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Larfleeze #1 *Preview/Spoilers*

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    let issie will relaesed, then i will be judge of that


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      Originally posted by SD80MAC View Post
      There was plenty before. No excuse to ditch it now. Remember, he was never designed to be a muppet with a ring. That came later.
      I thought the same thing, and then I went back and read his first story in GL, and my mind changed. No, he wasn't as comical then, but he wasn't that much different in his first appearance as to how he is now. Go back and read it, and you might see what I mean. In his first appearance he seemed very evil and powerful, but really, he was just scared because the Guardians broke their deal with him. He says throughout "go away, leave me alone, this is mine". He was scared the Guardians were going to take his power away, and fought vehemently to defend it. Remember also that Hal had a Blue Ring at the time, and as soon as Larfleeze saw it, he went crazy over it and wanted it.

      For a long time I've felt the same as you, that originally he was much darker than he is now, but no longer. He's always been the same guy, just in different situations - one defending his stuff, the other wanting to gain more. I have grown to like Larfleeze a lot as a character, despite how "goofy" he might seem. You have to remember as well his situation - he is never satisfied, always hungry for more stuff. That alone is enough to drive someone bonkers.
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