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Any chance we could get Tynion on a GL book?

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  • Any chance we could get Tynion on a GL book?

    Two reasons I ask this one because Tynion's Detective comics has been neck and neck with Vendetti's Hal Jordan and the GLC book for my favorite Rebirth title. The fact that a batbook could be tied with my favorite franchise in comicdom is a feat unto itself. I like batbooks I don't love them in general but I love this one.
    Reason two I just read Green Lantern/Space Ghost team up and Tynion can write space. Some guys can be incredible in one setting but not good at others. Sort of like some actors only excel in certain types of roles. I really enjoyed the team-up. His Hal's voice felt right and the issue had a real Star Trek (TNG) First Contact (my favorite of the TNG films and 2nd fave Trek film to Khan) so I think he can write a Green Lantern title.

    When the GL franchise expands (hopefully soon because HJ&tGLC is getting crowded) or changes and Green Lanterns disappears, maybe Tynion who maybe DC's next big thing, can take over a GLC book since with 'Tec he has proven he can juggle larger casts and Vendetti whose work since Rebirth is light years ahead of the dreck of his initial run can pen the Hal book (which hopefully splits time between earth and space). I am loving his work on Tec so much I am interested to see what he could do with the Corps alongside Vendetti. Multiple voices in a franchise is never a bad thing.
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