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Green Lanten/New Gods Event: Godhead

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  • Green Lanten/New Gods Event: Godhead

    Man alive, the Green Lantern Corps. just can’t seem to catch a break, huh? If it isn’t Brightest Day or Blackest Night, then it’s some other cosmic crisis threatening to destroy the universe as we know it. As we learned during Green Lantern: Lights Out, the universe’s ring-wielders broke through the Source Wall that surrounds the universe and stole secrets of immense cosmic power. One problem? Highfather, the leader of the New Gods, knows what they did and is trying to finds those secrets for himself by using one ring of every color of the emotional spectrum. Of course, nothing is ever that simple and what follows will threaten to alter the very fabric of the universe as we know it in “Godhead”, a monthlong crossover event that finds Green Lantern and the New Gods entangled in a struggle for intergalactic survival. Thanks to our friends at DC Comics, we have your exclusive first look at the solicitation info and covers for the first six issues of the arc.

    Here’s the official solicitation information and covers.


    1:25 Variant cover by LEE WEEKS

    One-shot • On sale OCTOBER 1 • 44 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

    “GODHEAD” Act 1, Part 1: Highfather, leader of the New Gods, has long studied the infinite and infinitely mysterious Source Wall which surrounds the universe. Now, he has learned that during “Green Lantern: Lights Out,” the ring-wielders broke through the Wall and stole secrets of cosmic importance. Determined to breach the Source Wall himself, Highfather must gain one of each colored ring in the emotional spectrum. But even mighty Highfather doesn’t know all, and the forces he’s about to unleash will have transformative effects on the whole DC Universe! Cosmic mystery, overwhelming odds, familiar and brand-new New Gods – This one’s got it all! This issue also includes a special fold-out that will take you to the Source Wall like never before!

    Written by ROBERT VENDITTI
    Art and cover by BILLY TAN and ROB HUNTER
    MONSTERS Variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

    On sale OCTOBER 1 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    Combo pack edition: $3.99 US

    “GODHEAD” Act 1, Part 2: That shudder you felt was the New Gods declaring their intentions against all ring-wielders! Having staked their claim to the emotional spectrum, the New Gods set about redefining the universe in their image, starting with Metron, who’s determined to steal the secrets of the Corps’ Citadel. But Hal and the Corps have something to say about that. Good luck trying to make yourself heard when you’re talking to a god!

    This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.

    Written by VAN JENSEN
    Art and cover by BERNARD CHANG
    MONSTERS Variant cover by MIKEL JANIN

    On sale OCTOBER 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    “GODHEAD” Act 1, Part 3: The New Gods are on the march, and the war against the ring-wielders has begun. John Stewart summons a strike team of Green Lanterns to go into battle against the fiercest of the New Gods, Uggha and his deadly warriors. But what good is the most powerful weapon in the universe when the Lanterns face the gods of the entire multiverse?!

    Written by JUSTIN JORDAN
    Art and cover by BRAD WALKER and ANDREW HENNESSY

    On sale OCTOBER 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    “GODHEAD,” Act 1 Part 4: Kyle Rayner’s experience beyond the Source Wall has left him slowly losing his grip on reality, and the Guardians are gravely concerned. When help arrives in the form of Highfather, the Guardians know the All-Father is not to be trusted, but desperation can lead to bad decisions. Kyle’s walking into a trap, and he has more to lose than he can imagine!

    Written by CHARLES SOULE
    Art by J. CALAFIORE
    Cover by SCOTT HEPBURN

    On sale OCTOBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

    “GODHEAD,” Act 1 Part 5: Guy Gardner’s at his lowest point in he horrific aftermath of “The Atrocitus War,” consumed with rage towards himself for the many lives lost, and he’s taking it out on whomever he can! His actions have caught the attention of Earth’s sole Green Lantern, Simon Baz! Unfortunately, Earth itself has caught the attention of the New God, Malhedron!? But unlike his green compatriot, Guy’s on a rage-filled suicide mission, and he’s just looking for a target!

    Written by CULLEN BUNN
    Cover by GUILLEM MARCH
    MONSTERS Variant cover by BART SEARS

    On sale OCTOBER 29 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

    “GODHEAD,” Act 1 Part 6: The Green Lantern Corps is on it’s last legs – which means it’s Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps to the rescue. But is bringing their sworn enemies to the heart of their stronghold a good move? Sinestro’s actions and motivations are often two different things, and not all is as it seems. Or, to put it more directly, pay close attention to a very… interesting conversation Sinestro has with his greatest nemesis, Hal Jordan!
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    Shout out to chosenone85 for messaging me the link...apparently this was announced yesterday and no one noticed, lol.
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      I'm interested


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        I've never been much of a New Gods fan, and I doubt this will change that. Could be interesting, but do we REALLY need to have another event involving all the colors? Ugh.


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          Even though I dropped all the GL books I am mildly intrigued.


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            The covers are nice. The idea of tying the White Entity to a Life Equation makes sense.

            But enough with the crossovers already.


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              Look at the bigger picture. We can finally be rid of some of the dumb elements from the emotional spectrum, Kyle may finally become a GL again, and not only do we get more New Gods... but NEW New Gods. I'm a lot more excited about this than the Superman book reintroducing some New Gods....

              But I don't have $ for comics presently. So it doesn't really matter. If books went back down to 25 cents I might be able to afford a few a week LOL



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                Originally posted by The Kid Lantern View Post
                We can finally be rid of some of the dumb elements from the emotional spectrum


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                  Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
                  I've never been much of a New Gods fan, and I doubt this will change that. Could be interesting, but do we REALLY need to have another event involving all the colors? Ugh.
                  You must be looking into my head, because this is almost word for word my thoughts on this one.


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                    Originally posted by Hypo View Post
                    I don't know for sure with stuff like this...

                    ... transformative effects on the whole DC Universe!
                    Having staked their claim to the emotional spectrum, the New Gods set about redefining the universe...
                    It sounds to me like some characters could be changing for better or worse, and that the New Gods may control at least a few colors from the spectrum by event's end. In all honesty the Blues, Indigos, and Reds have been around long enough. It's a damn wonder Red Lanterns has lasted this long. If Larfleeze isn't gonna ever be the badass he was originally he can die too for all I care. And it was a mistake giving the Sapphires rings during the War of Light... all we REALLY need is Sinestro and maybe a Corps or gang of yellow minions, and the Green Lanterns. The franchise needs to get back to basics rather than beat a dead horse [the emotional spectrum] even further into the ground. It got old anywhere from 3-5 years ago...



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                      I say let the New Gods have all the newer colors. They're all bland derivative ripoffs of the GLC anyway; no imagination or anything original was ever laid in the groundwork to set each group apart. They'all lazy copies. Keep a few for Sinestro and a Star Saphire for Zamoran, and happily give all the other shit to the New Gods franchise.

                      The GL franchise will be better off for it in the long run.


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                        The story has potential, but that 2nd pic has got to be the ugliest rendering of Hal since the Silver Age. He looks like a chimpanzee.
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                          Well color me intrigued. There's a lot of potential with The New Gods, though I wouldn't be surprised if the whole arc ended up sucking.


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                            THE NEW GODS !? You are going to dust off those lame assholes? DC you are just so awful now. I hope you switch to digital, stop wasting paper with your crap. Is the goal to make the book so bad that the 2011 movie looks like masterpiece by comparison ? It's working. Glad I stopped reading GL.
                            Take life with a Grain of salt and a shot of tequila!


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                              I loved me some Kirby "New Gods!" (Simonson's version was pretty cool too) I can see why DC never really had the two franchises mix very much before - sci-fi vs. cosmic mythology, each franchise kinda has its own view of the universe and the powers that govern it, etc.... but combining the emotional Spectrum to the Source Wall and Kyle having the "Life Equation" etc... has me intrigued at how they're mixing the two mythologies.

                              I like that the threat isn't something from GL lore - it seems that as "big" as the previous threats had been, they seemed too self-contained to the GL universe. The New Gods at least are part of the greater DCU. That said, I'm tired of stories where the GLC are being targeted for one reason or another. Can't they actually just save the universe against some dire threat rather than fighting to save themselves all the time?