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  • The Green Lantern Corps RPG

    Chatter ---

    I've been informed that some of the members are a little intimitdated to join the current RPG - so here is a new one for RPG Noobs.

    KidLantern will be the GM, he will be posting rules and such shortly and I will Mod the game to keep the game within the rules.

    Please remember that giant posts are rarely read all the way through.

    Kid - the ball's to you.
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    Format And Guidelines
    Format and Game Flow
    Chapters will begin once every 2 weeks. These are larger parts of the whole story told from a 3rd person narrative view and should act as the guide-lines for your posts afterwards. Elaborate on what I give you. The Chapters will basically be a quick summary of what's about to happen. It's up to you to make it happen, but stick to the story. Myself and a Mod will act as Game Masters [or GM's] to keep the story rolling forward. The GM's will also set-up the NPC's like the Guardians and Willpower Entity [I refuse to call the whale Ion]and introduce any new threats to any situation.

    In Character Chatter will be something else we're gonna try working into the game. Not every hero will be in the field, as I've said earlier, and entire plot lines revolve around a select few characters. This is where the ICC comes into play. Any heroes not in the field should be encouraged to ICC and ping-pong post back and forth to have conversations about your characters histories or past adventures. It's the same as regular dialog it just takes place between multiple players themselves. You can do this while hanging around Oa, a Sector House, or while on your way to the next battle. "ICC" should be the heading of any conversation you have in the works like with "Post" and "Chatter", be sure it is clear who you're addressing be it single character or group.

    Label each post accordingly as either "Post," "Chatter" [this is out of character to plan or whatever], or "ICC." This makes it easier for GM's to sort through your posts and plans and come up with a way to start the next Chapter to include everybody.

    Guide Lines/Suggestions

    1.) Posts should roughly be between 1-2 paragraphs long not including dialog. Players are encouraged to use the ICC whenever possible. If you're in a creative slump and can't think of any action ICC away! There are two larger stories within this game, you'll all have your time to shine. Challenge yourself! Don’t just deal with what I give you, add on, make it difficult for your hero and the team.
    2.) Don't stray from the over-all story. If you'd like to throw in a plot line or villain PM me and we'll discuss the ideas. There will be multiple villains however, with plenty of canon characters to be beaten on as well as super villains to continue developing with current continuity.
    3.) Any complaints or concerns regarding the way the game is played, or other players should be sent directly to me, not posted on the thread. Questions on what to do, or what direction to go can be posted on the thread, or sent to me directly. Also, please let me know if you have problems posting or if you will be absent for any longer than a week.
    4.) Communicate! Get to know your peers and fellow fans of the GLC. Plan actions together through PM's or general Chatter, as well as the ICC. This game will give you the opportunity to develop your character's personality as well as your reputation on the boards.
    5.) Another new addition will be earning your badge. This is done simply by sticking with the game through five posts in the game. Give your character his/her/it's own voice before you get a badge and sector. Then we'll introduce the villains and develop larger plots slowly. This is a lazyman's game.
    6.) On Oa and when on missions players can use other characters to a minimal degree. One or two lines of dialog and a small action at tops. This will keep Kilowog on Oa for every single noob out there needing whipped into shape and set up dialog for others. In the beginning, don't be surprised to see yourselves partnered with each other after you get your badges!

    I'll get to the first chapter and my first post tomorrow after work [I get off @ 7], but anybody feel free to introduce your Lanterns. Just use the tags!....

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      Chapter 1



      The Green Lantern Corps are seen healing their wounds in a med lab with Doctor Soranik Natu of Korugar, from space sector 1417. Crisis after crisis and war after war, the Corps is always in a state of rebuilding. In a war with the Controllers countless lives were lost in battle as well as countless damage done to the structures of Oa. When the Guardians returned to their private quarters, Salakk relayed orders to the remaining vets.

      "Kilowog, the newest batch of recruits have entered Oan airspace and are making their way through our shields now. Welcome them the way you always do." Salakk instructs.


      A young man with a receding hair line wakes from his sleep. He has had nightmares of humanoid children whispering in his ears. “Kill the one who wields the ring of power and your dreams will all come to pass...” they say. Buar Tem is a brilliant scientist whom has an interest in the native Sodam Yat who wields a ring and power far beyond other Lanterns. But strangely, Sodam Yat is not the first ring-bearer seen by Buar. It is the Xudarian Sinestro Corps member Romat Ru....


      This pretty much sets the game up like the last one. Work off of Kilowog and make your introductions guys! I had to tweak some stuff for Buar Tem's origin but this will turn into something I know you guys will enjoy. I'll post as Kyle soon to get another threat involved somewhere. If I can find him [hint hint].



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        Kyle Rayner


        Kyle Rayner makes his way around Oa checking out all of the damage done in the last big battle. He notices the 'Wog meeting up with some new Lanterns and flies on by towards a less occupied piece of land miles away from the Central Battery and the Lantern's in training.

        "I hope Kilowog takes it easy on this bunch. The last few rookies barely made it out alive when Oa was attacked again. I think only about 4 or 5 from Kilowog's last 'class' survived. I need some time alone out here.... Kyle says to himself when he's quite surprised to see a face from his past.

        "Kyle Rayner, is that you?" the female Lantern asks.

        "Is that.... it can't be! Anya?!?" Kyle asks looking back at the gorgeous Russian female who was once a member of Kyle's New Corps.

        "Lantern John Stewart found me and Garl dropping a criminal off at Roundaway and offered us a place in the reborn Corps. Anyway, I just stopped by to say hello to you, I must go and help Kilowog with the training of new recruits." she says flying off.

        The Training Field

        "Alright poozers, THIS is where the fun starts. A lot of you may not like me much now, but when I show you how to make whatever you see inside whateva passes for a brain in your body you'll thank me! Now fall in line!" Kilowog instructs.


        Ok, so as far as introductions go it's as easy as that. Players can use any Lantern in current continuity except for Salakk, Natu, Sodam, and the 'Wog, as well as the Guardians. Or they can simply create their own. After you receive your badges and sectors I'll create a random alien Lantern as your partner to bust heads with, see die in battle, or whatever floats your boat. You can see the first few posts in the other RPG for excellent examples by folks like MarkPoa and ShadowLantern.

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          B'ox falls out of line, and flies off.


          "Go F yerself, Woggy. I survived through the war and am still here. I don't need you."
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            Oa:The Training Field

            A young female Cadet stands in line. She notices the other cadet's glances and knows why they are staring. They have never saw her Species before or a mixed one at that. She is half Forerunner and half Vuldarian. Her Father was a Vuldarian warrior that had come across her mother who was a Forerunner on a mission for the Monitors. They fell in love and left the Monitors and the Vuldarian Empire to raise their daughter and keep her safe. She and her family was always fighting for their lives and on the run from both the Tormocks and the Monitors. Her name is Nightclaw. She is a fierce warrior by DNA and she is now a cadet of the Green Lantern Corps.

            "What are you doing here cadet." Kilowog yells.

            "I'm here to be the best Green Lantern in the Corps sir." she replies back, at attention.

            "Good Answer poozer. Kilowog says.
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              NPC: Kilowog


              The 'Wog looks on as B'ox flies off. Kilowog tells himself the alien Lantern's training is already over and he's got a badge. There's nothing else he can do.

              "The best Lantern you can be huh? Ok then line up out in the field, it's time for some drills!"Kilowog informs the rookies.

              As the training begins for the new recruits on Oa a man on the planet Daxam does what he can to snoop on the Sinestro Corps member Romat Ru....


              What's up people?!? The second chapter will be up soon so if anybody else wants to jump in before we see some action get in here and earn your badges! I'll create a new Lantern in here just to help anybody through the process.

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                The Vega System

                24 worlds are all that is left in this solar system. With countless desperation and distress calls from various races the Guardians of the Universe have broken their pact with the Dominators. The first ring goes to the new home world of the Tamaranians. The other the cat-world the Omega Men's Tygorr hails from. On New Tamaran a soldier is accused of treason when a rival officer sees him gazing at the Queen [Blackfire, sister of the Titans Starfire!] and banished from the new royal city. Sneaking in one last time clothed in rags, Kristand'r looks out at his Queen.

                "I will prove my innocence to the throne Komand'r! I could never betray you.... he mumbles to himself exiting the new city.

                After days of walking through a desert like terrain with little vegetation and only passing two streams of water the young man is ready to give up. Suddenly, a ring comes to the Tamaranian!

                Kristand'r of the Vega System, you have been chosen to overcome great fear as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Prepare for transport to Oa for training....



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                  I'll give this a shot

                  -OOC- If I screw up, stop me and tell me ;-)


                  The young man looked up at the sky for what seemed like the thousandth time that night alone. For one reason or another, he no longer felt like he belonged. No, I know the reason, he thought. It's loneliness. It's isolation.
                  It's cause I don't know who I am.
                  When he'd waken up a week ago, he had no idea who he was. He was tabula rasa, a blank slate, unsure of anything personal. He had no ID, just a wad of cash that had helped a lot. He knew things that normal people seemed to know - the names of things, what a hotel was, how to read and write, math, even cooking (at least, using a microwave). But who was he? Why was he here?
                  What was his name?
                  He'd only stayed one night in each hotel, and kept walking to see if he could figure something out. He looked at the clock at the bank and thought about finding another hotel to stay in, but kept walking a bit down the deserted street. As he looked in the sky for the thousand and first time, he saw something that caught his eye - a green flash, something that he hadn't seen before. But as he contemplated it, he saw it get closer and closer to him, approaching. He had no idea what it was, but he felt... what was that feeling? It wasn't fear as much as it was surprise. He had no idea why, but he looked on the light, and felt he was looking at his destiny. He had no idea how accurate that would prove. As it got in front of him, he could see that it was a ring - emerald color, shining with its own luminence
                  The next surprise was when it knew more about him than he did. "Harrison Neil King-" How does it know my name when I don't the newly Christened (Rechristened?) Harrison thought to himself - "You have the ability to overcome great fear. Prepare for transport to Oa for training."
                  What the-? he thought as it put itself on his finger, but that was his last thought. He felt its power tug him, pull him to the sky. Before he knew it, he was on Oa, and on the road to doing something.

                  I figured I'd make him have no ties to Earth yet, so that he could be assigned someplace else in the world.
                  Like it? Hate it? TELL ME!!!


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                    Check your PM's EternalKng!

                    There's still time to throw a Lantern in here! I know with the new contest being talked about it's gonna be easy for you guys to jump in and develop your character with others!



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                      B'ox flies through the cafeteria and hears talk of a new lantern.......

                      Hannu "I've never seen a rookie be able to do those things before!"
                      Tomar Tu "There is one of the same species in the Book of Oa, before all of our time I think, who was incredible."

                      B'ox beelines for Kilowog on the training field

                      B'ox informs Kilowog of the talk "Wog, who is this they speak of?"



                      I've set some one up, who are they talking about? who is this mystrey lantern? Is it YOU!?
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                        Den stares blankly into his ring, wondering if he has made the right choice, giving up the life he once knew. Knowing what he knows now, the choice seemed to be made for him but a small part of him still wonders is returning to his world is even possible now without disrupting its very way of life.

                        His inner musings are interrupted however as his ring chimes in: All New Recruits, Report to Senior Lantern Kilowog for Training, Immediately.

                        Sighing resolutely to himself, as previous visits to the creature called Kilowog had rarely been pleasant and always tiring, he allowed his ring to carry him into the massive cityscape of Oa, where more than basic training awaited him.


                        Green Lantern Den Senodel
                        Species: Rian
                        Sector Assigned: 0743
                        Rank: Rookie
                        Skills: Empathic abilities enable him to sense emotions in living beings. Is a skilled negotiator and councilor. Possesses a keen intellect with a gift for observation and deduction.
                        Partner: Unassigned

                        Backstory: Den Senodel hails from an unnamed planet in Space Sector 0743. The planet unnamed simply because its current technology level is equivalent to that of Earth circa 730 A.D. and space travel and knowledge of life on other planets is yet to be discovered.

                        Though there have been visitors to Den's world, the combination of their high technology and otherworldly appearance were often revered as Gods, if not Demons.

                        Den's people, the Rian, are a secluded section of the population, their empathic abilities seen as a form of sorcery by other races, live in the deepest parts of great forests. Though most of the Rian are gifted Empaths, there are a few that reach a level of true Telepathy and are revered as wise men and leaders of the society.
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                          Kyle Rayner travels at warp speed and returns to Earth with his mind going everywhere. Settling back in at the Art Retreat he begins to put paint to canvas, He is different now, with all the weight and baggage of being Ion in the hands of another. Later, during a walk in the woods, Kyle is contacted by Hal via ring transmission....

                          Kyle do you read me? the ring projection asks.

                          Loud and clear man, what's up? Kyle answers.

                          Batman called and said GL should make an appearance at Arkam Asylum. I'm off-world at the edge of 2814. Can you check in with Bruce in Gotham? Hal asks.

                          I'm on it! he replies.


                          Okay poozers, it's time to prove your worth and earn those badges. The Corps needs all the operatives in the field we can muster and you rookies begin your training NOW. Kilowog informs the rookies.

                          The Rian empath looks over at the one called "King" who appears to be human. The Tamaranian looks over his shoulder noticing a young female Lantern checking him out. And already in the cafeteria the Corps hear all about the new batch of recruits.



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                            Ayjen Rhade couldn't understand fear anymore.

                            Perhaps that was why the shiny green ring came to him. His mind had been broken and patched back together so many times that part of him that felt fear was long gone. But make no mistake! He always looks to the bright side!

                            Ayjen was finzeri, a green skinned tailed species that is NOT known for what is normally known throughout the Universe as 'mentally stable.' Ayjen in particular, because he had been forced to go to a prison planet under false charges. (He swears he never slept with that guys daughter!) Then he gets a little pardon from a little green ring after five standard years in the joint.

                            But I'm sure you wish to hear about current matters.

                            The ring was pestering him about, 'training' with some fellow named Kilowog. Perhaps it was time for him to see what that was about. Not like he had anythong else to do.

                            "Well greeny! I suppose it's time we went, maybe I'll meet a woman of uncomparable beauty there!"

                            Little did the universe know that was this only the begining for the one who would one day be called the Mad Lantern.


                            Green Lantern Ayjen Rhade
                            Species: Finzeri
                            Gender: Male
                            Rank: Rookie
                            Skills: Securitiy hacking, brawling, swordsmanship, tail-fu, and battle psychology.
                            Partner: -

                            Captain Pervert
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                              Gotham City, Arkam Asylum

                              The emerald artist formerly called Ion arrives at his destination. Walking through the door he's met by somebody in the lobby.

                              You don't look like the Lantern we were expecting. the female behind the front desk says.

                              I get that a lot. So what is it you wanted to show me? Kyle replies.

                              The woman pages Dr. Andrew who shows Kyle the way. Walking down the long hallway of criminals, GL passes Scarecrow and a recently unhinged Harley Quinn.

                              Nice costume.... she says with a smug face from the other side of her cell door.

                              The doctor leads Kyle to an inmate who was once a doctor himself: Martin Phillips. Formerly known as the Invisble Destroyer, he is now very visible and out of his mind.

                              I never thought.... never imagined.... MONSTERS! Unseen and everywhere, YOU DON'T KNOW! NONE OF YOU! he screams from his cell.