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  • GGN Geek-Out Party

    Saturday, February 12 8:00pm - 11:00pm
    Houndstooth Pub in NYC
    It's been exactly one year since Geek Girls Network hosted the first party, a Tweet-Up, during the NY Toy Fair in 2010. The Tweet-Up was to give a chance for online friends to finally meet in person and spend some quality nerd time outside of the hustle and bustle of the convention. Since then, we've had many super fun events and have made so many friends on and off line!

    To celebrate our awesome community, which is now so much bigger than just Twitter, we're having another party!!

    The GGN Geek-Out Party will be on Saturday February 12th, 8:00 pm, at the Houndstooth Pub in NYC. Hang out with friends, make some new ones, and win some prizes from our pals over at Geek Cantina!
    Just so you know this isn't just for girls, I'm going and so are other guys (and girls too of course) so if your in or around NYC that weekend join the fun.

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    Since this is less then a week away.


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      Went, had a pretty good time, A-Train was there as well. Meet a lot of cool people. Here's a couple of lovely ladies Amber Love ( and Jill Pantozzi ( I meet...jealious...just kiddin' nothing happened...yet.


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        Had a pretty good time. Wish the venue area was a bit larger to allow for more walking and mingling but still cool.
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          Glad to hear it was a fun time.
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