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MAGFest 9-2011

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  • MAGFest 9-2011

    MAGFest 9
    This January I will be going to DC's most "no real theme" convention, MAGFest.
    Tickets are 40$, but you can pre register now so you're in the 6,000 person limit.
    I'll be doing a hella-lot around the place, and will be helping out some of the guests panelers, but come see me if you're there.

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    Hi there! My name's Nick and I help out with MAGFest. I noticed you guys had linked to us, so I figured I'd pop in to answer any questions you may have about the event. I see there isn't too much buzz going on in this thread, but please don't hesitate to ask any questions, as I'd love to help you guys get a group together to make it out this year. Also, our cap is 3000, not 6000, so badges are going quickly this year