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  • Chaselon's one of the oldest Lantern chracters (and technically a 'Lost Lantern' since he was found on Biot like Arisa and Lashea/Salaak's ex) but no writer ever seemed to really do anything with him, he could've become more interesting if he'd gone after Bedovian for killing Diamalon during the Sinestro Corps War, but they made him into an Alpha Lantern instead

    Same for Green Man, like Chaselon he's always stuck to the rules and never really developed as a character, although I can see that like Chaselon, he could've become more comitted to dispensing justice after Deaspotellis nearly made him kill Stel, like Chaselon must be for Bedovian killing Diamalon

    But as for Varix, he always seems that been an asshole and Boodika just won't let her missing hand go

    I do wish John Stewart had become an Alpha Lantern, it would've been interesting to see how that turned out

    Also, there's 6 Alphas for a Corps of 7200, isn't that just a little too much for them to handle, even if they don't need to sleep? And they've got their own sectors to look after too on top of their Alpha duties

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