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    I'm seriously reconsidering as well, even though I have badges. With the accumulated cost of any decent Gaslamp Hotel, badges and airfare for me and my wife, that's almost $2,000. Add in food, exclusives and taxi/shuttle costs and it only gets higher from there.

    I've been to SDCC about 12 times now, and I'd rather do something else. After plastron's ringing endorsement, I'm really itching for DragonCon, but aside from the Coke factory, there's nothing else there worth seeing.


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      Just as a warning about DragonCon: the hotels are already booked solid.
      So if you're serious about attending, keep your eyes peeled on the website for news about potential hotelspace.


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        Originally posted by TheGoatLantern View Post
        Wait why not?
        I am trying to be good this year and get back on track financially. I'm really bad with money and am trying to be better about that. Gonna focus on paying back school so I can eventually apply to a new school. And like Sylent has said in the past with the cost of just the plane, hotel, food, tickets, and whatever merch you plan or didn't plan to purchase I can do at least two different vacations. And of course there's the drama of the roomies and I trying to GET tickets. I also have some other places I would like to try to visit over the next year or two. I feel a year off will be good for me to get myself in order. I may still go to San Diego this year but probably not for Con.
        I LOVE conspiracy theorists. They are like human versions of the cymbal clapping, dancing monkeys. No one takes them all that seriously and they get bored with them after about 10 minutes.


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          Well that sucks. Who the hell am I going to smoke with? Who's going to catch me up on books? Who is going to keep my sanity in the booth? Always thinking of yourself A

          For reals though I get the reasons gonna miss you this year

          She blinded me with SCIENCE!


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            you guys suck. I'm planning on going!


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              I totally understand the reasons why A-Train decided not to go to SDCC. At some point I'll stop attend SDCC as well.

              And go for you, West! Glad to hear you're going to make it to SDCC.
              You just witnessed the strength of geek knowledge. N.W.A., Nerd With Attitude. Straight out of Vulcan!


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                This is the last year of my professional badges because of the comic strip.
                Where it was sign up and get them before, now even professionals have to go into the dreaded waiting room when it opens. If I get them, great. If not, Im ok with that. Ive never really traveled before. So if SDCC shuts me out, I want to try for C2E2. Ive never been to Chicago and there are so many things I want to do, I may just go for a week.



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                  That's a great idea. I went to C2E2 a few years ago and enjoyed the event as alot of people from the surrounding Midwest states come by for the event. Chicago is a great place if you're a foodie.
                  You just witnessed the strength of geek knowledge. N.W.A., Nerd With Attitude. Straight out of Vulcan!


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                    Im fat. So I guess that qualifies as a foodie

                    C2E2 this year is a no go as it coincides with Stephen Amell (Arrow) wine mixer party in Washington state. But, maybe Wizard World Chicago. I know its not as small press friendly, but still a good excuse to go to Chicago


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                      Any excuse to travel somewhere new is a good excuse. The weather for Wizard World Chicago should have better weather than C2E2. You never know what the weather will be like in Chicago early spring. If you go, definitely try Garrett's popcorn and don't put ketchup on your hot dog. They might think you're from Wisconsin and a Packers fan. Something that won't probably find in a travel book.
                      You just witnessed the strength of geek knowledge. N.W.A., Nerd With Attitude. Straight out of Vulcan!


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                        Here we go

                        Comic-Con International is pleased to announce that Open Online Registration is finally here! Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) on Saturday, February 21, 2015.

                        The EPIC Registration landing page will open at 8:00 AM (PT) for you to enter your personal registration code and authorize your device to enter the waiting room.

                        You can find your registration code by logging in to your Member ID account and selecting the “Registration Info” tab.

                        The link to the EPIC registration landing page will be sent to you via email at least 24 hours prior to the start of the sale. We suggest you add and as an approved/authorized sender to your email account.

                        You must authorize your registration code prior to 9:00 AM (PT) on February 21. The waiting room will close to new entrants at 9:00 AM (PT) sharp.

                        Are you wondering what a registration code is? Confused about why there are two different opening times? Trying to buy badges for others? For answers to these questions and others, we strongly encourage you to read the Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration instructions at:

                        You can also find important registration information and helpful tips on Toucan, the Official Blog of Comic-Con International, WonderCon.

                        Please keep in mind that there are far more eligible attendees than available badges. Entry to the EPIC Registration waiting room does not guarantee you a badge. Thank you for your continued support and good luck!

                        Comic-Con International


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                          Once again, this is ridiculous.

                          Last year, they had non refundable hotel reservations go up before badge purchases. So you took the chance of puting a few hundred down before you even knew you had a badge.

                          This year, open Reg is before professional/press badge Reg. So, if I try and get my professional badge and miss out, it will be too late, as regular registration will already be done.

                          Just making my decision easier


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                            It'll depend on when Hotel registration starts. If I had to I guess, it will be a few weeks after the dust settles for regular badge registration.

                            Last year's order made no sense with Hotels going on sale before people even knew if they had badges. I'm glad they at least cleared that up.


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                              Good luck to everyone trying to score badges tomorrow.
                              You just witnessed the strength of geek knowledge. N.W.A., Nerd With Attitude. Straight out of Vulcan!


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                                I'd planned on trying to help a friend of mine out by trying to score a pass for her during tomorrow's open reg, but it would appear that my success/luck during pre-reg disqualifies me from participating tomorrow.