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    schtroumpf !!! lol


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      My Fortress of Solitude is the bathroom.
      The last fan of 1990s comics
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        Originally posted by SD80MAC View Post
        My Fortress of Solitude is the bathroom.


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          Very nice collection there, SC.


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            Originally posted by Lex Luthor View Post
            Very nice collection there, SC.
            There's a few more kaiju pieces coming when I photograph the den.

            Sorry for the delay, everyone. I've been busy with some stuff. Should be up soon.


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              Okay, as promised I finally took the pictures of my Fortress of Solitude (aka basement den). Again, please note my collection isn't in any one place but is dispersed around other surfaces like books shelves etc.

              Anyway, I'll start with just the posters as you walk in:

              From inside (what you would see exiting):


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                This is the nook where my comics are. They're surrounded by some GL stuff for fun:

                Some of the Pez collection:

                The rest of the kaiju stuff:

                Space Cop
                The Dandy
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                  Right behind the kaiju is the MiB Simpson stuff (and a few MiB GLs):


                  Few random things on the wall-length shelves:

                  (That's the Retro Girl [Powers] Memorial Statue and an Enterprise phone [a gift])

                  (At the top are Giant Microbes. Except for Herpes, they're all deadly ones.)

                  Video Game Toys:

                  Horror toys starting with (from the right) werewolf stuff:

                  A few more Simpsons things:

                  Some Trek Stuff:

                  MUSCLEs and Kinnikuman:

                  Space Cop
                  The Dandy
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                    And last, but not least, the GL stuff:

                    Back along the wall-length shelving, around the TV, which is where I keep the modern GL series and BN figs:

                    The New Guardians and some odds and ends that don't fit the GL Corps or other themes:

                    (the alternates)

                    The Corps:

                    Space Cop
                    The Dandy
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                      Very impressive Simpsons collection, SC! Wasn't aware of you being a Simpsons fan, but that's pretty cool. Also, those GL posters are great.


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                        I'm a Simpsons nut; one of those guys who memorizes minor character names and tells you when they move places around in Springield. I just haven't talked much about it since Bruce Castle left.

                        If I had to pick only one thing I could be a fan of forever, I'd have a hard time deciding between Simpsons or GL. If I had three, probably Doctor Who would be next. I've talked more about kaiju recently because there are more of you guys here and I'm new to the hardcore fandom, so I'm still learning.

                        Still, I'm probably a fan of too many things. The things I'm a fan of (like where I can keep up with the other fans) are:

                        Doctor Who
                        Star Trek
                        The Beatles
                        The Clash (and other Punk music)
                        Star Wars
                        Superman and other comics
                        James Bond
                        Kaiju (Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, et al)
                        Horror (well versed in slashers and werewolf lore)

                        Yep, too many things.


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                          That's cool. With Doctor Who, I am just now becoming more knowledgeable about it, but I use that term loosely, as the majority of what I've learned comes from the Doctor's Revisited documentaries going over each Doctor in some detail. I'm finding Who more interesting as of late, especially with the new Doctor that's about to come along, but we'll see where it goes. As, like yourself, I find myself having alot of varied interests.

                          That's cool about the Simpsons stuff though. I guess I'm more of a casual fan, though whenever a Season is put out on DVD/Bluray, it's always a 'must buy' for me. Perhaps not a hardcore fan, but atleast devoted.


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                            It would be interesting to see if anyone else here goes through this, but I find I take particular interest in one of the brands I'm a fan of, then that fizzles out and goes to the bottom of the list while something else comes to the front and so forth. So for instance, the time around Gfest makes me intensely interested in Godzilla. But since ST: Into Darkness came out I've been in a real Star Trek mood (re-watching the movies, reading the books, etc).

                            As we get closer to November and the 50th anniversary of DW, that will definitely rise to the top again.

                            Must be something obsessive in my personality because I remember even when I was a little kid being more intensely a fan of He-Man than my friends. I was the one who remembered Adam's mother was a human astronaut or Teela's is the sorceress and had to watch the re-runs every day.


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                              Hey Space Cop. Since you're a big Simpsons fan, can you tell me two things?
                              1) What's the name of the Scientist from the Show, with the big glasses
                              2) Where can I find merch about the Comic Book Guy and the Scientist? Or do you have stuff about them?


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                                If you wait a bit, LEGO will be releasing an all Simpsons line of Collectible minifigs sometime in the coming year, I think. Wouldn't be surprised if it had Comic Book Guy in it. If they do enough series, it will probably have Professor Frink (I think that's his name), too.