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    I opened a store (store link is in my signature) a couple of weeks ago selling 1:18 scale parts, and accessories for customizers. Here are some of my wares:

    earth-X Cap:

    Serpent styled chest plates available in black, and white:

    trench coat sets which include not only the coat, but also the sleeved arms (also available w/o sleeves) :

    black large trench coat:

    white large trench coat:

    Dragon "Fin head"

    Red Lantern 2814 "RL 2814 Flamehead"

    Ryan Reynolds "Wade Jordan"

    Dr Fate "Fated"

    Squirrel of Will

    Poozer kit:

    fem V1 (the hair is flexible thanks to my special mixture):

    Feral claw slasher (the hair is flexible thanks to my special mixture):

    Captain Wolf:

    I'm working on a 1:18 scale Dexstarr right now
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    Here's how Dexstarr is looking so far. I need to add the front, and rear leg guantlets, and add the "belt". Let me know what you guys think.


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      I just found out the other night that the plastic I use to cast the trench coats comes out clear in certain colors so if you guys have any suggestions for energy blasts/ constructs let me know.

      my green is a little dark, but w/ some yellow it should almost match


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        Coming soon from VCA:
        Light Blaster:

        Energy beam:

        Energy blast/ Psychic blade:

        Skeleton hands (Now these were originally for me to cut the hands off, and add the pegs, but when I saw them cast like this I thought it would be cool for dios. So I'll be offering these in both ways):


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          New from VCA

          Urethane Resin Man:

          Missile pod:

          and as promised a couple days ago Stogie smoking secret agent general (Nick Sr):

          I have one more, but I'm working on modding it to fit the suited figure before I put it in my store.


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            Arm your Lantern Corps!

            I still need to perfect the violet coloring, however red through blue maybe indigo are good to go.

            Large figure blasts:

            Blade cannons:

            Energy beams:

            Hand flames:

            Flaming heads:

            Blue Well Wisher:

            Red Commander:

            Now available in my store
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              I just added a new item that I think will really help your customs look much better flying, and sniping:
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                Fantastic work man.
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                  Anniversary month week 2 kicks off another new deal for you guys. Now I added assembly as an optional extra service towards the end of last month. However going forward all orders of $150 or more *before shipping* will get free assembly of 2 suited figure kits, or one Furball kit (only assembly is free you will have to pay for the kit itself). I won't be adding the flame wheel motorcycles to this because they won't fit into the boxes we currently use assembled.


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                    I've got the last of the orders for WE 3-29-14 ready to go right now, and I've got a couple of orders for WE 4-12-14 ready as well. All of the orders that are ready have been handed off to my shipping clerk, and he assures me they'll be out tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest. I'm about 1/4-1/3 of the way done the orders for WE 4-12-14, and I'm hoping to have them all done by Tuesday/ Wednesday, and then I'll get started on the orders for WE 4-19-14. Don't forget that this week (WE 4-26-14) is the last week of the Easter egg sale, and there are 23 eggs for this week, because I had 10 left over from last week so get those $50 or more orders in so maybe you'll get one of the eggs w/ the free $20 order code in it.

                    Now for news on the next few months. The month of May will be the month of making new molds. So after WE 4-26-14 I'll be closed until Sunday June 1st. June 1st will bring probably around 150-300 new items. I'm not really sure exactly how many, but I have ALLOT of boxes, and bubble mailers full of great new items that are going to be joining the VCA library. June will also see the beginning of the next VCA $50 increment rewards program. I've ordered some small treasure chests that are large enough for heads, and other small items so starting in June all orders of $50 increments before shipping will receive a treasure chest w/ a head, or some other item in it, and just like this month's Easter eggs there will be a code chest each week, and only my assistant will have any idea which chest had the codes in them, and he's also the one coming up with the codes so knowing how my mind works won't do you guys a bit of good. Then I'll be reclosing my store on Saturday June 28th, because my family is going on vacation at the end of July, and I need to get things reorganized. So July is going to be my reorganization, and relaxation month. I'm going to spend the time before vacation in July reorganizing my molds, and my store to try to make things easier for both myself, and my customers. I want to make it easier for you guys to find the items in my store, and I want to make it easier for me to find the molds in my work shop. One of the biggest problems I've had as my library of molds has been growing is that I often have to spend more time than I should trying to find the molds I need in order to fill orders. So I'm going to get things even more organized than I have them now. We'll be on vacation from the 20th of July through August 2nd so I'll be reopening on Sunday August 3rd. After that I'm not planning on closing the store for some time. However if the need arises I'll let you guys know.
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                      Ok, so the Halloween Spooktacular just ended, and did the R&D phase for the military figure kits. So I've been sitting here racking my brain as to what I can do next. I like to try to stay a couple months ahead of major holiday events for you guys so yo can be ready w/ gifts, or customs to enter the contest with. So since I'm sure some of you guys might want to do for some of your loved ones like I did for my wife for her Anniversary/Christmas present last, and give your loved ones custom figures of themselves during the month of November (WE 11-1 through WE 11-29) I'm lowering the build a figure kits prices by $10 to $35 across the board (The Furball kits are not included as I doubt any of your friends, and family look like that), and the $20 suited figures will go down to $15.

                      Remember that this is only for the month of November so as to hopefully give you guys time to get the customs done before Christmas.

                      I know I'm a couple of weeks behind right now, but once the materials that I need come in I'll be getting those orders knocked out. I've started on WE 10-11, and have a few orders for WE 10-4 left all of which need the soft items ie capes, coats, hats, web gear. So once the material comes in hopefully tomorrow if the UPS driver that brings it tomorrow isn't too lazy to get out of his truck, I'll get started on the soft items for WE 10-4/10-11 knocking both weeks' soft items out at the same time.


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                        Well my birthday is Wednesday so I'm giving you guys a gift this week too. Every order of $10 is getting a mystery chest, AND I'm doubling the daily deals. So on Monday when you get 1 MC/AC head of your choice (INCLUDING the higher dollar ones that are 6,7,8 due to coming w/ accessories), you'll get TWO of your choice; Tuesday when you would of gotten one torso for every $30 you get 2; Wednesday you'll get to pick 2 weapons, or tools of your choice for every $20, Thursday you'll get to choose up to 6 extra items of up to $10 each allowing you up to $60 worth of freebies for spending $30 or more; Friday you'll get to pick 2 $5 or less heads of your choice for every $10 you spend, and on Saturday you'll get to pick 2 free super power effects for every $30 you spend. Just my way of saying thanks for being loyal customers, and trying to include you guys in the week of my birthday.