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  • What gets me is... why is Vigilante getting another shot? Why not a new take on Crimson Avenger? Or the Manhunter?

    The only thing in the new comics that really gets my interest is the mystery behind two Clarks in Action Comics. Somebody gimme a shout when JSA or LoSH news is released and I might give a damn again...



      Next question: Any plans for WildC.A.T.S. or Spartan? "The answer is yes," Lee said. "We will be announcing the details at New York Comic Con."

      Lee said he'd "love" to return to "All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder" (announced in 2011 to come back as "Dark Knight: Boy Wonder") with Frank Miller, but both creators are busy -- and he admitted he says the same thing every year.


      • IDW Publishing and DC Entertainment will continue their successful editorial mash-ups and bring fans two new comic book crossovers based on some of their most popular properties, including a sequel to the smash-hit co-publishing venture Star Trek/Green Lantern and an all new crossover with animation-inspired versions of Batman and Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
        “We’re very happy to extend our ongoing relationship with DC with these iconic characters in new storylines,” says Greg Goldstein, President and COO of IDW Publishing. “Fans who enjoyed the previous series will enjoy the fun, new adventures we have in store for these upcoming titles.”

        Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will once again cross paths with the Green Lantern Corps in a sequel to last year’s Star Trek/Green Lantern series. The creative team of Mike Johnson and Angel Hernandez will reteam for another epic space opera, this one picking up the new status quo where it left off and introducing additional cosmic heroes and villains familiar to fans of both series. This series is slated for a winter 2016 launch.
        Following the recent success of Batman/TMNT, IDW, DC, and Nickelodeon are also happy to announce another pairing between the Caped Crusader and the Ninja Turtles: Batman/TMNT Adventures, coming this November. Based on the animated versions of both series, this storyline for fans of all ages will bring the Dark Knight of the beloved Batman: The Animated Series in contact with Nickelodeon’s animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The dynamic duo of writer Matthew K. Manning (Beware the Batman) and artist Jon Sommariva (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures) will team on the series.

        “The previous Star Trek/Green Lantern and Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossovers were a huge hit with fans of each of the characters,” said Hank Kanalz, DC SVP of Editorial Strategy and Administration. “Bringing these characters back again, and expanding Batman and the Turtles to the realm where they’re most recognized by comic fans and fans of the TV series will make for a great story that any fan can’t wait to read.”

        “It’s always a blast to pair up beloved characters in comic series, and our recent pairings with DC have been especially satisfying on a creative level and in regards to fan satisfaction, too,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer. “Being able to bring Ciro Nieli’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the amazing animated Gotham envisioned by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski is a major bonus.”

        Stay tuned for more upcoming news regarding these massively popular pairings from two of today’s most premier comic book publishers.


        • DC Names Two New Group Editors
          DC Comics have promoted Senior Editors Marie Javins and Jamie S. Rich to Group Editors at its Hanna-Barbera and Vertigo lines, respectively. The news was announced at Friday's DC Press Breakfast at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

          Javins was originally hired in early 2015 to spearhead DC's Convergence summer event. She previously worked for Marvel as an editor from 1998 to 2000.

          Rich was hired by DC as a Senior Editor for Vertigo Comics in March 2015, and became the imprint's top editor with the departure of Shelly Bond. In addition to Vertigo titles, Rich is also editing some upcoming DCU books. Rich was previously an editor at Dark Horse and Oni Press, and also wrote several titles such as 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and It Girl and the Atomics.
          DC COMICS Announces Another Exclusive Creator
          DC Comics has announced that writer/artist Joëlle Jones has signed an exclusive agreement with the publisher. The deal was announced at the Friday DC Press Breakfast at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

          Jones has done several works for DC including issues of Superman: American Alien and Fables, but is perhaps best known for her work on Lady Killer - co-created, coincidentally, by recently promoted Vertigo Group Editor Jamie S. Rich.

          No immediate DC projects were announced for the Los Angeles-based artist. She recently completed a short run on Marvel's Spider-Woman, and is currently writing and drawing a new Lady-Killer series for Dark Horse.
          DC Comics has tapped writer Garth Ennis to script a new comic based on Hanna-Barbera's classic villains, Dastardly and Muttley.

          The announcement, made by editor Marie Javins during the publisher's daily press event at Comic-Con International in San Diego, did not include a targeted release date, and an artist has not yet been decided on.

          It was implied, though not stated outright, that Ennis' comic will follow the further adventures of the version of Dastardly and Muttley recently introduced in "Wacky Raceland." The Mad Max-inspired series, based on Hanna Barbera's "Wacky Races" cartoon, places the despicable duo in a post-apocalyptic death race, where talking, thinking, weapon-laden cars, flesh-eating nanites and undead hordes are the rule of the land.

          The second issue of the series gave Dick Dastardly a proper origin story, revealing who he was before the apocalypse swept across the globe. It has not yet been revealed how his four-legged partner, the cybernetically-enhanced Muttley, came to join him in his quest to win the death race and resurrect his dead family.

          "Wacky Raceland," written by Ken Pontac and illsutrated by Leonardo Manco, is currently published monthly by DC Comics. The publisher's Hanna-Barbera line also includes an updated, modern take on "The Flintstones," the end-of-the world adventure of "Scooby Apocalypse," and "Future Quest," which brings all of HB's action heroes together in one massive storyline.
          DC Talks Diversity in Its Creators and Updates Readers on Milestone's Return
          Jim Lee explained that writer Reginald Hudlin, who plays a major role in Milestone coming back, has been directing a few films, and the return of Milestone is moving at a slower pace. Fans may be disappointed with the amount of time it is taking, but it will eventually happen.
          As promised, the "Injustice 2" panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego revealed the additions of Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle to the game as playable characters -- but we were also treated to the news that scribe Tom Taylor ("Injustice: Gods Among Us") will return to the franchise to write a digital-first comic adaptation for "Injustice 2" from DC Comics.

          "Having had such a big role in tearing apart the Injustice universe and its characters, I'm very excited for the opportunity to return and do it again," Taylor said in a statement. "To be given so much freedom to play with the world's greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains every week is a dream, and I want to thank everyone at DC, WBIE and NetherRealm for their continued faith in me, editor Jim Chadwick, and our incredible team."

          Just like the first "Injustice" comic, "Injustice 2" will serve as a prequel to the "Injustice 2" video game, releasing sometime next year.

          "Our overarching goal is to tell one complete story between the comics and the games," Taylor added. "In writing Injustice 2, there are a lot less ‘Gods Among Us’ than when we started our story, but I hope to join Batman and the world's finest heroes in cleaning up the mess an evil Superman and his regime left behind. I hope to repair Earth and bring back hope... but this is Injustice. Prepare for tears, comedy, triumph, devastation, shocking tragic twists involving DC’s most beloved characters…and Harley Quinn stealing every scene she's in."


          • Some thoughts:
            • All the Young Animal books interest me but I think the Cave Carson one is the book that I find the most intriguing.
            • I think I'm going to enjoy these random one off stories the most when it comes to the new GLs. Family dinner night? Trick or treating? Asking the Flash out on a date? Gold.
            • Slade kidnapping Damian sounds pretty fun too.
            • God do I wish someone else was drawing Titans.
            • With the new Night of the Monster Men crossover I'm hoping they reprint Matt Wagner's Batman and the Monster Men and Batman and the Mad Monk books.
            • The DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Deluxe Edition HC seems questionable.
            • Absolute Wonder Woman by Azzarello and Chiang? My body is ready.
            • Really hope DC does a collection of Michael Cho's covers one day.
            • Covers I like:

            Originally posted by -M- View Post
            What gets me is... why is Vigilante getting another shot? Why not a new take on Crimson Avenger? Or the Manhunter?
            That's what gets you? Bruh, they're all Z-listers.

            Glad to see DC snap up Jones considering they missed out on Charretier. Now if they can just get Dan Mora they'll have signed 2 of the 3 artists I wanted them to...


            • Advance listings of DC collected editions are up.


              • Some cool stuff on this list!


                • • American Vampire Vol. 9

                  • Blue Beetle Vol. 1

                  Finally, a collection of the 1980s Blue Beetle series by Len Wein. Issues #1-13 include team-ups with the Question and the Teen Titans, and Legends crossovers. A second collection could complete the series at issue #24 and would see the original Blue Beetle Dan Garrett appear and a Millennium crossover.

                  • Doom Patrol by Gerard Way Vol. 1

                  Collects the first six issues of the "Young Animal" series.

                  • Suicide Squad Vol. 6

                  Continuing the John Ostrander collections, this collects the "Phoenix Gambit" storyline that jumps one year ahead. This collection also sees Oracle Barbara Gordon become an official member of the Squad.

                  • Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus

                  House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1-25, many of which are previously uncollected. Issue #25 wasn't published at all, so if this is correct it'll be the very first appearance of that.

                  • Vigilante

                  This is the collection of the Vigilante: Southland miniseries by Gary Phillips.

                  • Vigilante by Marv Wolfman Vol. 1

                  This, on the other hand, is a collection of the first appearances of Marv Wolfman's Vigilante Adrian Chase. The solicit says New Teen Titans Annual #1, but Vigilante was actually in Annual #2, plus the Vigilante series issues #1-6. This was an exceptionally complex series in which Wolfman explored the morality of being a violent costumed vigilante (Chase was a district attorney by day); this is well worth a collection and I'm hopeful we see additional volumes.
                  Oh man, that Swamp Thing omnibus? I have to, have to, HAVE to have that!!!!


                  • Originally posted by Hypo View Post

                    That's what gets you? Bruh, they're all Z-listers.
                    I know they're all 5th and 6th string, but I don't understand why Vigilante has got so many different relaunches where similar heroes like Manhunter, Crimson Avenger, etc. just keep being forgotten about.

                    It baffles me like Blue Beetle [Jaime] getting a THIRD shot at an ongoing when his series never lasts longer than a couple years [mostly because the set up is always the same, though with Rebirth changing things it MIGHT last a little longer]. I'd have brought Ted back as THE Blue Beetle years ago.

                    The same decision makers give two thirds of DC's 'Trinity of Sin' ongoing titles [Phantom Stranger and Pandora], yet the one who MIGHT have actually had a shot at lasting more than an arc or two [the Question] was left behind.

                    Geoff can't be the only creator in their stable that gives two shits about these characters. DC has a lot more potential and it seems like they continuously just piss it away in favor of more of the same old same old.



                    • It does seem like DC has really been behind the Jaime Reyes version of Blue Beetle doesn't it? Even when the fans keep saying no. Very strange. Didio's thing has always been, if it gets cancelled, it can't come back as the same thing. It has to be different or it will get cancelled again. But Their repeated attempts with Blue Beetle go against that philosophy.


                      • Maybe they figure the diversity of the cast/book makes up for the poor sales? It doesn't make much sense given the track record, but nearest I can figure is if they shelve the character, they'd probably hear shouts of, "Look at them! They're getting rid of the Hispanic character on their roster!"

                        That's my theory anyway...


                        • I'm now thinking of Vibe and why he isn't much in the spotlight anymore.
                          Villain Draft 3: Fourth Place Winner

                          September 11, 2001; January 6, 2021; February 13, 2021


                          • In terms of reaching a broader audience with this PC era of comics taking over, Marvel has had more success it seems while DC seems like piss poor attempts that often come off as too little too late. Everybody's getting black sidekicks [Flash, Aquaman, AND Batman] which is kind of insulting I would think, and rather than give John Stewart some due time in the limelight and maybe have him train a new female GL... they give that book to Baz [Muslim American tied to 9/11 and terrorism]. That's just bad form all around.

                            And you see all these younger heroes Marvel has been introducing lately? And how many titles at DC actually star younger characters? Kids are as much a minority now buying comics as anyone, as the books themselves just aren't aimed at the younger audiences much. Marvel's actually catering to that audience pretty well though. What do we have coming out of Rebirth... Super Sons, Damian leading the Teen Titans [I've never been a fan of Damian, so this just doesn't do it for me] and as mentioned before the 3rd attempt at Jaime as Blue Beetle. Not listing Raven because I'm thinking that was still just gonna be a mini or was that made an ongoing?

                            Would it be that bad if Beast Boy, Starfire, and maybe a Legion of Superheroes member or two had minis or a shot at an ongoing? Starfire's series didn't seem half bad and was certainly more the Kori people wanted to see in the New52. I thought she had staying power.



                            • Originally posted by -M- View Post
                              I know they're all 5th and 6th string, but I don't understand why Vigilante has got so many different relaunches where similar heroes like Manhunter, Crimson Avenger, etc. just keep being forgotten about.
                              Eh, when was the last time Vigilante had a mini? 2010? That was around the same time we had those Manhunter backups in either Detective Comics or Batman: Streets of Gotham, I forget which, and those lasted around 10 issues.

                              Originally posted by -M- View Post
                              In terms of reaching a broader audience with this PC era of comics taking over, Marvel has had more success it seems while DC seems like piss poor attempts that often come off as too little too late.
                              I'm 100% certain that if you went to a Marvel version of these boards which was frequented primarily by older long term readers that they'd have the exact same complaints you see here.

                              they give that book to Baz [Muslim American tied to 9/11
                              Dafuq does Baz have to do with 9/11?

                              Anyways I almost want to get these just because they look so nice on the shelf together:


                              • Joelle Jones is good artist, I just don't have a clue where I'd put her. Maybe on Teen Titans or Red Hood? Who's the artist on Nightwing? She'd be a nice fit there too.