29 *Preview/Spoilers*

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  • Hal Jordan and the GLC #29 *Preview/Spoilers*

    PREVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #29
    Writer: Robert Venditti
    Artist: Rafa Sandoval

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    Issue out. Poll up. Review posted.


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      HL&GLC #29... SPOILERS

      Hands down... this has been the best issue of GLC in awhile. The art, the pacing, the end game of the Nth Metal Golems.... EVERY human Lantern shined and it didn't feel convoluted. I'm still in shock at how much I enjoyed this issue.

      For saving Orion, the New God says he owes the K-Man a favor? Could this be the beginning of some new cosmic team?

      And the tease for next issue... Superman vs Hal Jordan?!? Could this be Parallax/Superman crossing over? Superman already mop the floor with Sinestro?



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        I like how John deployed the different GLs for different purposes. Seemed to actually work.


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            Originally posted by Space Cop View Post
            I like how John deployed the different GLs for different purposes. Seemed to actually work.
            I LOVED how he started talking about lack of weather conditions while assembling a sniper rifle to tag the final golem. The alternate cover should've had a tweaked logo to read 'John Stewart and the GLC'.



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              I don't know, this arc ended up a little too tidy for me. I liked the previous issues but this seemed too clean. I did enjoy seeing different lanterns get their moments though, that's what this book should be about.

              These Nth Metal Golems have the New Gods on the run and a GL only has to pierce their chest to defeat them? They seemed more apex threat before that. Especially with Godhead showing how weak constructs are to the New Gods, it seemed weird that they could stop a being capable of killing a New God. *shrugs*


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                Someone mentioned something about this comic to me on Youtube, so I checked it out. I'm honestly not trying to go out of my way to be negative, but I felt this was another anti-climactic Venditti ending. Just like ALL his endings have been. Remember Prism of Time when Hal Jordan fought some weird construct titan, and it just died really easily, and all of the sudden the story is over? Same thing here. All of these stories seem to leave me with a feeling of, "So... That's all?" Like there is really something missing to make it a satisfying experience, and the endings never deliver.

                In the grand scheme of things, I don't feel this storyline means anything, or has anything to say, and while not every arc must rock the foundation of the story, aside from the stuff with Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu, I just don't feel like any of these characters are going anywhere, or doing anything particular interesting. But don't get me wrong, I didn't even think the Soranik and Kyle stuff was good (made no sense to me, what ever happened to Carol Ferris), but at least it was some development for the characters.

                As for the feats, that's all fine, but it doesn't mean a lot to me when there is so little character development. I usually don't get pumped just by characters being able to do things. That has to be teamed with me actually caring about the characters and being invested in the story for me to get excited about it, and this book just isn't making me care about the stories or the characters. Sure, Hal Jordan got that moment with his dad, but for me, that's like some other fan seeing another John Stewart Marine flashback. It's just the same old dad worship that Hal Jordan has done before, and doesn't really do anything new with the character or advance him other than giving him a feat.

                And yeah, it's hard for me to believe that these enemies that are giving the New Gods trouble are so easily defeated by Green Lanterns. God Head showed us that the New Gods are quite a bit more powerful than the Lanterns. I'm not even sure why the New Gods felt they needed to ask the Lanterns for help.

                Also, this comic is a PERFECT example of what happens when there are so many Earth Green Lanterns. The aliens are completely useless. Honestly, setting aside all my fan feelings for the characters, but looking at this as a completely neutral storyteller, I would ask those involved why, from a storytelling and world building perspective, there are so many Earthlings there, and why are they the only ones who matter? It diminishes everything. The whole experience of being in outer space with a bunch of weird aliens is lost, making the entire setting pointless. There should be one or two humans and the rest of the cast should be aliens. The only reason that isn't what is happening is because DC Comics has gotten themselves caught in a rather tangled web they don't seem to know how to address. I believe it's to the detriment of the story.
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                  This was fun, but I have to agree with Star-Lantern about Venditti's stories just not living up to the epic scope that he presents to us. (also, how many times has Venditti taken us to the Source Wall at this point?) The fact that the Golems had such a laughable fatal flaw really detracts from the overall story.

                  While some people appreciate the earth lanterns each getting a spotlight, I think that in this case it just shows the biggest problem with this book - namely, the need to pay fan service to each FOUR earth lanterns. Each one gets to take down one Golem just to make it equal as Kyle does something incredible as well. It was at least more interesting earlier when they each brought something different to the table, but it got wrapped up a little too easily considering how imposing they originally seemed to be.

                  And yes, the other GL's are just window-dressing. Was there even a point to whatsisname's visions? Aside from foreshadowing the threat, he was relegated to eyewitness in the back row with Arisia. Even Kilowog has been taking a backseat lately and he was usually the one alien Lantern that got to have lines.