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Cutom experience: modifying a Pop Vinyl

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  • Cutom experience: modifying a Pop Vinyl

    So, I recently got a Star Trek Pop Vinyl Andorian who turned out to be missing one of his antennae.

    There was a character on Enterprise who had that antenna cut, so I'd like to modify him into Shran.

    Only problem is, he needs a stub. I can handle the paints (I have my old model kit), but what kind of material would you experienced custom-figure makers recommend to fit in the slot and build a partial antenna like this:

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can use Super Sculpy or Milliput epoxy putty. Those can be purchased at any art or crafts store.


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      Cool. Which is your preference? The antenna will be fairly thin/small.


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        Personally, I prefer Milliput because you don't have to bake it in the oven.

        There's also Mighty Putty, (a made for TV brand) which works REALLY well, but it dries and hardens too fast. I've used it for several small projects that don't require detailed sculpting, like filling in gaps and holes on figures. You can also purchase that at your local art store.


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          Thanks, man. Yeah, not baking would be a plus since I can't bake the Pop figure and I'd just have to find something else to attach it. I will check that out.