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Scalping to the Nth Degree: JLU Hal Jordan Figure!

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  • Scalping to the Nth Degree: JLU Hal Jordan Figure!

    As some of you may already know, Mattel actually DID produce a JLU Hal Jordan figure... BUT they only produced 100 of the highly desirable figures, as a Xmas gift for select Mattel employees!

    The pleas of JLU figure collectors, and an online petition, have fallen on deaf ears. Mattel refuses to either reissue the figure, or release a new one with a different head sculpt. So, of course, the 100 figures that were produced are very highly sought after by collectors.

    But that still doesn't excuse the blatant and vile scalping being perpetrated by the asshat behind this eBay auction!

    Starting Bid: $6,000.00!
    Buy It Now Price: $10,000.00!!!

    Anyone care to help me find where this guy lives, and help me layeth the smacketh down on him for his evil scalping ways?!?

    Needless to say, once he's unconscious, I'll be leaving his home with my very own JLU Hal Jordan in hand!

    P.S. Oh, and to top it all off, he won't even accept PayPal as the payment method! He'll accept money orders or cashier's checks ONLY, because "the PayPal fees would be outrageous"! Well, asshat, why don't you, you know, sell it for a more REASONABLE price! Then you wouldn't have that problem!!!
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    They are releasing the JLU Hal Jordan.


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      Do tell...

      Originally posted by MrBungleGL View Post
      They are releasing the JLU Hal Jordan.
      Really? That'll be sweet if they do! But this is the first I've heard of it. Where did you hear this awesome news?


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        Originally posted by Jack T. Chance View Post
        Really? That'll be sweet if they do! But this is the first I've heard of it. Where did you hear this awesome news?
        Here JLU Hal

        Although the link no longer works.

        I can't believe the audacity of that seller, but really, if someone actually does buy it, his audacity turns into intelligence.

        ohshitIjustmadeabidbyaccidentsomeoneelsebidsoIdont havetopayforit!@@@
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          and even worse. he is charging for shipping. If you are going to put a price that high at least throw in the shipping.


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            shipping is gonna expensive too the way he is packaging it.


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              a working link of the jlu hal pic


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                It looks like they are not going to be making one for general release:

                This is from a recent Q&A with Mattel:

                TNI: We have heard that you could not release a JLU Hal Jordon figure at general retail due to a clause in your contract with Warner Bros. Now that you have the DC Universe Master license, has that changed? Or are you still forbidden to make that character for the JLU line? If so, can you tell us why?

                Mattel: We do not have access to doing Hal in the JLU line due to the special gift we created for Warner Brothers in 2006. We understand there is demand for this figure but some things (unfortunately) remain out of our control.


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                  No see I saw a Hal on ebay 6 months ago that was in a completly dif package then this it was similar to the Grundy packaging so ..................

                  I dont know what

                  BTW that one I saw went for 1,000.00
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                    Originally posted by Superlantern View Post
                    That's a picture of the 2005 Employee Only Christmas Gift. Everything's identical. Which means that Mattel was showing it off just to rub it in that only the wealthiest of fans will ever have one!
                    Originally posted by JMW326 View Post
                    It looks like they are not going to be making one for general release:

                    This is from a recent Q&A with Mattel:
                    I'm sorry, but that's a bullshit excuse, and we all know it! Mattel excels at reusing parts, and reissuing figures with new paint schemes and the like! All they'd have to do is sculpt a new head (if they truly did destroy the mold as they claim) and redo the chest emblem to make the logo and coloring a closer match to what was seen in the cartoon, and they can issue it as a "Brand New" Hal Jordan figure that's, like, totally different from the previous one!

                    Oh well, looks like we're going to have to make do with the Hal Jordan figure from their line for The Batman... nevermind that, by Mattel's logic, they shouldn't be able to make THAT figure, either!


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                      He's baaaack!

                      Well, looks like, surprise, surprise, that JLU Hal Jordan didn't get a single bid! Aww, what a shame!

                      So, genius has relisted it with a lower price. This time, the starting bid is "ONLY" $4,000, with a Buy It Now of "ONLY" $6,000! Wow, what a generous discount! How, I ask you, can we possibly resist?

                      I'd still like to find where this guy lives, sneak into his home in the dead of night, decked out in ninja garb, knock him unconscious, and TAKE IT!


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                        I've seen many Customs of JLU Hal I'd just buy one of thoseinstead of this ridiculous price. GLJIMT the one you saw on E-Bay may have been a custom also. I've see them put back into a package or on a card so they look like the real deal. This is for the the collectors who like to keep their figures MOC so the custom fits inwith the rest of their collection. If this was the case though it would be dishonest,IMHO, for the seller not to disclose this.
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                          Some Sellers Never Learn...

                          Dude obviously still hasn't had any takers, because he's at it again.

                          But wait, THERE'S MORE! This time, the starting bid is ONLY $2,500.00 and the BIN is ONLY $5,000.00!!! OMG, too good to be true!!!!

                          He also says in the body of the auction that he'll accept Best Offers, but he did NOT set-up the Best Offer option on the auction itself, so you have to email him your Best Offer and HOPE he accepts it and ends the auction early. But there's no way he'd accept MY Best Offer, I'm sure he'd find it insultingly low for the rarity of the figure!

                          --Dan (who flat-out REFUSES to pay a triple-digit price for ANY figure, let alone 4 digits! )


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                            Someone should set up a disposable ebay account, and buy it now from the guy, but don't actually pay for it ... Whoever set up the account would hafta set up a disposable email addy with fake information too ... I'd do it, but I'm already on the bad list at ebay ...

                            EDITED TO ADD:

                            My brother's ex actually stole some of his stuff after they broke up ... She had the balls to put it up on ebay too ... I followed her listings, and repeatedly outbid interested buyers, until I finally won the auctions, but I never paid for the stuff, so she reported me ...
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                              ... so.... tempting... NOT... wtf does he expect? I say we all offer him $100 and see what he reduces the price to after this one doesn't sell and he has 50 offers for $100.
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