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  • my custom corps figures

    signed up so I could get some feedback on these. I have been making custom transformers for a while but don't seem to be very good at it. Since I have really gotten into GL I decided to give it a whirl and love it!

    First off is my attempt at Isamot Kol. He is made of naut ke loi body, low/maash hands, tail from the new spiderman movie's Lizard, and the head from a jurassic park raptor. Slightly repainted the body to add his black shoulder stripes and added a white collar. It looks kind of sloppy in the pics but it's actually pretty smooth. I think the different angles make it look off in the pics. I swapped the middle fingers so his ring would be on the correct hand.

    Next up is my rendition of Sinestro corps superboy prime. Still need to make a decent cape but other than that I am pleased with it. It is made of a low/maash body, with the infinite crisis superboy figure added. The head, forearms, and lower legs are from superboy prime. The yellow tubes were replaced with a cut up jelly bracelet since the originals were too short.

    Next is 2 random Sinestro corps members. The goat headed guy was in 1 panel of the comic with Karu Sil, no idea what his name is. He is a low/mash body and hands, head from Skallox with the horns from matty Magog figure integrated into the head.

    This guy is the latest Sinestro figure with the helmet from a final fantasy the spirits within toy, yellow cable from some random spawn figure, and an arm cannon from a transformers movie bumblebee. I was going for a kind of cyborg vibe with this 1. he has no name, I just melded a bunch of pieces together.

    Next is red lantern Shark. Nothing special, just the shark head with the Nite-lik body/collar. Trying to find a couple little tanks I can put on his back to be filled with "blood".

    Last is my Hannu WIP. He is a move FF4 Thing with some sculpy work to the head/neck. He needs his whole lower half painted and touch ups on the torso from rubbing issues.

    Thanks for looking

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    Sorry, can an admin move this to the custom figure thread? Thought I posted it there


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      awesome work, really like Isomot, is that an Animal Planet Raptor head?
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        Sick work! I'm really diggin the Skallox-sinestro guy! Bravo sir, bravo.
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          I really like Isamot and that Hannu is already shaping up to be one of the best looking ones I've seen

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            These things look like shit! Send them to be so i can dispose of them for ya.



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              Looks real good .


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                Isamot is really, i mean really really, awesome!!!


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                  Yeah he is,wish mattel would have made him.


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                    Really nice work. That Isamot is awesome.