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Green Lantern Corps RPG - "Revenge of the Black Lanterns"

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  • Green Lantern Corps RPG - "Revenge of the Black Lanterns"

    The world has changed into a points system! Choose your stats well as it will have a lasting impact on how your characters progress throughout the game. Stats include:

    Willpower [Or another emotion]- this is your efficiency with your ring
    Focus - this is your character’s mental state, how dumb or smart they are with the ring
    Creativity - this is how many attack constructs you have
    Physical Strength - your characters strength/durability that can now be adjusted.
    Health - willpower [or other] + focus + physical strength

    Everybody starts off with 16 points to work with. One stat point is gained every 10 posts in-character. Attacks will all take 1 health point for characters with strength between 1-3 and 2 points for 4-6. Basic moves for all include beams, force spheres, and a basic shield. A “signature construct” is awarded at 21 posts in-character. Profile Cards and micros awarded after 10 posts in-character after ‘training.’

    *Note* Characters with average human like strength would be no greater than two. Superman level strength would be a 6 with Kilowog’s being 4 and Hannu at 5. Strength can be no higher than 6 points.

    Rank is your position in the Corps:

    Level 1: Poozer (1-10 posts) 16 points
    Level 2: Rookie (11-20 posts) 17 points
    Level 3: Patrolman(21-30 posts) 18 points and Signature move
    Level 4: Green Lantern (31-40 posts) 19 points
    Level 5: Veteran (41-50 posts) 20 points
    Level 6: Alpha Lantern(51-60 posts) 21 points
    Level 7: Honor Guard Recruit(61-70 posts) 22 points
    Level 8: Honor Guard(71-80 posts) 23 points
    Level 9: Senior Lantern(81-90 posts) 24 points
    Level 10: General(91-100 posts) 25 points

    Level 8 players will have the option of a job on Oa [or another Corps' home-world] or Honor Guard-like status that will help the flow of the game more directly and occasionally use NPCs.

    Jobs include:
    Medical Staff
    Teacher/Drill Instructor
    Mess Hall Staff/Hunters

    Here are a couple of examples of different GL's who are totally different. After this example most of the NPC bosses will be level 10's unless noted, Kyle and Hannu’s will both be adjusted accordingly in the Profiles thread.

    Kyle Rayner Level 5

    willpower: 6
    focus: 5
    creativity: 7
    physical strength: 2
    health: 12

    signature construct: mecha robots (complete)

    constructs: mecha fists, dragons, sumo wrestlers, godzilla, ninja monkies, Col. Sanders and a chicken army, shogun warrior

    Hannu Level 4

    willpower: 7
    focus: 7
    creativity: 0
    physical strength: 5
    health: 19

    signature construct: meteor shower (see Sin War)

    constructs: none, ring is a last resort and only used for flying and projecting force spheres

    To be continued....


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    LanternJake is gonna be my deputy GM this game. He's helping me finish posting the rules and we'll try to get the game going soon....

    EDIT: Also forgot to add, the Corps' available include Green, Red, Sinestros, and Sapphires. The Blues are all dead so don't ask, the Oranges seem to work better as construct enemies, and Black is only available to past members who wish to return with an undead character. Indigos might be accepted further down the road but I'd have to see where it would fit into the story and go on a case by case basis....

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    Guardian of the Universe
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      Format And Guidelines
      Format and Game Flow
      Chapters will begin once every 2 to 3 weeks. These are larger parts of the whole story told from a 3rd person narrative view and should act as the guide-lines for your posts afterwards. Elaborate on what I give you. The Chapters will basically be a quick summary of what's happening in the world around you. Myself and a another player I deputize will act as Game Masters [or GM's] to keep the story rolling forward. The GM's will also set-up the NPC's like the Guardians and Willpower Entity [I refuse to call the whale Ion] and introduce any new threats to any situation.

      In Character Chatter will be something else we're gonna try working into the game. Not every hero will be in the field, as I've said earlier, and entire plot lines revolve around a select few characters.Any heroes not in the field should be encouraged to ICC and ping-pong post back and forth to have conversations about your characters histories or past adventures. It's the same as regular dialog it just takes place between multiple players themselves. You can do this while hanging around Oa, a Sector House, or while on your way to the next battle. "ICC" should be the heading of any conversation you have in the works like with "Post" and "Chatter", be sure it is clear who you're addressing be it single character or group.

      Label each post accordingly as either "Post," "Chatter" [this is out of character to plan or whatever], or "ICC." This makes it easier for GM's to sort through your posts and plans and come up with a way to start the next Chapter to include everybody.

      Hero & Villain Quests will also be something new for individual character development. This is the story of a single player’s Lantern told in 4 posts. Other Lanterns can get in on the story if it isn’t a flashback but are also limited to 4 posts.These mostly solo missions won’t need to involve any stat based battles except for maybe one with an enemy that has drastically effected your characters history, but it would have to be done throughout the 4 posts. Use a “Hero Quest” or “Villain Quest” tag like any other tag when on your mission. I will work with players on the direction of their quests if needed.

      Guide Lines/Suggestions

      1.) Posts should be no less than 5 sentences and less than 420 words total [actually 400 with a 20 word grace limit]. Posts less than 5 sentences will not be added to post counts! Players are encouraged to use the ICC whenever possible. If you're in a creative slump and can't think of any action ICC away! There are two larger stories within this game, you'll all have your time to shine. Challenge yourself! Don’t just deal with what I give you, add on, make it difficult for your hero and the team.
      2.) Don't stray from the over-all story. If you'd like to throw in a plot line or villain outside of a Hero/Villain Quest PM me and we'll discuss the ideas. There will be multiple villains however, with plenty of canon characters to be beaten on as well as super villains to continue developing with current continuity. Missions will be given out and then other things will stem from them like intros for villains and such.
      3.) Any complaints or concerns regarding the way the game is played, or other players should be sent directly to me, not posted on the thread. I can’t stress that one enough. Questions on what to do, or what direction to go can be posted on the thread, or sent to me directly. Also, please let me know if you have problems posting or if you will be absent for any longer than 2 chapters or roughly 4 weeks.
      4.) Communicate! Get to know your peers and fellow fans of the GLC. Plan actions together through PM's or general Chatter, as well as the ICC. This game will give you the opportunity to develop your character's personality as well as your reputation on the boards.
      5.) Another new addition will be earning your badge. This is done simply by sticking with the game through ten posts in the game. Give your character his/her/it's own voice before you get a badge and sector. Then we'll introduce the villains and develop larger plots slowly. This is a lazyman's game.
      6.) On Oa and when on missions players can use NPCs to a minimal degree. One or two lines of dialog and a small action at tops. This will keep Kilowog on Oa for every single noob out there needing whipped into shape and set up dialog for others. In the beginning, don't be surprised to see yourselves partnered with each other after you get your badges!
      7.)The maximum posts per day will be limited to 3, with no less than 2 - 3 posts per week.
      Green Lantern
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        Go ahead and start using the tags too guys.

        Players can post their stats and basic info in the thread and once a cast rounds out we'll jump into the game.

        Check the Profiles link in my sig to see the old gang returning for the game. Still need to work some profiles out based on the new stat system [always evolving till we get perfection], but after character introductions we should be good for battle. The Black Lanterns for this arc will be POWERFUL.



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          I am not gonna post anything until a chapter intro is up, otherwise I will just end up doing a retcon of Rekker's origin

          Originally posted by Avatar Aang
          When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.


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            CHAPTER 1 INTRO


            Sector 0, Oa

            The Green Lantern Corps just got a new batch of rookies to take the place of the fallen. The Ion entity was captured recently during the Entity War by an unknown enemy who currently has Lianna [former Guardian turned amazon] by his side. After making a deal with the Red Lanterns to take out all of the Guardians of the Universe, Oa was attacked and several were killed including two infant Oans and three Lanterns.

            Salaak has several of the higher ranking Corpsmen and Honor Guard in the Guardians' star chamber including Kyle Rayner, Aieg R' Ene, the Sword of the Guardians, the recently revived Flair, Tomar Tu, and Keltan Drell [escaped from Korugar and the Sinestros].

            "The Guardians have located the willpower entity here at the edge of sector 3600. It is believed that the entity is alone on this planet somehow being caged. It is your mission to infiltrate this planet's natural defenses and free the entity." Salaak instructed.

            "But then what happens, Sal?" asked Kyle.

            "What must...." Salaak replied looking throughout the map of the 3600 known sectors.

            On the other side of Oa....

            Kilowog and Stel prepair for another day's work with the rookies.

            "Fall in line, Poozers!" Kilowog screamed at the new recruits.

            "Report your name and sector." Stel said in a mechanical sounding voice.

            Sector 666, Ryut

            A cracked central battery is already being rebuilt by a Black Lantern Sinestro missing half of his mid-section. A dark Cult of Parallax member just landed as well to help the process as well as the dead "twin" of the current red entity host Nee Hon. Larfleeze is also a Black Lantern however he is collecting all of the bones near the remains of the central battery and comes across the scythe of Nekron.

            "Miiiiine...." he mumbles.

            Sector 1417, Korugar

            Soranik Natu, now called Lady Sinestro, has reclaimed the power of Parallax from the remaining Cult members and is finishing the surgery to permanently bond the entity to one final host: Alexander Nero. His body fights and jerks and his screams turn into shrieks and large teeth compliment a larger jaw. Lady Sinestro stands back and he rises....

            "It's about time somebody killed the Predator...." said the new host as a yellow armored costume melted onto his body and a cape fell from his shoulders.

            Sector 3600, Edge of the known sectors....

            "You will attack the female Guardian over this motley Orange Lantern Corps. They've relocated to Odym in sector 2682, using the former Blue Central Battery as their own Orange Battery." said the ominous voice in the dark reaches beyond sector 3600.

            "The Guardian called Sayd will die, and all of the Orange Lanterns with her. And soon after, Ophidian." said Inviticos/Nee Hon.



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              A lot of the older profiles are being reworked right now to go along with the new stat rules and whatnot. Posted profiles for returning players and just waiting for some rookies now for any of the different Corps.

              BTW, I finally decided we can use some Indigos by the end of this arc. Something will happen with Black Hand and one of the current list of Blacks will become the new herald of Nekron, but we'll need some Indigos and possibly a host for Proselyte or whatever it's name is.... just nobody from Earth!



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                Rekker unnerved by the recent events, decided to go and see Lantern Rayner in the infirmary.

                ''May I help you'' Said the nurse in charge of caring for Kyle

                ''Yes.'' Said Rekker

                ''My name is Rekker and and I just came to make sure Kyle is okay'' Said Rekker in response

                ''He is fine.'' Replied the nurse

                ''I mean he may not be the strongest person in the universe, but in all my years on Oa as a nurse, I have never seen anyone who is as good a fighter as him and he is going to make make a full recovery'' Replied the nurse making Rekker feel Relieved

                ''Thank you. It is just when Aieg R' asked me to get kyle out of that bar, I knew I had to help Kyle no matter what. Replied Rekker

                ''You are quite the brave young lantern for helping him.'' Said Rekker

                ''Do you mind if I stay here a while?'' Asked Rekker

                ''Sure, take as long as you need'' Said the nurse

                Originally posted by Avatar Aang
                When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.


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                  Dener listened as Saalak laid out the details of the honor guards mission.

                  They were to travel to the very edge of sector 3600; in order to free the Ion entity.

                  The oft-named Sword of the Guardians took the measure of those with him.

                  The one called Kyle Rayner, He held in high esteem. This "artist" from earth had brought the corps back from the brink of destruction some time ago. And Dener felt the honor was well deserved.

                  To the Torch Bearer's left stood Aieg R' Ene and Lantern Flair; Two stalwart comrades, that along with Dener were all that was left of the old guard.

                  Tomar-Tu was there as well. One of the few Lost Lanterns to still draw breath, and the son of the famous Tomar-Re.

                  The last of Dener's companians for this mission was a newer lantern, a Korugian named Keltan Drell, who had proven his mettle against the renegade lantern Soranik Natu.

                  Greater company was hard to find.

                  "Thus begins a new tale in the illustrious tapestry of the Green Lantern Corps."


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                    Lian Vidd flew over Oa, somewhat aimlessly. The base of the Corps seemed to be safe enough for the moment, and she was itching to return to her sector. She'd heard something about a pirate ship bothering trade between Vargg and Draxus III, and also wanted to look into rumors of an interplanetary crime boss. Not to mention that she wanted to make sure Braal was all right. She hadn't seen her family in a while.

                    Changing her direction slightly, Lian headed for the cafeteria. Maybe one of the Lanterns she knew was inside.


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                      Blashron awoke with a sudden start on the grounds of a barren stretch of waste.

                      "...uh... My head's killing me.. and more than usual... where am I?"

                      "This, Is Odym. After all the Blue Lanterns were either killed or assimilated into other corps, the planet was left without any caretakers and eventually conquestors from distant worlds came and drained it of its resourses."

                      "You're... The Predator... what do you want with me?"

                      "The entities are in danger. Some wish to augment their powers with the use of your minor entities. However, this could tip the scale to the point of universal collapse. You must make your way to my host and ask for her healing touch. Perhaps we can protect you until we find a suitable use for your minor entities."

                      "Don't have much of a choice I suppose...If only my father were here to see me now...How far I've fallen..."

                      With that, Blashron flew into space, making his way to what could be either salvation, or doom...


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                        Taking a look around him the mission at hand seems under control. I stand here next to four of the greatest lanterns ever wear the band of will.Each of this Lanterns have carved there own path, But now..Now they stand to prove themselves as The Greatest Lanterns to Ever be chosen.Now Rayner we do our jobs the only way we now how. The Green Lantern way.


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                          The Guardians' Star Chamber....

                          "If everyone's ready to go, let's head out. Anybody wants to stop at the caffeteria they better do it now. It's a long ride to the edge of the universe...." Kyle instructs the others.

                          He sensed guilt in the Guardians' Sword, having lost 2 infant Guardians. Lanterns Aieg R' and Flair seemed to be about as close as Guy and Kyle as far as both being Honor Guard, and one of them was even Ion for a short time [Flair].

                          "I wonder who the entity will go to next?" Aieg R' questioned as they made their way to the surface of Oa, "You think they'll put the entity back inside of you?"


                          Shingo I left room for you to do something with Keltan if you want. Even though LanternJake is the deputy, the guys who've been here for awhile and made Veteran [Level 5] status can use the NPCs a little more freely when/if needed. I know Keltan was the best NPC me and Shingo ever crafted, and Murdock's Sneeek was a really twisted Sinestro from the first game in this series.



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                            If they place Ion back with me it would be a great honor Aieg. Right now saving Ion whats most important. Flair looks at Aieg as he fades in and out of transparency. Stop that Aieg you know that creeps me out. The two honor guard lanterns share a laugh. Damn this place is beautiful isn't Aieg.
                            I got to work about 12 hours today so I wont be home till 9ish Eastern time I'll jump on as soon as I get home to make sure I'm not hold you guys up


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                              "Oa is a sight, but nothing compaired to Odym. At least Odym before the Orange Lanterns took it over. It's great to have you back in the field, Flair, but I just saw a friend fly down to the caffeteria. I'll catch up with you when we head out in a few." Aieg R' said flying off to the side.

                              Once inside he quickly found Lantern Vidd.

                              "Hey stranger, save anymore rookies out there?" the energy man asks.