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How long did Sinestro actually rule Korugar?

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  • How long did Sinestro actually rule Korugar?

    As is usual with DC, they never have made this clear, but there are some significant difficulties with continuity (no surprise there).

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    I am afraid no one can really say for sure. I think the last time I read some thing where DC was trying to make sense about continuity Hal was green Lantern for like 5 yrars and Kyle was for like 2,Or Maybe it was Hal Was 8 and Kyle was like 3. It is super hard to guage Super hero time.

    Originally Sinestro went bad before Hal got his ring. So I would say if you wanna follow Silverage protocall,it was proablly a long time.

    90's Plus has Sinestro being Hal's mentor,in that Story Hal was in prison for I think 90 days so Sinestro's dismissal,would have had to Happen in a fairly short time.. So since Hal has been a Green Lantern for lets round it off and say 10 years now,I would guess Proably around 8.

    Keep in mind that is just a crude crude guess.
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      I don't think it has been stated. I'd say it would have to be a fair chunk of time (even in the New 52) since he had to completely take over Korugar but without another GL or the GotU getting wind of it. At the same time, he was building his rep as the best lantern, so it had to be years.


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        I always assumed it was a few years. Five years was my guess back in the day, before the timeline started changing every few years.


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          What hes not still in charge?


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            Only until the little blue gnomes found out.

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              That sounds about right to me. My husband runs an ongoing RP and was trying to work it out.



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                Originally posted by TEN_RINGS View Post
                What hes not still in charge?
                In part because the planet blew up...