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    This is from the four horsemen and variety mag as you may have seen Mattel has been making DC Superheroes (DCSH) 6 inch super articulated action figs for a few years now ... well they had been limited to the Superman and Batman Families well yesteday we got this wonderful news in the toy community

    Warner toys with Mattel
    Toy company to make DC Comics' figures

    Mattel has inked a licensing deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to become the official toymaker for DC Comics.
    Toy company has been working with WBCP for the past seven years on one-off properties, a relationship that began with "Harry Potter" and moved on to include "Batman Begins," "The Batman" and Justice League animated series.

    But the new multi-year deal makes Mattel the master toy licensee for the complete DC portfolio, which includes characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Justice League.

    It also covers past and future films and animated properties.

    Mattel's brands such as Hot Wheels, Radica, Fisher-Price, Tyco and Mattel Games are expected to take full advantage of the deal.

    Toymaker also plans to create a DC Superheroes-branded section in retailers' toy aisles as part of the effort.

    Financial terms of the pact were not released.
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    I just read this as well. Will Mattel beat DC Direct to the punch on an entire line of Green Lanterns, including the Sinestro Corps? They have several GLs in their JLU line, will we see this translated to the DC Superhero line?

    I for one hope that it becomes a line in itself and outside DC Superheroes. What I would really like to see is more villians. What say ye?


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      I hope they completly start over on the line so that everyone can get all the heroes and villians they want I would LOVE a seperate GL fig line but I dont think its gonna happen.

      I'll just be happy that I will now be able to get an entire JLA in scale with its self and I love super-articulated figures. Tell me how many ways you can pose Justice Hal Jordan .....Oh yeah ONE!
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        the latest news

        Mattel tells us about their plans for their newly expanded DC license and provides a visual hint at one of the characters that will be first on their list
        By Justin Aclin

        Posted July 6, 2007 12:10 PM

        Last week Mattel announced that they had acquired the DC Comics license. “Now, hang on,” you may be saying, “I’ve been buying DC toys from Mattel for a couple of years now! What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that, while Mattel’s previous license afforded them cartoons like Justice League and the Batman and Superman characters, this new license grants them the right to do everything. Every character (almost—see below). Every cartoon. Every movie. We spoke to Michael Walker, Senior Marketing Director of Action Play at Mattel to find out what this means for toy fans. Mattel also gave us a shadowy sneak peek at one of the first figures from their newly expanded 6-inch DC Universe line. Who could it be? Discuss your theories at our message board!

        TOYFARE: What new products will you be doing as a result of the deal?

        MICHAEL WALKER: For this new partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, we will explore product executions across our entire range of expertise and Brands. Big entertainment events, like film, will get the broadest reach across product categories, including action figures, role play, electronics, games, and more. The core comic properties will see a broader range of action figures segments over time as well. We'll also be adding depth to our core 6-inch collector line as well as exploring new ways to collect and connect with action figures in the universe. It's going to be a very exciting time for the DC collector and fans.

        Will you be adding new DC characters to the DC Super Heroes line?

        Yes, our new partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products gives us the flexibility to expand beyond the Batman and Superman worlds in some new and fresh ways. We're exploring some specific wave strategies that will allow us to bring the new characters forward in a logical fashion.

        Will the Four Horsemen be sculpting them?

        We'll continue to tap into the talents of our partners at the Four Horsemen.

        Who are you personally looking forward to doing?

        Personally, I would love to do Shazam! and a few others. It's a great chance for us to finally get after our short list and yours.

        It was once reported that DC Super Heroes would have Build-A-Figures. Does this deal affect that happening in the future? Who might we see if it happens?

        The new relationship gives us the flexibility to make the most of a build-a-figure program so we'll be chasing that opportunity sooner than you think.

        We'll go after a variety of DC characters that make sense. We will be announcing the first character at Comic-Con.

        The license also covers old DC films. Will we see any toys based on pre-Batman Begins Batman movies? How about Christopher Reeve Superman toys?

        The Universe is open and holds a lot of possibilities. However, we also have to be thoughtful about how we prioritize the projects—we can't do all of them at once. We're open to anything that makes sense within our strategic plan.

        Christopher Reeve was a hero in many more ways beyond his role as Superman. However, at this time, we do not plan to do any specific toys based on his character in the near term.

        Does this deal open up any of the characters who were previously unavailable for Justice League Unlimited such as the Question to be able to get figures now?

        We have many more degrees of freedom to explore in the DC Universe than before. However, for various reasons, bringing certain characters to market can be very complicated. Our partners at DC are as eager as we are to bring as much of the Universe to the market as possible and where it makes sense.

        What are your current plans for the Dark Knight figures? Will the figures be in the same scale as the Batman Begins figures?

        We are psyched about the “The Dark Knight” movie in July 2008 and will be looking at a number of figural executions. We have a lot of options based on the new costumes, gadgets and vehicles introduced in the sequel, as well as some "inspired-by" possibilities. Our figure range will be broad and offer multiple scales (perhaps three or four different ones), but the 2005 scale will be prevalent. A lot of deco and accessory possibilities are open as well. We've been careful to keep the collector in mind, as well as the kids, so there will be something for everyone in the line-up.

        How soon will we see figures based on this deal?

        Collectors and fans can expect to see new figures based on this new relationship as soon as 2007. The DC Super Friends line-up benefited directly from this new relationship and allowed us to execute some fantastic preschool styled figures—and it only gets better in the spring 2008 with more characters like Hawkman and Cyborg, who are some of my favorite figures. We'll also be introducing the "DC Universe" banner in spring of 2008, which will see a significant re-launch of the 6-inch figure line, along with the introduction of our "DC Fighting Figures" line-up, a small scale figure line featuring exciting quality sculpting, dynamic poses and fine detail with hot fighting features. We are also looking at something new and exciting for fall 2008, so stay tuned. The programs will broaden as we move into the out years and introduce new collectible segments and breadth of characters. You will not be disappointed.
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          I would love to see their version of Hawkman and the ENTIRE GL roster (Hal, Kyle, Guy, John, Kilowog, Arisia, Katma Tui, Green Man)


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            Originally posted by glkilowog View Post
            I would love to see their version of Hawkman and the ENTIRE GL roster (Hal, Kyle, Guy, John, Kilowog, Arisia, Katma Tui, Green Man)
            yes a four horsemen Kilowog is a thing of my dreams
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              I just hope they all will be original casts. No re-casts or re-molds with different head sculpts. That would really suck.


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                I bought Total Justice figures from Wal-Mart when I was a kid. It will be nice to have a new series of toys that are main stream and not $15-$20 a pop.
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                  While this is fantastic news, I wonder if it will be the death nail for DCD? How can theyhope to compete with Mattels quantity? I will give DCD had a good run, and most fan favs have been done, but I have hopes the Mattel line is better and cheaper. Thou how many Batman varients will we get now?
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                    Originally posted by Lord Malvolio View Post
                    While this is fantastic news, I wonder if it will be the death nail for DCD? How can theyhope to compete with Mattels quantity? I will give DCD had a good run, and most fan favs have been done, but I have hopes the Mattel line is better and cheaper. Thou how many Batman varients will we get now?
                    I think the Bat variants will at least now be comic correct variations on the Bat not any neon yellow junk

                    And DCD will retain the Artist Specific figs and poss Story Specific stuff, So While DCD may get alot less of my money I am hedging my bets with Mattel once they get distribution and case ratio down. I'm in all the way !
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