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Issue #50 will be Venditti's final one

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    That Bleeding Cool article seems to suggest Morrison will be writing Hal in a new Green Lantern #1 in a new volume. They all but come out and say it.


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      written by ROBERT VENDITTI
      art and cover by RAFA SANDOVAL and JORDI TARRAGONA
      variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
      This. Is. It! It’s an extra-sized anniversary celebration, and one of the biggest battles the Green Lantern Corps has ever fought to mark the occasion. John Stewart issues a dramatic order: no lethal force! The Green Lanterns need to prove they can keep law and order in the universe without killing. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan faces down Tomar-Tu, and looks to use the Darkstars’ armor as a weapon against them—with some psychic help from Hector Hammond (who probably shouldn’t be trusted).
      ON SALE 08.08.18
      $3.99 US | 40 PAGES
      FC | RATED T
      This issue will ship with two covers.
      Please see the order form for details.

      Officially over with #50. And the Venditti era as well. I'm curious to see how this pans out and if it's time for me to come back as a reader again.


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        This is the cover of Green Lanterns #52. It REALLY looks like Hal is moving over into that comic.

        You've got to recognize how desperately DC wants Baz and Cruz to succeed.

        I'll make another prediction: If Jurgens writes a comic with Hal, Baz and Cruz in it, and Morrison writes a comic with Guy and Kyle in it, then Guy and Kyle's comic will sell better.
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          Of COURSE it would. Just from Morrison writing it ALONE will bring in readers that normally wouldn't read a GL title. That's not any kind of a bold prediction. The GLs title is already down to 24K currently 45 or so issues in. It would have a HUGE uphill battle to compete with ANY new GL #1 with Grant Morrison writing it. A new #1 with umpteen variant covers and Morrison's name will easily start out at 75k no matter which characters he uses.


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            Here's something else. If Morrison were given a choice of writing one of those two comics, I bet he'd choose Guy and Kyle. He's known to think a lot of Kyle and not so much of Hal.

            BTW, I don't know how likely it is, but it's possible that John will remain in a comic with Guy and Kyle and will pull double duty in Justice League. Morrison is known to like John too.

            Anyway, we could see the three favorite Lanterns of Geoff Johns -- Hal, Baz and Cruz -- in one comic. I think we will.