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  • DC Zoom: Green Lantern: Legacy

    We’re excited today to show you an exclusive first look at the cover and some art for DC’s middle-grade graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy, along with some comments from writer Minh Lę and artist Andy Tong. The book is part of the DC Zoom middle-grade imprint, which, together with the DC Ink young adult imprint, will feature standalone graphic novels by well known creators that offer new twists on iconic DC characters.

    Green Lantern: Legacy was announced last year, and it marks the first time that an Asian-American has become the Green Lantern. The book is scheduled for a January 2020 release. Here’s the synopsis:

    Thirteen-year-old Tai Pham lives in the apartment above his grandmother’s store, where his bedroom is crammed with sketchpads and comic books. But not even his most imaginative drawings could compare to the colorful adventure he’s about to embark on.

    When Tai inherits his grandmother’s jade ring, he soon finds out it’s more than it appears. Suddenly he’s being inducted into a group of space cops known as the Green Lanterns, his neighborhood is being overrun by some racist bullies, and every time he puts pen to paper, he’s forced to confront that he might not be creative enough or strong enough to uphold his ba’s legacy.

    Now Tai must decide what kind of hero he wants to be: will he learn to soar above his insecurities or will the past keep him grounded?

    Here’s what writer Lę has to say about the book:

    “I grew up loving mythology and superheroes, so being an official part of the DC world is a dream come true. In fact, if I went back in time and told junior high me that I’d get to write a Green Lantern comic, he’d be doing backflips. Or fainting. Probably both.

    “I loved having the opportunity to add new characters to the already rich Green Lantern universe. While I wanted to take advantage of the intergalactic potential of the Green Lantern universe, I also wanted to make this a story about family and community. I’ve always loved superhero stories that make us think about the actual heroes that walk among us… which is why this story begins with a character inspired by my own grandmother.

    “Tai, the main character, is a young Vietnamese American superhero and I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to create this character. Growing up, I was used to Asian characters being the sidekicks, so it means the world to me that Tai gets to take center stage in this story. Tai is much bolder than I was at his age, but his struggle to figure out how to wield his newfound powers is one that I hope will resonate with young readers.

    “One thing that I hope that readers walk away with is a greater appreciation for the heroes in our own lives, particularly those within our families. When you come from a family of immigrants and refugees as I do, it can be incredibly humbling. Nothing puts your own problems into perspective like considering the harrowing journeys your loved ones took to get where they are today. So it was with a lot of humility that I set out to write a story that honored that kind of heroism.

    “Working with Andie is like taking a roadtrip with a magician. One of the most amazing parts about being an author is seeing your words come to life through the illustrator’s talent. And Andie is so talented. It was mind-blowing watching Andie take the manuscript and churn out these amazingly dynamic scenes.”

    And Tong adds this:

    “I’m very excited about getting to introduce a whole new Green Lantern character. It’s been such a rewarding experience to be able to conceptualize him from scratch and bring him into the DC universe.

    “I was trying to make the artwork light for the target audience and not too heavy in shadows and darkness. It was a great team effort between myself, Minh, our colorist Sarah Stern, and DC editor Lauren Bisom to help make the artwork pop and shine for young readers.

    “First and foremost, I hope fans have fun reading and looking at the artwork. At the same time, Minh and I incorporated several cultural components that we grew up with in our respective Asian households—details as seemingly small as making sure no one wears shoes inside the house—and I hope the readers appreciate it!

    “Working with Minh was such a great experience and a very smooth process. Minh was a fantastic teammate and open to most of the suggestions I incorporated into the art. I love how he portrayed many of his childhood experiences in this book and I can see a lot of my upbringing, similar to what Minh went through, in this story. It’s been an absolute blast bringing these experiences to life and to share them with the DC community.”

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    I could enjoy this as an Elseworlds story. My eyes are glazing over at the mere thought of adding YET another human Green Lantern to the mythos. I certainly don't need it. But I really dig the writer's attitude and approach to the whole thing. If DC pushes this as a non continuity Elsewords type of thing, I think it HAS a place in the GL franchise. Sounds cool. Asians don't get enough love in American comics.


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      From what I've seen of the other middle reader books, these seem to be in their own continuity. I don't think they even intend for them to go on.


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        Yea given that the target demographic for this is 8-12 year olds I can't see this being in the main continuity...unless of course it's a runaway success, in which case all bets are off.


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          Originally posted by Hypo View Post
          Yea given that the target demographic for this is 8-12 year olds I can't see this being in the main continuity...unless of course it's a runaway success, in which case all bets are off.
          Well DC's blurb for the one they're doing on Super Sons said the writer was given full freedom to make up their own world so it's not even Damian that's the son of Bruce in that book, but a new character.


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            I'll definitely get this. As a one-off in its own continuity, I think it will be a fun story.

            Anybody else get the feeling from that description that they are going for a sort of Kyle Rayner vibe (young artist, becomes a GL unexpectedly, insecure at first as a hero), but multi-cultural from the beginning instead of having it awkwardly tacked on later?
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              Won't lie...I'm not so thrilled with the art here.


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                Another page:


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                  Coming in 2020: New GL Graphic Novel LEGACY

                  We have a new advertisement for a new GL.

                  "Green Lantern: Legacy"

                  "A new graphic novel for kids. January 2020. This 13-year old just inherited his grandmother's Green Lantern ring. NO PRESSURE."

                  "From award-winning author Minh Le and illustrator Andie Tong."
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                        Read this yesterday. I liked it. For its own thing, it was pretty fun.


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                          I thought I should judge it fairly so I picked it up since it was pretty cheap.

                          Actually not a bad story, wished for a little more name drops and casual references but didnt really bother me much. The art was alright, looks to be pretty standard for these types of stories.


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                            This is exactly what DC needs for new/younger fans. With the Morrison GL/Blackstars being the hub of the mythos these days, DC needed an entry point for new readers. Far Sector is accomplishing that on one level, but Legacy is a lighter, hopeful story that's perfect a young child. However, it has a sprinkling of GL's cosmic history to avoid being an INO story.

                            Well done, DC.
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