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Attention: Green Lantern Corps Bar Crawl in NYC

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  • Attention: Green Lantern Corps Bar Crawl in NYC

    What's up fellow GL Corps?! I'm new to the boards, so hey...But that has NOTHING to do with why I'm here. Honestly I've been searching around for a way to reach the fans about an idea I had recently and that is A GREEN LANTERN CORPS BAR CRAWL here in the great city of NYC. Now I have maybe 10 to 15 people interested in said Crawl, but I wanted to bring out some new people, make new friends, maybe new lovers, possibly make an enemy or two (when you mix Lanterns and Booze you just can't tell). Our basic premise is that we want everyone in a Green Lantern Shirt. Now you can go basic, but also I think it would be sweet to really spice up your look...the best part about being a Lantern is that it's tailored to YOU and not anyone else, so feel free to be creative. I will say that we prefer to just stick with Green (maybe we can do Sinsestro Corps in the future?). Also we're gonna try to find a way to provide rings (probably green glow stick rings, unless of course you have your own then RIGHT ON!). So what I'm asking is what's the general interest? If it's your thing groovy, if not..well hey no harm no foul...but come on invading the bars of NYC dressed up like a bunch of GLC, what's more badass than that? And who knows maybe this could be an eventual regular thing...maybe even keep it going until NY Comic Con in October?! Well, Drop me a line fellow fans and maybe we can start talkin' dates. Take care.

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    U should get in touch w/Old School; he's into doing things like that, but I *think* he likes them to be more Long Isle-local...........


    Originally posted by Andrew NDB
    Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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      Old school want to alternate between LI and NYC, not sure when the next one is planned. I be up for something around NYCC, some of us from here meet there last year.