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  • Marvel Legend/Select & Custom Collection

    Minus Wrecking Crew & Titania (Having bigger/thicker customs done):

    Minus Warpath variant:

    Minus Deadpool (better custom in making)

    Minus Warpath & Deadpool figure:

    Minus Mr. Sinister:

    Minus Hobgoblin:

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    Minus (Bucky Capt.)


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      Great stuff! The S.H.I.E.L.D. figures are so cool.

      It just so beautiful. I think I'm going to cry.
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        Thanks, I love my collection. It's my pride and joy, was it was 2nd to my dog but she's been gone for 11 months. She was 15 yr, 11 months. Had since she was 3 weeks old.

        The only Shield agents are Fury, Dugan, Hill, and Carter. Stonewall, Slingshot (Yo-Yo), and Quake (Daisy) are members of Secret Warriors, the group that works for Fury.

        I really dig it, it's kind of diverse and not many people have certain characters I have. It's cost me a ton of money, but I've saved about $1000-$1,500 by trading 2-5 figures for each custom. Only 4 customizers I deal with do that.


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          Your collection needs sum luv from Doom.

          Cool stuff you got there.


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            Nice collection, be nicer if it was a DC collection.


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              Put the display together, but figures/customs didn't fit (Mongul), so I took the top off and used it to have another display for lanterns on the side.

              The new display for my Lanterns:


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                I like how Glomulus is there alone.


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                  Wooooo King Hyperion Forever!!!! what I mean is great customs.
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                    epic groot good sir epic groot
                    pretty awesome collection man
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                      Thanks guys, glad you dig.

                      Ah, Glomulus is along because Larfleeze's head to getting putting on a DCUC Creeper body so I can have a dcuc Larfleeze. Same with Saint Walker, and Indigo-1.


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                        Decided to find full shot of the displays.


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                          I got a nice surprise today, Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), Princess Iolande, and Red Lantern (Hal Jordan) from Ibentmyman-thing + my $7 Tomar-Tu:

                          Rick Coronel
                          Hal's Understudy
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                            And added the customs to shelve:
                            Rick Coronel
                            Hal's Understudy
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                              Nice DC stuff- where did you get Iolande and Brother Warth? They look fantastic!