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2011 Megacon Orlando,Fl NEED LOTS OF BLACK LANTERNS!!!

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    Your Costume is AWESOME!!
    that took talent, time & effort!

    Bring on CHAOS, bring on MY HAPPINESS, bring on rage ..Rage ..RAGE!!!

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      Your costume and pics came out great LanternGurl. Danny and Heather always go all out and Margie always looks great too especially as a Star Sapphire. You are right there with them in your costuming talents. Congrats.


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        Great work everyone !!! WOW !!! Would have loved to have been there this year, but had to work playing superhero to stranded motorists over the weekend instead ...


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          Originally posted by LanternGurl19 View Post
          thanks everyone! Im so glad you all like my outfit!

          And yes Ned and margie are the best at costuming. So is Danny and Heather( the superman and evil supergirl). Both couples go to LOTs of cons and have tons of different characters to dress as. My Idols I Was so happy that they too was thrilled with my costume. Heather wants to do a white/ black hawkgirl photoshoot with me some time!
          I've come across both at the Superman Celebration, but never at a con, strangely enough.

          The Sky is Waiting....


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            The Black Lantern Hawkgirl costume was fantasic!!! Congrats on a great job! I am bummed I missed it in person. The Star Sapphire costume and GL costume was amazing also.


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              THANKS EVERYONE!! for all the wonderful comments. I plan on doing a alpha lantern Boodikka, Soranik Natu, and jade
              " are you kidding, no one said this was gonna be easy"