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Baltimore Comic Con 9/27 & 9/28/08 - GEOFF JOHNS, DARWYN COOKE, Bendis, and MORE!!!

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    Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
    I'm going Saturday

    I'll look at the schedule at the earliest opportunity. We need to figure out a time and meeting place for a GLC member get together!

    I'll be wearing my GLC MB T-shirt to make it easier to spot me, and I recommend that everyone else that has one do the same!


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      yeah uh I have to wear a specific shirt to get in actually I mean it's worth it I get in for free


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        Originally posted by GreenLanternGeek View Post
        yeah uh I have to wear a specific shirt to get in actually I mean it's worth it I get in for free
        I see. Well, that sounds like the sort of thing that might make it hard for you to have any free time to hang out with your buds from the MB.


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          no I'm not volunteering... my lcs has this deal that whoever wears this specific shirt gets in for free... I mean it cost me around $13 so I saved two bucks


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            Blah not gonna make it Jack sorry dude
            My Ketogenic Journey


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              aww that sucks jim


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                OK, so what we need is a time and place to meet up on Saturday (tomorrow). From going to Otakon back in July, I know that the Baltimore Convention Center is a GINORMOUS place. Without a pre-determined time and place to meet up, you'd never find each other.

                Thoughts? Suggestions?


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                  Ill be there, in a GL shirt. Couldn't find a babysitter so I'll be flying solo...will get to check out all that convention ass (LOL). That's probably the ONE place on Earth my wife would have a hard time believing I actually cheated on her.

                  See whoever's going tomorrow.

                  Names Joe by the way


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                    I'll be wearing some sort of GL shirt, might not be my GLCMB shirt, though, since it seems none of the others that are going will be wearing one.

                    I'll also be wearing my GL Corps symbol belt buckle, one of my GL power rings, and a black baseball cap with the GL Corps symbol on the front, and the words "Green Lantern" on the back.

                    And if I'm not in a panel discussion or other event, you'll most likely see me wearing these sunglasses, as well...

                    It's a little hard to tell in that picture, with the reflections in the lenses, but the mirroring is GREEN, natch!

                    We really need a time and place to meet up, or we'll never find each other, though. From 11 AM - 12:30 PM tomorrow (Saturday), Dan Didio will be having his discussion panel in the Oa Room (Room 307) so that might be a good place for everyone to meet up!

                    You can view the schedule of the rest of the panels HERE.

                    I plan to get there as close to 10 AM as I can manage, but I haven't heard anyone else say what time they'll be there.

                    I ALWAYS have my BlackBerry with me, AND I'm subscribed to this thread so that I get email alerts when a new post is made. If any of you see this post before heading to the con, post where and when you'd like to meet up, whether it's at Didio's panel, or somewhere else. As soon as you post, I'll know and I can plan accordingly. I don't know how I ever lived without my CrackBerry... having the internet in the palm of your hand is just far too useful to be without that capability anymore!

                    Anyway, I'm off to bed so I can catch a few Zs before I have to get up in a few short hours. Expect me when (if?) you see me!


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                      So you guys know I was the guy in the purple and green shirt lugging around a giant blue and gray trunk. It was fun, albiet a bit wet and very pact


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                        I was there. The weather was complete shit. Got a Jim Lee autograph, bought a ton of shit. I was the hispanic dude with the green GL shirt on (probably pushing you out of the way) Got a Superman V1 #4 and a GL V1 #4 ( the war cover).

                        Bought a Showcase #4 for 2K, guy forgot to mention the tape all over the inside of the book, went back and after some "nice" convincing, he gave me my money back.

                        All in all a good show. Couldn't find a Kilowog figure, so back to eBay for me.

                        This years Comic-Con in Baltimore gets 3 's out of 5 (minus one for the scumbag dealer and minus one for the amount of wet I was for most of the day.)


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                          I got a few back issues
                          Catwoman/Wildcat #1 & 3
                          Booster Gold Vol1 #2; 11; 17; 23
                          Batgirl #6; 8; 9; 15; 16; 21; 23; 30; 31 34
                          Bone 30; 36;37; Holiday Special
                          Patrick The Wolf Boy collection Vol 3

                          I got a bunch of sketchs
                          Johann Krauss~ Guy Davis
                          Bizarro Batman ~Eric Powell
                          Deadpool~ Franco
                          Skull & Scratch~ Scott Kurtz
                          Zorro~ Matt Wagner
                          Ninja Turtle~ Eric Larson

                          got two things of artwork
                          Joker & Harley Quinn~ Christopher Uminga
                          GABC #9 cover~ Cliff Chiang

                          PVP Skull doll

                          Sketch Books
                          Mignola More Drawings
                          Adam Hughes Hissy Fit
                          Adam Hughes Details Are a Tad Sketchy
                          Blindwolf Studios Presents... Shigwolf!

                          "I Am Batman" pins the Nightwing, Jason todd, Robin, Hush, and the Batman R.I.P ones
                          Flash rings
                          FDamily Guy playing cards
                          Discover Darck Horse 2008
                          DMZ 2008 convention exclusive
                          Top Cow Impailer/ Black Vault preview