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Thread for the relaunch of Warrior

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  • Thread for the relaunch of Warrior

    This topic needs its own thread, so that anyone who wants to see Warrior back in publication can make their case in a comprehensive way.

    Have at it here!

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    Well, can we do this, then...
    Can we like, confine some of these points that incessantly keep making it into different discussions into one thread each meant specifically for them, so they aren't constantly brought up in other discussions? And whoever wants to talk about that can go nuts in that thread? For example, just one thread for "Everything should be rebooted and thrown out with no constructs and Hal as a racer and Alan as some kind of mogul?"

    And maybe confine the Fox News-ish rhetoric to just one thread, or at most, one sub-forum?

    I'm not trying to sound snide or make jabs at people, but just for the sake of courteous discussion, we just don't need to keep hearing the same thing, all the time, all over the place. I have a feeling that type of behavior very well may drive people away, or has already driven people away, because they're just going to get tired of it.

    Anyway, regarding the topic at hand, I didn't like this identity for Guy. I did like the leather jacket yellow ring phase, however. That said, I do know of a number of people who are fans of Warrior, though.
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      I just got the idea recently of throwing everything out and starting over with Alan. So you can't reasonably accuse me of harping on that.

      And that's the only thing I'd like to see done with Green Lantern, because at this point I can't see anything else to do.

      Anyone who wants Guy rebooted as Warrior needs to make his case in a pro-active way, instead of just waiting around forever for someone to finally mention a possible role for Guy, and then suddenly jumping in and saying, "No! WARRIOR!" And proposing it without any elaboration.


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        Oh and by the way, do you think Hal is better off now than he would have been if DC had tried out what I wanted to do with him? He's a just wrecked car in a junkyard now. Kyle and Guy are too. It's hard to argue that DC had a better idea for them than I did. When a status quo can't be defended -- and this one can't be -- then you need to take a different approach. You can't defend failure.


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          One more thing. Hal can't keep being a test pilot because software is rapidly eliminating that profession. The closest thing to that is a race car driver, but if you'd prefer him as a toy salesman, you're entitled to that preference. It's academic now anyway because he's a total loss and is up on cider blocks in a junkyard.


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            To try to get this discussion back on track, I'll note that once while I was talking to someone about Warrior, I suggested that Joe Gardner be tried out in that role in mini-series.

            I'm not certain who I was talking to, but I've got a pretty good idea who it was. Anyway the person replied "Fuck a clone!"

            Of course that killed any interest I had in engaging him. I still think it's a good idea though.


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              I wouldn't mind seeing Guy as Warrior again. Just tweak his Warrior form to be more actual warrior and less WWE knockoff. Its clear he can never outshine Hal and the Diversity crew and I don't want to see him playing the power ring equivalent to musical chairs again. Bring back his crew of Verona, Buck Wargo and the Monster Hunters too.