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  • The Official Sac-Con Thread

    The last Sac-Con show I attended was pretty good. I regret not doing my diligence because Ron Lim was at the last show. It would have been cool to get a Thanos sketch. Still, there were cosplayers galore and tons of vendors with fairly decent deals and even a spot for gaming. They even have a Masquerade party at the end of the day. If you're into anime and/or cosplayers and you're in the area, this might be the show for you. I just might check this show out again since the last show was fun.

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    Sounds like a cool event. Hopefully no Japanese tourists show up.

    Anyway, there was a FanimeCon last weekend in San Jose and it looked like a pretty good turnout. I wanted to attend, but I had work, attend graduations, Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Party, Carnaval, and laundry last weekend.

    Here's some pics from FanimeCon 2012, San Jose, CA. Fair warning, there's a lot of Asians in these photos. The Japanese looking Catwoman looks like trouble.

    There were some video game cosplay

    There was Marvel Cosplay

    DC cosplayers represented too.

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      For anyone interested, I attended this show. I composed a mini blog about everything that went on. The link is in my signature. Deuces.


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        I attended this show over the weekend since I didn't have much going on.

        They had a few noteworthy guests attending and the price of admission was right at $6, and $4 if you pre-registered.

        It was a nice, little show, and plenty crowded!

        I arrived kind of late and paid for it. The line to get in was around the block... and it was blazing hot outside. It was about 100 degrees over the weekend.

        When I finally got to the front, I noticed Lord Vader was guarding the door.

        The convention floor was PACKED! It was difficult to navigate and seemed like a mini-WonderCon.

        There was a fair share of cosplayers attending this show. Towards the end, they have a Masquerade contest, but I've never stayed for it.

        The girl underneath this Deadpool mask was very attractive. I almost asked her to leave it off.

        These two are twins.

        Hynden Walch, the voice of Teen Titans Starfire was in attendance. Initially, I didn't have anything for her to sign so I just ask for her to smile at the camera.

        I found a poster lying around a bit later that featured a character she voiced, so I asked her to sign and she happily obliged.

        Jeffrey Combs, the guy who played several Star Trek characters and voiced the Question in JLU was in attendance.

        They had a Yugioh tournament and since I had my deck with me, I decided to give it a whirl. Low and behold, I kicked ass and took FIRST PLACE!! I went undefeated for 5 rounds and won 2-1 in the finals. For those that know Yugioh, I used Anti-meta Heroes and stomped 2 Dark World decks in the top 4. Here are my prizes:

        I grabbed this cool, 20" Ultraman for WAY cheap! I was stoked!

        I picked up Ares to complete my DCUC C&C Despero, and did NOT pay the sticker price. It's all about bargaining at these shows and I almost never pay the asking prices.

        Overall, this was a nice, fun, intimate show and completely affordable, unlike its affiliate show, Sac-Anime, that charges a whopping $30 for admission.

        I would have taken more photos, but I spent a good deal of time playing in the tournament. There were quite a few hotties walking around that weren't even wearing costumes. I almost asked a few for a snapshot just because. There was this one mixed girl (Black and White, I'm guessing) that had a beautiful, perfect, flawless face. I tried to sneak a paparazzi shot, but was foiled by the dense crowd. There was another lady in a Wonder Woman tee that had the longest, prettiest legs. Ah well...

        Since these shows are every three months or so, I will use this thread for all the updates and upcoming guests. The next show is sometime in December. Once the flyer is up, I'll post it here if anyone is interested.


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          it is buisness thread so use it.


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            Funny how some spammer bumped this thread. I just learned that there's a show this weekend. Winston from Ghostbusters will be in attendance, however, I don't think I'll be able to go. Got too much stuff going on.


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              Yeah, I see how you roll. Play on player.
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                *scratches head* What's that supposed to mean?


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                  It means you're out and about. Living life. Have other things going instead of Sac-Con.
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                    LOL! It's so hard to keep up with the slang these days... You kids!

                    I ended up going anyway, since my wife wasn't feeling good. I was a bit under the weather as well, but went anyway. Here are a few photos:

                    This girl was walking around with her ass hanging out most of the day. Her little briefs were up her butt and her cheeks were jiggling as she walked. I'm shocked nobody tried to cop a feel in a crowd. I wonder if she knew... Nah, she had to know from the breeze. It was chilly.

                    Robin Shelby, who voiced Slimer in the 2nd Ghostbusters was really nice and friendly.

                    Ernie Hudson was a really good guy. Too bad his handler was a bit of a prick. I wanted to get a snapshot with him, but they wanted $30 as a package deal: a signed photo and a digital pic with him.

                    As always, this was a nice, little show. The price of admission was right at $4 if you pre-registered, so you couldn't go wrong. I picked up a few DCUC figures on the cheap for customizing and played a bit of Yugioh while I was there. I went 4-1 and still didn't make the top 4, which kind of sucked, but ah well...


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                      JOHN DIMAGGIO

                      DC DOUGLAS

                      JIMMIE ROBINSON

                      THOMAS YEATES

                      RON LIM

                      NATE WATSON

                      ...and many more!



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                        Jimmie Robinson is a cool guy. Dude hooked me up with two free Bomb Queen TPBs at SDCC.
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                          Hmmm gonna try to talk the wife into going to this. Seems cool but we may just decide to save it all for SDCC.
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                          -Henry Adams


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                            They finally released the official online flyer:

                            I enjoy these shows and use them as a tune-up to the major conventions.


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                              Yeah, it cool to attend smaller shows and see if they grow as the years go by. I mean, the BigWow ComicFest in San Jose has grown since I first attended, as it was in a tin circus tent and now it's been move into the actual convention center.

                              Additionally, you get to see geek culture rule.
                              You just witnessed the strength of geek knowledge. N.W.A., Nerd With Attitude. Straight out of Vulcan!