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    Another year, another debacle.

    Anyone else get tickets?

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    I logged in for kicks and giggles and could never get past the initial screen. I kept getting some kind of error, and apparently, so did a great many of others.

    Just as a FYI, you need to go here and not the NYCC website to get to the virtual queue.

    From the get go, fans who stood by their laptops were redirected to the queue where they all were given a virtual number -- of sorts. However, as time went by fans became increasingly aware that the time for them to get a chance to purchase passes may not happen.

    Fans began complaining of long wait times and when it was finally time for the New York Comic-Con ticket purchase their session time out with some fans losing their turns on line.

    It’s an unfortunate problem as many who tried to purchase San Diego Comic-Con 2015 tickets know all too well. But with the growing popularity of New York Comic-Con, the ticket purchasing experience will become more and more like that unless Reed Pop fixes the issues -- like adding more servers.
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      I logged in and waited. Sometimes when the screen would refresh I'd get an error message, but since the url at the top remained the same, I just kept waiting. Hitting F5 every now and again for good measure. Lo and behold every now and again the page would load correct.

      I got into the Purchase area six times in the course of two hours.
      Five of the six times I would purchase, click NEXT to enter my credit card information, only to get another error screen...and that's where my session would sit until my purchase window expired.

      Four of the five times I missed out on 4-day passes for me and three friends.
      The fifth time it was day passes for the whole weekend. And the final and sixth time we just decided we'd only go one day...and that's the purchase that went through.

      While I'm disappointed I didn't get the weekend passes I'd claimed four times in a row, I do feel better about not giving this organization more of my money. So there's that.


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        I was able to get around the constant erroring out by using a https connection instead of a http one, however I still had to wait in the queue for about a hour and 40 minutes. By the time I got in all the 4 day and 3 day passes were sold out but since it's going to be my girlfriend's first con we ended up biting the bullet and paying for individual tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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          Have fun to those of you who are fortunate enough to attend this year's NYCC. I'll just be following things on the Twitters and Instagrams.
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            X-Files panel here I come. Lucked out a bit since everyone was lining up for the Marvel Netflix one instead.


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              Originally posted by Hypo View Post
              X-Files panel here I come. Lucked out a bit since everyone was lining up for the Marvel Netflix one instead.
              let us know in the xfiles thread i made in general please !
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