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What´s the point of all FEs?

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  • What´s the point of all FEs?

    Seriously, between killing off longtime GL characters and changing others, what´s the point?

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    To get your money for the expensive lenticular covers.


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      Do these FE comics have a reading order within the regular GL timelines?


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        Do these FE comics even actually fit into the same continuity with each OTHER? I kind of thought they were supposed to, but the GL-related ones I read didn't really seem like they fit together at all.


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          No. They're just oneshots of possible futures. You can read any or all of them in any order.


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            political correctness
            .................................................. ..........................

            Cnn = constant nasuating nonsense


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              Originally posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
              To get your money for the expensive lenticular covers.
              ^ this, this right here

              IonFan says

              MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


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                I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


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                  Ha ha! Periodic Table joke! Doesn't too much FE give you locked bowels?