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Do you miss Grant Morrison's "The Green Lantern"?

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  • Do you miss Grant Morrison's "The Green Lantern"?

    Or are you glad that it's over?
    Yeah, I miss it.
    No, don't miss it.

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    So glad it's over. I could stomach the "new" Guardians, but the art is 50% of the appeal to me, and the artist thought high-school watercolors could make a comic book. The Blackstar plot was over-the-top, and the deus ex machina was the fact it took place in an alternative DC universe! Hyper-Man and Woman and Son were a nice nod to the 1970s, but still overblown. Reverse-Hal Jordan from the Antimatter Universe? Bleah. And the last two issues of Year Two - ugh.

    Writers know how to use Hal Jordan in a summer-blockbuster Crisis. Day-to-day monthly issues? Not so much. The hot/cold relationship with Carol Ferris, or just dump her the moment something else comes up for Hal. The never-changing "Frenemy" relationship with Sinestro. Is Hal Jordan the Ultimate GL? (Well, no, there are other GLs better than Hal - Sodam Yat, Kyle-as-Ion, Sinestro, etc.) So Morrison tried to make every The Green Lantern a mini-crisis. Didn't work out so well.

    I count Morrison as a two-year bad dream. The only legacy items are Hal's "special" ring, as well as the "new" GL battery from the "new" Guardians.


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      Don't miss it at all. I doubt I will ever reread it.


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        I enjoyed the first couple of issues, but the series quickly became an unreadable, UNentertaining MESS. It was a chore to get through most of those issues. Morrison in retrospect was a HORRIBLE fit for Green Lantern.


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          It's too bad... he could have been great. It just seemed like he was only writing it for himself, though.


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            I don't miss it in the sense that I wanted it to continue, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a fan. Liam Sharp is one of my favorite artists, and I liked the bizarre direction that Morrison took Hal's story. However, after reading the two seasons, I felt like Morrison had said all that he wanted to say for the time being.


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              I read the first three issues as they came out then fell off. Maybe I'll revisit it on DCU Infinite.


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                I picked up the LCSD 1/500 Foil Cover of The Green Lantern #1:

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