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  • Boston/Yale

    May 24th to may 30th I will be in the boston area and going to a graduation at yale. i wanted to find about any places I should go.

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    The great thing about Boston is all you have to do is follow the freedom trail! and it takes you everywhere.

    It is a stripe of red bricks that goes all over the place

    We ate at the Oldest Pub in America which is on a corner that the trail goes by and was very good.

    It depends on what you like really and dont forget to check out Salem.
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      The Freedom Trail is a definate take, also you should try the Duck Tours. You ride on a military DUKW painted in different colors. They take you on a tour through downtown and actually drive into the Charles River. They used these to cart the Red Sox and Patriots through Boston after their championships.

      Check out Fanuel Hall, it's a little touristy but there are some nice pubs in the area, such as the Purple Shamrock, the Bell in Hand, etc. There are shops and a couple of historical places in the area, it's also near the waterfront, where the New England Aquarium is located.

      For walking, try the Beacon Hill area, the North End, Kenmore Square and Fenway Park. In Charlestown Navy Yard there is the USS Constitution, oldest active ship in the Navy, also near here is Bunker Hill monument. On the Boston Cambridge line is the Museum of Science.

      If you end up in Somerville during the day time, let me know by e-mail. Somerville borders Boston and Cambridge, and that's where I grew up and work.



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        Oh, by the way, stay out of Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, parts of South Boston. There is a nice area in Southie, Castle Island. There's an old fort, beaches, place to eat and you can watch low flying aircraft landing into Logan. Supposedly Castle Island was believed to be the inspiration to the Cask of Amontillado, at least that's what I had heard.


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          thanks for the advice we are not totally sure which part of boston wil will be in, Are there any good Comic stores I should hit up?


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            Like Jim said. Go to Salem. If you can. Salem is by far my most favorite city in Ma other than Boston. It's only like a half hour ride out from Boston. There is TONS to do there for sight seeing and activities like museums and shops and parks. Also one of the best comic shops North of Boston called Harrison's. It's expensive but it's awesome. They have everything.

            As for Boston itself. The museums are pretty cool. Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, The New England Aquarium. You'll want to go to Quincy Market and walk around all the shops and places to eat. The old Town Hall is there where the Boston Massacre took place, as well as the bar Cheers. There are millions of places to go and things to do in Boston.
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              definitely hitting cheers


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                hey jack do you live in or around boston? if so I like to meet and say hi.

                I plan to see the museum of science, and fenway park too


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                  also do you have a address for harrison's? I'll put it in me gps.


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                    Originally posted by Superlantern View Post
                    also do you have a address for harrison's? I'll put it in me gps.
                    There are 2 one in Medford & the original in Salem both great shops but I'm a little more biast to the Salem store as that is where Larry got his start.

                    252 ESSEX STREET
                    SALEM, MA 01970
                    (978) 741-0786

                    Meadowglen Mall
                    3850 Mystic Valley Parkway
                    Medford, MA 02155
                    (781) 391-6111

                    Another comic shop you should check out is

                    Webhead Enterprises
                    239 North Ave.
                    Wakefield MA 01880

                    They are my primary shop of choice & some of the best guys I've ever met run the place. And they just opened a $1.00 comic shop in the basement open on the weekends with some great finds to be had.

                    Plus Pat's place over in Reading about 10 minutes from Web Head is a great place as well & Pat has a slightly better selection of older comics than Web Head.

                    COMICALLY SPEAKING
                    575 MAIN ST
                    READING, MA
                    (781) 944-9636
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                      my hotel is in medford but I'll be going to salem too


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                        Yeah, I'd say hit up the one in Salem definately. The city itself kicks ass, and the "home" store for Harrison's is the best. It's big and they are always updating it. It's different everytime I go there now. Which is sadly only about once every three months because it's about a 40 min ride from where I live now. Just be careful, the store is ridiculously overpriced and you could end up selling your soul for shit in that store.

                        I'd like to say I'll be around. But I am kind of house hunting right now. Plus I work 3rd shift with alot of overtime lately. I would love to meet up say in Salem and go to Harrison's and show you around Salem. But I just don't think I have the time right now. It's been a real shitty and busy month for me.

                        Make sure you take lots of pictures and post em up here!


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                          awesome well I do think we are taking the mbta to salem from medford on wednesday. so i'll be checking harrisons out. I do plan to have my fiancee' there with me to regulate my spending.

                          If anybody from here ends up having time to hang out for a little bit pm me next week I'll be logging on to check out what everyone is doing.


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                            leaving at 5 am wish me luck


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                              made it safe and am currently in new haven CT