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Megacon in Orlando Feb. 17th - 19th, 2012 - who is going?

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  • Megacon in Orlando Feb. 17th - 19th, 2012 - who is going?

    Is anyone planning to hit Megacon this year? Not as many comic book guest that I want to see this time around but I am still going.

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    After last year's crap. I am not bothering this year as I need might kill a anime yard with their cross or foam sword.


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      Im going...Im going to test out my "Yellow lantern Saw pigface" costume to see if any changes are needed before I wear it to Horror Hound in March..


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        I went to MegaCon 2012 only on Saturday the 18th. I went with my brother and nephew. This was me and my brother's third time going and my nephew's second. We always have a great time there. We took photos, but not a lot because we had to keep an eye on our nephew. We brought a bunch of TPBs from Apocalypse Comics. I buy comic books(TPBs) every month, but we go to MegaCon mainly to buy the 50% off TPBs there. They had some good deals and we saved a lot of money. Now I'll have to make time to read all of those TPBs.

        We also brought our family members some shirts and comic books from the con. Next year my sister, brother-in-law, and dad want to come to MegaCon 2013. I'll have to start saving some money for next year because I'd like to buy some comic book shirts for myself and to buy some comic book artwork.

        I was slacking on the photos this year, but I like taking photos of the Cosplay(sp?) there. It's pretty surreal to see fans dressed up as their favorite superhero/anime character/movie character/pop culture icon. I can tell the fans put a lot passion in making their costumes. I and my brother wear jeans and a comic book T-shirt everytime we've been to MegaCon. This year I wore my T-shirt with the GL emblem on it.

        One other interesting story was when we were waiting in Hall D or E of the convention center, my brother had his digital video camera on. He was filming everyone(mainly Cosplay) that was passing by and I spotted Stan Lee passing by. Stan was either going to his autograph signing or leaving it. He was walking with Jimmy Palmioti(sp?) I believe. They both were crowded with people coming in left and right. I told my brother twice that,"That's Stan Lee." He followed him with his camera as closely as he could but it was too crowded to keep up with Stan the man. My heart was racing so fast because that's the closest I've ever been to Stan Lee. My brother rewinded the camera to see the footage and sure enough that was Stan. The footage of Stan walking in the crowd was probably 5-10 seconds long. What surprised me was nobody noticed Stan Lee except me and my brother. I wanted to come up to him but he looked like he was surrounded by casually dressed bodyguards. I also wanted to shout ,"Hey it's Stan Lee," but I didn't want to cause a riot and I couldn't believe I was watching Stan Lee. That was an amazing and very surreal Con experience I'll never forget.
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