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The Green Lantern Season Two #4 *Preview/Spoilers*

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    This was so confusing. I disagree that moving Hal Jordan to Earth would fix anything.

    Even though I still like this better than the last season, the pacing is just insanely bad. I don't mean to insult, but it seems like each page doesn't connect to the next. And the jokes... just don't work and are constantly jarring. That said, I like the alien-ness of it, and the unpredictable-ness of it. There just seems to be no coherence to the beats in the plot. Can't quite put my finger on it.

    People really harped on Season 5 (New 52/ Venditti era), comparing it harshly to Season 4, but now in hindsight, Season 5 seems like a golden age compared to what we have had since.

    Still better than Season 6 and the end of Season 5 (Renegade, issues 41+)


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      After re-reading, I think I know what it is. It's not the art, it's not the plot, it's the dialog.

      The dialog is often out-of-sequence, full of hard-to-understand irregular grammar, and constantly using references that the reader doesn't know about (at least I don't). And that's from the humans NOT the aliens!


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        I think Morrison's shtick is forcing readers to make a big investment in following his stories. And that probably appeals to some people. It's like the pride you feel in acing organic chemistry. But most people don't want that. They just want a good story.

        Besides that, I think funny-looking (and funny-talking) aliens have had their day. I'm sure Morrison can make up more and more of them until the day he dies, but will anyone care?

        I think he's writing Mystery in Space in his own peculiar style and calling it Green Lantern.
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          Is Morrison making the funny looking aliens, or is the artist?

          The crystal guy is gold. I do come to Green Lantern for the aliens myself, not for Hal Jordan. So the more and the wierder, the better (to me).

          As for big investment, I don't mind that at all. I just want the humans to be somewhat believable when they talk. I mean have you met any humans who talks like these dialog skits? I mean maybe Morrison talks like that? I'm sure it's rare. But Hal Jordan and other humanoids shouldn't be talking in backwards faux-poetry.