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Boston ComicCon: Sat-Sun April 21-22 2012

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  • Boston ComicCon: Sat-Sun April 21-22 2012

    Anyone here planning or interested in going to this?

    Here's the guest list:

    Peter Bagge
    Jeremy Bastian
    Joe Benitez
    Simon Bisley
    Stephanie Buscema
    Mark Brooks
    Talent Caldwell
    Jim Calafiore
    Eric Canete
    Keu Cha
    Jo Chen
    Jim Cheung
    Cliff Chiang
    Becky Cloonan
    Katie Cook
    Clayton Crain
    Geof Darrow
    Renae De Liz
    Todd Dezago
    Kevin Eastman
    Steve Epting
    Elizabeth Falk
    Matthew J. Fletcher
    Agnes Garbowska
    Michael Golden
    Daniel Govar
    Greg Horn
    Jamal Igle
    Ken Kelly
    Brian Kong
    Bob Layton
    Norman Lee
    Mike Lilly
    Kevin Maguire
    Alex Maleev
    Francis Manapul
    Clay Mann
    Ed McGuinness
    Mark McKenna
    Mark Morales
    Sean G. Murphy
    Phil Noto
    David Petersen
    Jason Pearson
    Joe Prado
    Jack Purcell
    Joe Quinones
    Khary Randolph
    Tom Raney
    Ivan Reis
    Sara Richard
    Paolo Rivera
    Craig Rousseau
    Stephane Roux
    Tim Sale
    Matteo Scalera
    Steve Scott
    Bill Sienkiewicz
    Joe Sinnott
    Thomas E. Sniegoski
    Arthur Suydam
    Marcio Takara
    Mark Texeira
    Ben Templesmith
    Jill Thompson
    Herb Trimpe
    Billy Tucci
    Christopher Uminga
    Dexter Vines
    Charles P. Wilson III
    Renee Witterstaetter
    Bernie Wrightson
    Skottie Young
    Chrissie Zullo

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    I'm interested, luck would have it, I think I'm going to be out of town for this.

    Stupid luck.


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      I might. Boston isnt too far from NYC and I have friends who live out there
      I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


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        Getting ready to leave to attend day 2 now!


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          Originally posted by Big Daddy Dave View Post
          Getting ready to leave to attend day 2 now!
          post pics man
          .................................................. ..........................

          Cnn = constant nasuating nonsense