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  • Green Lantern Corps -the RPG- "Road to Revenge"

    The world has changed.... into a points system! Choose your stats well as it will have a lasting impact on how your characters progress throughout the game. Stats include:

    Willpower [Or another emotion]- this is your efficiency with your ring
    Focus - this is your character’s mental state, how dumb or smart they are with the ring
    Creativity - this is how many attack constructs you have
    Physical Strength - your characters strength/durability that can now be adjusted.
    Health - willpower [or other] + focus + physical strength

    Everybody starts off with 16 points to work with. One stat point is gained every 10 posts in-character. Attacks will all take 1 health point for characters with strength between 1-3 and 2 points for 4-6. Basic moves for all include beams, force spheres, and a basic shield. A “signature construct” is awarded at 21 posts in-character. Profile Cards and micros awarded after 10 posts in-character after ‘training.’

    *Note* Characters with average human like strength would be no greater than two. Superman level strength would be a 6 with Kilowog’s being 4 and Hannu at 5. Strength can be no higher than 6 points.

    Rank is your position in the Corps:

    Level 1: Poozer (1-10 posts) 16 points
    Level 2: Rookie (11-20 posts) 17 points
    Level 3: Patrolman(21-30 posts) 18 points and Signature move
    Level 4: Green Lantern (31-40 posts) 19 points
    Level 5: Veteran (41-50 posts) 20 points

    At your 41st post you'll have your 5 extra stat points all gained. Now what follows will be similar to your Lantern becoming a 25 point "General." For every 25 posts after your first 50 you can award a stat point to one of two stats: Creativity or Health. An extra construct or an extra health point, only you can decide. This will go into....

    Level 6: Honor Guard Recruit(51-75 posts) 21 points
    Level 7: Honor Guard (76-100 posts) 22 points
    Level 8: Senior Lantern(101-125 posts) 23 points
    Level 9: Alpha Lantern(126-150 posts) 24 points
    Level 10: General(151-175 posts) 25 points

    Level 10 players will have the option of a job on Oa [or other Corps home-world] or Honor Guard-like status that will help the flow of the game more directly and occasionally use NPCs.

    Jobs include:
    Medical StaffConstruction/Demolition
    Teacher/Drill Instructor
    Mess Hall Staff/Hunters

    Here are a couple of examples of different GL's who are totally different. After this example most of the NPC bosses will be level 10's unless noted, Kyle and Hannu’s will both be adjusted accordingly in the Profiles thread.

    Kyle Rayner Level 5

    willpower: 6
    focus: 5
    creativity: 7
    physical strength: 2
    health: 12

    signature construct: mecha robots (complete)

    constructs: mecha fists, dragons, sumo wrestlers, godzilla, ninja monkies, Col. Sanders and a chicken army, shogun warrior

    Hannu Level 4

    willpower: 7
    focus: 7
    creativity: 0
    physical strength: 5
    health: 18

    signature construct: meteor shower (see Sin War)

    constructs: none, ring is a last resort and only used for flying and projecting force spheres

    To be continued....

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    The rest of the rules are roughly the same as before....


    Format And Guidelines
    Format and Game Flow

    Chapters will begin once every 2 to 3 weeks. These are larger parts of the whole story told from a 3rd person narrative view and should act as the guide-lines for your posts afterwards. Elaborate on what I give you. The Chapters will basically be a quick summary of what's happening in the world around you. Myself and a another player I deputize will act as Game Masters [or GM's] to keep the story rolling forward. The GM's will also set-up the NPC's like the Guardians and Willpower Entity [I refuse to call the whale Ion] and introduce any new threats to any situation.

    In Character Chatter will be something else we're gonna try working into the game. Not every hero will be in the field, as I've said earlier, and entire plot lines revolve around a select few characters. This is where the ICC comes into play. Any heroes not in the field should be encouraged to ICC and ping-pong post back and forth to have conversations about your characters histories or past adventures. It's the same as regular dialog it just takes place between multiple players themselves. You can do this while hanging around Oa, a Sector House, or while on your way to the next battle. "ICC" should be the heading of any conversation you have in the works like with "Post" and "Chatter", be sure it is clear who you're addressing be it single character or group.

    Label each post accordingly as either "Post," "Chatter" [this is out of character to plan or whatever], or "ICC." This makes it easier for GM's to sort through your posts and plans and come up with a way to start the next Chapter to include everybody.

    Hero & Villain Quests will also be something new for individual character development. This is the story of a single player’s Lantern told in 4 posts. Other Lanterns can get in on the story if it isn’t a flashback but are also limited to 4 posts. These mostly solo missions won’t need to involve any stat based battles except for maybe one with an enemy that has drastically effected your characters history, but it would have to be done throughout the 4 posts. Use a “Hero Quest” or “Villain Quest” tag like any other tag when on your mission. I will work with players on the direction of their quests if needed.

    Guide Lines/Suggestions

    1.) Posts should be no less than 5 sentences and less than 420 words total [actually 400 with a 20 word grace limit]. Posts less than 5 sentences will not be added to post counts! Players are encouraged to use the ICC whenever possible. If you're in a creative slump and can't think of any action ICC away! There are two larger stories within this game, you'll all have your time to shine. Challenge yourself! Don’t just deal with what I give you, add on, make it difficult for your hero and the team.
    2.) Don't stray from the over-all story. If you'd like to throw in a plot line or villain outside of a Hero/Villain Quest PM me and we'll discuss the ideas. There will be multiple villains however, with plenty of canon characters to be beaten on as well as super villains to continue developing with current continuity. Missions will be given out and then other things will stem from them like intros for villains and such.
    3.) Any complaints or concerns regarding the way the game is played, or other players should be sent directly to me, not posted on the thread. I can’t stress that one enough. Questions on what to do, or what direction to go can be posted on the thread, or sent to me directly. Also, please let me know if you have problems posting or if you will be absent for any longer than 2 chapters or roughly 4 weeks.
    4.) Communicate! Get to know your peers and fellow fans of the GLC. Plan actions together through PM's or general Chatter, as well as the ICC. This game will give you the opportunity to develop your character's personality as well as your reputation on the boards.
    5.) Another new addition will be earning your badge. This is done simply by sticking with the game through ten posts in the game. Give your character his/her/it's own voice before you get a badge and sector. Then we'll introduce the villains and develop larger plots slowly. This is a lazyman's game.
    6.) On Oa and when on missions players can use NPCs to a minimal degree. One or two lines of dialog and a small action at tops. This will keep Kilowog on Oa for every single noob out there needing whipped into shape and set up dialog for others. In the beginning, don't be surprised to see yourselves partnered with each other after you get your badges!


    You get all that in there? I know it's a lot to take in but in the end I believe it's gonna be one hell of a ride. Threats will have more health than every single player and promote team-work and partnering up with other players to achieve your goals. Battles will be limited to 4 hits either way per post with no back to back posting. Once you begin a battle let the rest of the players have a chance to respond before completely destroying them, unless you're using the "ICC" option and requesting back-up or something.

    Available Lanterns are: Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Sapphires.... I'll post the begining chapter tommorow as well as my characters stats and first post in-character. Anybody returning from the last several games will be awarded Level 3 Patrolman status and their signature construct with a 20 post head start. People already chosen as Honor Guard will begin at level 5 with a 40 post head start. Everybody else will report to the 'Wog. Any questions PM me, I'm usually off on weekends if you wanna catch me online....

    Ωmega Man
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      And also....


      Go ahead and start labeling posts accordingly. Of course I'm gonna have to redo some stat cards but the move will weed out the players who've come and gone.

      And I'm only gonna say this once:

      Multiple Screen Names and Accounts are against forum rules. It's a waste of my time and not fair to the players who've devoted their time to developing a single character. If suspected of using multiple accounts you will be reported.

      We lost a total of 6 characters to 1 troll. I'm not in this to entertain 4 or 5 people with multiple accounts, I'm in it to make friends and have fun creating characters together in the world of the Green Lanterns with as many fans as possible.

      As always Shingo Wol is my deputy GM and I'd like to announce that poster/player supercoolcasey will also be promoted to deputy GM to help with the darker side of the universe. The 3 of us will begin with our stats maxed out at level 10, as well as Irongreen if he's paying attention since he has nearly taken control of the Sinestro Corps with his Cult of Parallax.



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        CHAPTER 1 INTRO: Betrayal


        Sector 0, Oa

        Another day in the lives of the Green Lanterns passes by. New rookie Lanterns touch down on Oa for the first time as other seasoned Lanterns continue their business before leaving on new missions or a tour of duty in their home sectors.

        Warrior’s Bar

        Guy Gardner wakes up from the bar he’s sleeping on in an instant, as if plagued by a nightmare. The symbol of the Red Lanterns is in his eyes

        Lantern Barracks

        Aieg R’ Ene stands in the room of his best friend Flair. Now inhabiting the body of Flair until his severe wounds heal and his brain recovers from trauma, he can’t seem to take his eyes away from Flair’s old helmets. On a shelf sat his red and white helmet from the Throneworld Royal Guard as well as his black and green helmet he wore as a Green Lantern.

        “Your friends and family must know what has happened to you. Throneworld is now called New Rann, but I hope after everything that’s happened with Lady Styx in that sector.... your family will understand why you weren’t there to protect them. Brainiac is still out there....” muses the energy man in the body of the Throneworld soldier.

        Sector 1417, Korugar

        “Lantern Caveat, report. What is the cloaked Sinestro saying to the others?” says Soranik Natu, now called Lady Sinestro.

        The Sinestro Corps is becoming divided as the remaining two Cult of Parallax members are getting the respect of several dozen members of the Corps.

        Sector 666, Ysmault

        “And what do we get in return for making the Guardians suffer, are you not a Guardian yourself?” asks Inviticos to a large shadowy figure.

        “Once upon a time I helped the Guardians. They never treated me like an equal.” she begins.

        “And they never treated him as an equal either did they?” Inviticos adds.

        “The Guardians will pay for what they have brought into this universe. In return we will give you the entity called Ophidian.” says the amazon female Guardian Lianna removing a cloak.

        “And what of the entity called Ion?” Inviticos asks with blood pouring out of his mouth.

        “My master has his own plans for the creature....” she says with a smile flying off.

        Sector 2682, Odym

        Orange Lanterns from across the universe claim land across the globe as their own as Sayd hovers in front of the new Central Power Battery for the Oranges. At the top of waterfall and resting on a cliff she thinks to herself....

        “One day Ophidian you WILL be mine. If I have to send 7200 Orange Lanterns to trap you inside of a battery once more, so be it!”


        Reds - Talk amongst yourselves and casey go ahead and take the lead. I’ll create a GL enemy with stats to face when a few more players post some updates stats.

        Sinners - Continue picking sides. Will you stand with Lady Sinestro or the Cult of Parallax?

        Sapphires - Sendrina can do her Hero Quest now and attempt to find Frex. Indigo-3 you’re still in a Sciencell with some other players!

        Oranges - claim your piece of land on Odym! Soon you will receive your first missions....

        GL’s - Noobs report to Kilowog for training, everybody else you know the drill. Find something to write about on Oa in the Hospital, Cafeteria, Hall of Great Service, etc.... I’m probably gonna do a Hero Quest soon as well.

        No posting here until we get completed stats from you in the profiles thread!

        GAME ON!



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          "Does Anyone have Anything To Say About The Arrangement? Choose your Answer Wisely." Boomed the Voice of Inviticous.

          "Oh me me me! Pick ME!" Blashron suggested ecstatically.

          "I Know I'm Going To Regret This But... What is it Blashron?"

          "Well i have an idea about my uniform. I was thinking I could change the color to mauve or something and-"

          "No You Raving Nut! I Mean About The Deal With The Guardians!"

          "But Mauve is a shade of red- Oh fine. Well in my opinion I say we go ahead and just fight. We were going to attack the guardians eventually anyway but this way we get something extra out of it."


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            As The Iron Terror surveyed his troops, he noticed the Captain seemingly not paying attention. Captain, will come over hear. There is something I wish to tell you. The captain walked over and said Yes General and before he could speak again, The Iron Terror punched his upper right fist through the Captain. Take this to your after life, never drop your guard The Iron Terror threw down The Captain. Now the rest of you, prepare for battle. We have a corps to take over


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              look kid iidk if u got my msg but i said it wasnt mine and i wasnt gunna use ur charecters i was guna do a whole diff story, i liked the stat system nothing else here is as good as urs and i fealt like i was hated at urs since you put us on blast. and now you have accused me of stealing your story here, in public when i already said it aint original its from a sucsessful rpg on a diff site. And i already put i got banned wich i figured i was since erics acct got deleted. an he wasnt even the one. i was the one, im the bad guy and he got deleted. You blasted me out in public twice man. shit, i was guna do what i thought was better on here and do my own ideas. i like yours but every person is intitled to there oppinion and i figured i wanted to do it alittle diff. Same stat system etc. i was just too lazy to type basicly the same thing you wrote for rules an stats so i copy and pasted and changed a couple things. but damn y cant you keep anything to a pm? you dont know that i gave you credit? you dont know i didnt you just wanamake me look bad and bust me out to everybody. Thats fucked up. you wana write me somthin rippin me a new asshole do it privatly and i guarentee all this wouldnt have happened. but you had to bust me out and start accusin, u shuda jus asked an idafukin told you buddy, ida listened cuz iv known you for a while on here. you asked me to delete this and i woulda but you alwise have to go public. wtf. now ppl dont wana play here and everybody at glc hate me especialy casy, now i have nowhere to go cuz you couldnt have just asked before you flipped. for fuking christs sake kid i woulda just fuking told you if you woulda asked me, then erics profile got deleted of all of them after i tryd to prove we are bros and fear is his profile he got deleted. your ashamed of me dude? thanks for ruining a 14yrolds fun cuz you couldnt ask a question before you made yourown answer


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                Rekker, after getting a could be better sleep in the barracks, thought of what he could do today.

                ''I will find your killer soon, mother.''

                Then Rekker said

                ''Im' SOOOOOO bored'' Said rekker

                And then....

                ''Master Rekker'' Said Navi Scaring Rekker

                ''Yes, Navi'' Said Rekker after falling out of the bed

                ''Might I suggest that before you go to find you mother's killer, that you go for some extra training with Kilowog'' Suggested Navi

                ''You know'' Said Rekker ''That is actually a good idea''

                Then Navi interrupted Rekker...

                ''But before you do, I suggest you get some breakfast''

                ''Okay then'' Said Rekker

                Rekker Suited Up And went to the cafeteria for breakfast


                Does anyone see the How I Met Your Mother reference

                Originally posted by Avatar Aang
                When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.


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                  "I wonder how long I've been here..." Tellus thought to herself as she started pacing in her cell. "How can I get free?" Tellus pondered.

                  "Excuse me!" Tellus yelled trying to attract one her capters.
                  "I have a question for you..." Tellus continued as she still paced in her cell.
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                    (NPCs) GLs Voz & Keltan Drell


                    Sector 0, Oa


                    "I'll be glad when the soundproof upgrade is installed to these cells. After what went on with that Red Lantern escaping during the Blackest Night.... I wouldn't care if the Guardians issued death sentences again." the bear-like Lantern says to himself flying by the Sapphire's cell.

                    Lantern Barracks

                    Aieg R' looks in a mirror in Flair's bathroom.

                    "We'll get through this, Flair. Just be strong...." he speaks to the mirror.

                    On his way out the Lantern flies in the human form towards the mess hall.

                    "I wonder what having real organs and senses will be like? Even though Flair isn't home right now doesn't mean I can't take his body out and enjoy it in the ways he would...." Aieg R' thinks entering the cafeteria by foot.

                    Sector 1417, Korugar

                    The new Green Lantern of Korugar lays in a run-down police station of sorts shakled by yellow energy. His ring is floors beneath him dropped down a hole that goes through five stories by a Sinestro. The last Korugan female Keltan attempted to save was not shackled but thrown into the cell with him. The noise outside grows louder.

                    "I will.... I will save you. And.... the rest... of the world..." he mutters before passing out once again.



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                      Natal is flying in the sky as a yellow ring goes whizzing past his head. As he looks down to where it could have came from, he watches Iron Terror tossing a body to the ground. His tail cracks a few times as he speeds away. On his flight out of the small city he is in, he uses his ring to get in contact with his 'Mistress'.

                      "Ok ring. I need you to deliver a message to Mistress Sinestro..."

                      He left a message telling her about what he just witnessed and pledging his loyalty to her and the Sinestro Corps.


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                        Inviticos speaks to the red lanterns. "Prepare yourselves my lanterns. We will head for OA shortly and tear down the guardians." Atrocitus kneels before Inviticos "Allow me to go with you my lord I have unfinished business with the guardians." Inviticos replied "No you stay here your job is too finish training the new lanterns." "But Invit..." Inviticos grabbed Atrocitus by the throat "Do not make me repeat myself."


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                          Dener awakens from slumber, a cold sheen of sweat covering his brow.

                          He has had another nightmare, another one about the Sinestro named Stogh.

                          It would appear the psychic remnants of that attack plague him still.

                          "Ridiculous." He mutters. "Utter tripe."

                          He wills on his uniform and departs, eager to see what the day will bring.


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                            "Well, since we're going into battle soon, we should probably put ourselves into a mental state fit for battle. Think of some our greatest failures, this will empower us with rage." Blashron said to his other selves.

                            "What about that time you were ordered to kill that knight. What was his name? Oh yeah, Dener Brecillian."

                            "Oh, I remember that. That was a complete disaster. I mean, who would have imagined the village to just, burst into flames like that?"

                            "You ended up, missing the target, killing tons of civilians, and, he almost killed you once he saw you. NOT exactly a sound operation."

                            "Lucky for me he also follows a code of honor. Well, that pisses me off just thinking about it, that a freakin' fancy knight follows a moral code just like an assasin like me. I hate irony. Now my blood is boiling!!!"

                            "Huh, funny how something as simple as a code of honor and failed assasination attempt sparks this kind of rage."

                            "Shut up you insolent fool!!!"

                            "You don't own me!! I can do whatever I want!!!"

                            The two personas duked it out for a while until, on the outside Blashron just seemed to be unusually quiet and serious, while on the inside he was a spiralling whirpool of hate and destruction.

                            This post isn't exactly one of my better writings, but it's assurance that my character will be serious for once.
                            Major Force's Dinner Date
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                              Sector 0 ,Oa Sciencells

                              It seemed Zar had nothing to live for anymore,he had killed the rage within him long ago with the death of the sinestro who conquered his planet.
                              His imprisonment while wearing the red ring was more of a good thing than a bad thing,with the various corps members around him in other cells they influence his power ring and his rage had depleted to an all time low almost perfectly calm....

                              If only it was that easy ,at every happy calm thought Zar had his rage took over destroying the thought he countered them with uncontrollable rage of memories.

                              At the chance Zar gets he shouts to Salaak passing by.
                              "I can think clearly,my mind at ease,you green lanterns green lantern can help me ...CaN't YoU!!!!! AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH"
                              He begins breathing heavily falling to his knees screaming,clutching his head as if he were going insane.