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  • Green Lantern Corps -RPG- I.C. Thread

    In-Character Thread for the GLC Role Playing Game...

    Billions of years ago, the Guardians of the Universe created a police force to serve and protect every sector of the galaxy. Recruited for their fearlessness and willpower, they are the Green Lantern Corps. However, recently the Guardians have cut all ties to the Corps, and begun building a mysterious Third Army. Senior Lanterns have taken over as leaders of the Corps including Salaak and Kilowog and they continue to fight for justice throughout the 3600 known sectors of the universe. But what challenges will the Green Lantern Corps face, and how will Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns come into play?

    Green Lantern Corps -RPG- O.O.C. Thread


    1.) No back-to-back posting.


    3.) Make sense. If we can't make heads or tails of your posts they're likely to get skipped over.

    4.) Get permission before using another player's character in your posts if it involves changing the scene or making actions. Everybody will take beatings in this game in battle however, so don't get pissed if you get punched or blasted into a wall by the bad guys!

    5.) Problems with the game or players should be sent directly to me through PM's. I don't want a bunch of bickering in the OOC.

    6.) Abandoned characters will be used as NPC's or killed off within the context of the story.

    7.) “I was waiting for [insert player/character] to make a move” is not an excuse to not post.

    8.) My word is law.

    9.) In the event that I'm offline for any period of time, the deputy GM (Aro) will take control and [b]HIS[b] word will then be law.


    Guidelines and Suggestions:

    1.) Posts should be no less than 5 sentences and less than 420 words total [actually 400 with a 20 word grace limit]. Posts less than 5 sentences will not be added to post counts! There are two larger stories within this game, you'll all have your time to shine. Challenge yourself! Don’t just deal with what I give you, add on, make it difficult for your hero and the team.

    2.) Don't stray from the over-all story. If you'd like to throw in a plot line or villain outside of a Hero/Villain Quest PM me and we'll discuss the ideas. There will be multiple villains however, with plenty of canon characters to be beaten on as well as super villains to continue developing with current continuity. Missions will be given out and then other things will stem from them like intros for villains and such.

    3.) Communicate! Get to know your peers and fellow fans of the GLC. Plan actions together through PM's or the OOC Thread, as well as in-character in the IC Thread. This game will give you the opportunity to develop your character's personality as well as your reputation on the boards.

    4.) On Oa and when on missions players can use NPCs and enemies to a minimal degree. One or two lines of dialog and a small action at tops for non-battle situations. Keeping Kilowog on Oa for every single noob out there needing whipped into shape is important and it sets up dialog for others on Oa. In the beginning, don't be surprised to see yourselves partnered with each other after you get past three posts in-game!

    5.) In-battle you will be allowed to use your enemies as well to make the battles more interesting but your number of attacks and defenses is still limited to what your stats offer. Myself and the deputy GM (Aro) will step in if battles seem too one-sided or if we just need somebody to lose a fight. If you are limited to 3 attacks per post for example, you can use your character's 3 attacks as well as take a hit or two from the enemy....

    You get all that in there? I know it's a lot to take in but in the end I believe it's gonna be one hell of a ride. Most threats will have more health than every single player and promote team-work and partnering up with other players to achieve your goals. Once you begin a battle let the rest of the players [if it is a team mission] have a chance to respond before completely destroying the enemy, requesting back-up or running if you are outgunned is always an option as well if your health drops.

    And I'm only gonna say this once:

    Multiple Screen Names and Accounts are against forum rules. It's a waste of my time and not fair to the players who've devoted their time to developing a single character. If suspected of using multiple accounts you will be reported.

    We lost a total of 6 characters to 1 troll in one of the last games. I'm not in this to entertain 4 or 5 people with multiple accounts, I'm in it to make friends and have fun creating characters together in the world of the Green Lanterns with as many fans as possible.

    And now, it begins again.....


    Sector 0, Oa

    Another day in the lives of the Green Lanterns passed by. New rookie Lanterns touched down on Oa for the first time as other seasoned Lanterns continue their business on Oa in the Hospital, Cafeteria, Hall of Great Service, etc. before leaving on new missions or a tour of duty in their home sectors. Kilowog was in the desert rounding up several of the new recruits for training. Aro Gorne, as well as Pok, and Acerbus are among the recruits falling in line. Kilowog walked by each of them snarling and barking orders as usual...

    ""Name's Kilowog. I'm your new best friend and your worst enemy rolled into one. I'm gonna be teaching you poozers how to use your rings and hopefully not get killed. I'm a senior Lantern in the Corps, and that means when I say jump you ask me how high. Got that?" Kilowog asked the Lantern with brownish skin among others who's looking up to him.

    On the other side of the inner city on Oa, Aieg R' Ene meets his old brother in arms Flaire at he caffeteria. They sit down at a table with another Lantern whom they don't know very well and go on eating their food when suddenly Aieg R' notices a familar face come through the entrance with a white cape flowing behind him. His deep purple eyes hypnotized many enemies back in the day, and Aieg R' sat up from his chair and exclaimed across the caffeteria...

    "Lantern Denar!?! Is that really you? Do my construct eyes deceive me?" Aieg R' shouted at the sight of an old friend who has been missing on Oa for nearly a year.

    The last time Aieg R' remembered seeing Denar was just before the beginning of the war with the Black Lanterns and Nekron. The Green Lantern Corps barely survived and after the rebuilding of Oa it wasn't known what Lanterns were dead or alive for quite some time. To this day, Lanterns still show up on Oa from their sectors like nothing had ever happened with tales of their adventures in their sectors since the blackest night. Denar was just the latest in the bunch it seemed.

    Sector 2814, Ysmault

    Atrocitus looked over the newest recruits of his Red Lantern Corps with disgust. Among his Corps a familiar face was seen in Lantern Sato, one of the few Lanterns to dive into the blood ocean for a piece of his mind back to further the goals of his leader.

    "Sato, take these new recreuits and let them taste blood for the first time exacting revenge for those who are weak in the corner of sector 2814 on the planet Quenicar. A civil war has led many innocent creatures to lose their lives and none have been overcome by rage enough to join our ranks. Kill the aggressors who prey on the weak, my Lanterns. Do so, and you may also taste a portion of sanity once again and bathe in the blood ocean." Atrocitus commands.


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    The past several months had been highly strenuous for the Lantern of Sector 1992, and as such, he had cut off contact with most of the people he had known. There was not much for him to do anyway.
    During the Blackest of Nights, he had been confronted with the foul revenants of his District partner, his dear mentor and his beloved wife. It was enough to take the best out of anyone. But Denar was not simply a man, he was a Green Lantern. When the fiends had been beaten and the bodies laid to rest once more, Denar had decided to take a sabbatical and just stay away from everything the galaxy had to throw at him.

    Imagine his surprise when he found himself recalled to Oa for a mission in deep space. The details of this mission, far too much to tell here,
    let it just be known that it was months before he was finished and could report to the Guardians. Now that he had some downtime he made his way to the Lantern Cafeteria, perhaps he'd find someone he knew.
    The voice belonging to one Aieg, an energy being that he had shared several adventures with.

    "Indeed. It has been sometime has it not?" Taking a seat next to him, it was Denar's turn to exclaim. "Flaire?! I should have known I'd find you two together. Just like old times. I've been... otherwise engaged."

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      Aro stood with several others of the new recruits in the desert as Kilowog paced back in forth in front of them. It wasn't to long into Kilowog's practiced speech for all poozers that his mind began to wander back towards his home planet, being in the desert didn't help to much since where he was born was actually located in a desert. He was quickly gradded from his thoughts when Kilowog's hulking form stopped in front of him, stooping slightly to look Aro in the eye, as he directed a question towards him. By the moons of Thryf why me? Aro thought as the idea of stretching his legs out to give him a little more height, nearly making him meet Kiliwog eye-to-eye, but he thought better against it. He actually wanted to make it past the first day of training. "Sir, yes, sir." Aor answered, hoping the answer was suppose to be a yes.

      He quickly assumed that was the answer Kiliwog had been looking for and snorted before standing back up straight and continuing to pace in front of them as he continued on with his mastered speech. He took the opportunity to return to his own thoughts, for however brief they may be, before Kilowog had them do whatever it was they were out in the desert to do. I should've asked him while I had his attention, then again that's probably just another way for me to not make it past the first day.
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        Back at the cafeteria...

        "It has been too long, Denar. So you've heard about the Guardians leaving the Green Lantern Corps?" Aieg R' asked.

        The Lanterns continued talking amongst themselves as Lanterns came and went from the cafeteria. A young blonde Lantern from New Genesis was seen wearing a visor instead of a mask, as well as a seasoned new Lantern with a remarkable tail and horns.

        "They cut off ties to the Corps and went out on their own. Nobody has an idea what they're up to anymore.... hey?" Aieg R' asked Denar as he also punched Flaire on the left shoulder... "Do you guys remember that battle with the Cult of Parallax? Or that mission on Omacron Persia 8, with the three princesses? I still don't know what it was the blue haired princess wanted me to do with her..." the Lantern said with a smile remembering their past adventures.

        The Lantern known as Aieg R' Ene was once a sentient band of energy before the ring found him. Once he was brought to Oa years ago, he constructed a body based on several of the more humanoid Lanterns he came into contact with. Even though he didn't have a stomach or taste buds, he ate the food in the cafeteria as his original energy form inside the construct body still converted the food into life force energy to sustain his being.

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          The horned lantern carried his lunch trey using his ring, acting nonchalantly as he approached the table now filling with his colleagues. He dropped his lunch trey on the table splattering his food everywhere. He smiled and gave Aieg R' a slap on the back, expecting to go through his ghost-like figure and ended up hitting him a bit harder than he would have intended. Though still he greeted them warmly with a smirk.

          "What's goin' on guys?" he interrogated looking around the table for a response.


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            Sector 2814, Ysmault

            As Atrocitus gave his orders , Sato looked at the recruits and recognised the rage and hate of a new red lantern that he was filled with when he gained his red lantern ring.
            This wasn't going to be easy , Sato knew that.The animalistic personalities of the recruits meant that they could snap at him at any time.Luckily This red lantern could handle himself and if absolute necessary knew that he could knock them down.
            That wasn't a major issue though at the moment , there was a sort of level of control among the lanterns.The main focus was shaping these recruits into soldiers and the red lanterns they will become.

            "Listen up ! I hate you and you hate me but I've got a job to do and as long as you stick with me you'll be just fine.For a lot of you, just because you've got your ring doesn't mean you've tasted blood like a true red lantern!"

            "Quenicar's our planet,it's located in sector 2814 and we need to wreak havok , let them feel our rage and vengence will be ours ! Kill those who have killed the innocent ! "

            "Are you ready ?!" He called to the recruits
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              "It has been too long, Denar. So you've heard about the Guardians leaving the Green Lantern Corps?"

              "I have. Simply one of the many reasons I've returned to Oa...

              ...remember that battle with the Cult of Parallax? Or that mission on Omacron Persia 8, with the three princesses? I still don't know what it was the blue haired princess wanted me to do with her..."

              Denar smiled thinly. "Likely the same as what the violet haired princess wanted to do with I, or the Orange one with Flaire."

              "That was all so long ago... Losing my lunch on that enormous Sinestro lantern... That odd Sapphire."

              His ruminations cut short by the arrival of a new lantern, one who appeared to know Aieg.

              "Greetings Lantern."

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                The Desert:

                Acerbus stood amidst the new recruits and stared ahead. No one could really tell if was paying attention or not under that mask of his. He very well could have been sleeping and no one would be none the wiser... but Acerbus was paying attention. He always pays attention. If it weren't for his mask he'd be paying too much attention...

                Some dust begin to pick impairing some of the new recruit's vision. Acerbus stood unaffected and thought to himself:

                "The world always seems smaller through lenses... then again there wasn't much to see on that sorry excuse of a planet, Garnet..."

                Kilowog passes by Acerbus.

                "This guy thinks he can teach me about survival... fool. On Garnet you either survive or you die, it's that simple.
                A lesson that he should have..."

                Acerbus looked down at his ring. A memory seemed to pass through his mind.


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                  The sounds relax him. The chatter is in so many different languages, yet everyone understands each other. A grin crosses this Green Lanterns face.

                  It is good to see the both of you.
                  Its good to see all of the Lanterns.
                  Flair states with the grin still on his face.

                  Sounds and visuals over take Flair. Most of these are the battles he has shared with Denar and Aieg R', some are not. Those are of things not yet to happen, or things that can be changed. One of those is a scene Flair is not comfortable with. The sight of standing on a deserted and destroyed Oa is not something Flair will allow to come to pass.

                  Welcome new Lanterns.
                  Flair said as he turn to the 2 new lanterns at the table.


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                    When his mind isn’t presently engaged, he likes to ask himself, Why. Why is it that his sight was stripped from him at such a young age? Why was he was gifted with such intelligence yet couldn’t seem to solve so many of the problems before him? Why did the Green Lantern power ring now adorning his right ring finger find him out when his successor had been slain in combat? He wonders, and yet he never seems to come up with any kind of answer.

                    He’s a New God, he should have all the answers… And yet the answers to things like his blindness, his knowledge, or his current occupation (well, co-occupation if he was being honest) still elude him. But, luckily for him these questions only cross his mind when his mind is free, and he’s a very busy man.

                    The doors to his private laboratory slide open with a swish, and a woman in a black and white bodysuit enters, toting a tablet in one hand and a stylus in the other.

                    "How many times have I asked you to announce yourself before entering my laboratory when I’m working?"

                    The woman directs her gaze towards the only occupant in the room, a scientist currently engaged in welding something together. The blue hue of the flame coming off of the tool he’s using illuminates the black facemask he’s wearing, and the green slit allowing for limited visual outlook.

                    The woman saunters over beside him, lowering the pair of goggles set atop her forehead, "And yet your focus has never seemed to waver when I do enter unannounced." She points out, a smirk playing on her face.

                    "Only after practice; I assumed that after the fourth time you’d ignored my edict, I had just better give up on you actually listening to me."

                    "Well, if I went by your schedule, you’d never let me in." The woman counters. The blue flame suddenly dies, and the scientist drops the tool, "Personal assistants are paid to assist you, not pretend to assist you and then ignore you."

                    The scientist taps the side of his mask, and the black sheath once guarding his face retracts back into the form a visor set along his eyeline, stopping just short of covering his ears. He runs his hand back through his head of blond hair, his green ring seemingly exploding with contrasting color.

                    "Did it ever occur to you that perhaps I was working on something dangerous?"

                    "You’re the Lord High Researcher of New Genesis, Crux…" The woman says, finally addressing him by name, "you’re always working on something dangerous."

                    "This is true..." Crux concedes the argument after a moment of thought, the gloves formerly protecting his hands from the flame now evaporating down his hands and back into his all-black bodysuit, "What do you have for me?" He asks, standing up and making his way over to the central monitoring station, a set-up of three monitors aligned side-by-side that he uses for personal inquiry and cybernet searches.

                    "Salakk contacted us with a new requisition order for Dr. Natu. She needs 17 Rotox worth of new cybernetic prosthetics, assorted."

                    "17 Rotox?!" Crux exclaims, stopping short and almost causing his assistant to run into him, "Do they have any idea how much time and supply that will consume?"

                    "Salakk realizes this, and is willing to pay you double for your time."

                    Crux stills for a moment, and then turns on his heel and resumes walking.

                    "Fine; have them wire the funds and put the lab to work immediately."

                    "Already on it." The assistant chirps happily, "Shall I wire the usual cut of the proceeds to the Collective?"

                    "Since Salakk is paying double, why don’t you double their cut this time around…" Crux swings his chair around and takes a seat, beginning to rapidly tap the keys in front of him.

                    "And he’s a philanthropist, too..." The assistant jokingly remarks under her breath, though Crux seems to hear it anyway. He pays it no mind, all the same.

                    "What else?"

                    “Dr. Natu contacted us personally and inquired as to whether or not you would be willing to take shifts at the Oan Hospital from time to time. Being the foremost mind in the field of biosynthesis, you’d be an ideal candidate to aid in the rehabilitation of those injured during the Blackest Night.”

                    If Crux still had eyes, he would roll them; the title "the Blackest Night" never sat well with him. It seemed too poetic, too overdramatic. He preferred to label it what it was- a military invasion into previously-occupied territory. Still, that didn’t discount for the scores of Lanterns, those he saw as his brothers, injured or killed in the process of stopping Nekron.

                    "Inform Dr. Natu that I would be honored to help out in any capacity."

                    "Just as well, I already sent back a message saying you would."

                    Crux spins around in his chair, his brow raised at her while he stares.

                    "…What?" Her tone is so nonchalant that it almost makes Crux laugh; almost.

                    "…Anything else?"

                    "Well, yes, but…" The hesitation in her tone makes Crux turn around in his chair. Aquila never hesitated like this unless it was serious news. Eye contact- at least what qualifies for him as eye contact- is enough to coax the rest out of her.

                    "…Raker called." That’s all it takes to make Crux turn back around again, and contemplate ignoring her from here on out, "He wants to discuss planning another raid on Darkseid’s palace."

                    "He's apparently forgotten that the last raid we planned together failed spectacularly." For the first time in a long time, Crux’s tone is laced with sorrow, "We lost too damned many men that day…" He sighs as he slumps back in his chair. He absentmindedly reaches up and runs his hand along a light scar running across the length of his forehead.

                    "Raker added something else to the message as well…" Aquila resumes speaking, "…He warned that if you don’t bother to hear him out this time than he’ll take his plans to the Supertown Council and plead his case with them."

                    Crux bolts upright out of his chair and begins making a beeline for the exit to his laboratory. Aquila stumbles trying to keep up with his sudden jolt of energy.

                    "I want Raker tagged and his location transmitted to my ring, immediately!" Crux barks, his anger so uncharacteristic that the outburst stuns every worker in the lab silent. Crux continues making his way to the elevator on the other side of the laboratory. Aquila’s hasty fingers trip over the tablet trying to place Raker’s current location. Thankfully, the device pings; the sound of success.

                    "He’s on Oa!" Aquila calls after Crux, who has already stepped into the elevator and jammed his thumb into the button for roof access so many times he’s sure it’ll need replacing before the day is out.

                    "Then Oa it is…" He seethes.

                    The elevator doors slide shut and the worried faces of two dozen scientists suddenly vanishing are replaced by a shiny, silver surface. Now, only Crux’s reflection dares to gawk at him.

                    In anticipation of the elevator doors withdrawing to reveal open sky, Crux fires up his ring and begins suiting up. His black bodysuit remains, but more color and detail emerge; green boots grow out over his feet, white gloves unfurl over his hands. A green belt slithers around his waist, the very front point dipping into a V-shape. Finally, his torso seems to grow thicker as a new breastplate grows over his upper body, the whole of it green, save the white collar and white circle appearing in the center. Out of that white circle, the badge of the Green Lantern Corps grows bright.

                    The elevator doors open, and Crux fires out of the lift like a cannonball. His aura temporarily colors the sky in his signature shade of green, and as Supertown seems to vanish behind him, he queues up his Motherbox interface.

                    "Activate Boom Tube function. Location: Oa." Crux orders.

                    :Voice Command Recognized. Boom Tube Function Opening...:

                    Crux’s Motherbox, tethered around his left shoulder, powers on the gauntlet wrapped around his left wrist, the portal projector glowing orange.

                    :Have a Pleasant Trip.:


                    A shot of pure energy is fired off, and after traveling some distance it erupts into a swirling vortex. Crux flies straight into the eye of the wormhole.

                    Light drips and bleeds around him. He moves faster than either light or sound. He begins to feel his uniform melt onto his skin as his flesh is peeled back from his bones by the forces he feels being exerted on and around him.

                    It all comes to a grinding halt when he’s spat back out the other side of the portal after what is probably only a few seconds, but what felt like a lifetime. He takes a moment to orient himself before catching the shine of the crowned jewel of Space Sector 0: Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps.

                    Having long since gotten over the view, Crux jets down towards the planet’s surface, his ring bringing up a holographic projection of the city and showing Raker’s location in relation to Crux. According to this, his sector partner is currently eating lunch in the Mess Hall. Crux touches down on a balcony frequented by the few Lanterns who have taken to smoking as a way to cope with stress, and makes his way into the Mess Hall from there. Along the way, he passes by a fellow Lantern who drew certain parallels to what Guy Gardner called "the freakin’ Devil," his tail and horns seemingly marking him for evil. Crux doesn't see it.

                    He crisscrosses the Mess Hall twice in search of Raker, each time passing by an odd table comprised of the devilish-looking Lantern, a Green Lantern with an odd helmet, a Green Lantern with a white cape and striking eyes, and a Green Lantern seemingly set ablaze in his own energy. They were an odd bunch, but Crux was otherwise fascinated by them; he'd had to sit with them at lunch one day and learn their stories.

                    He finally manages to spot his Sector Partner, who is eating lunch with fellow berserker Lanterns Hannu, Turytt, and Umitu. He doesn’t give a damn about them right now, though.

                    "Raker!" Crux shouts, getting the immediate attention of the two Lanterns currently chatting Raker up, though not from Raker himself. Instead, the Lantern in question quietly sets down his eating utensils, swings his legs around, and stands to face his beckoner.

                    "Crux Hesiod…" Raker acknowledges his partner, his voice kept low and hoarse, "…the way you keep in touch, I thought maybe you were dead."

                    "No, I’m not dead, though I wish you were right now." Crux’s jaw sets once Raker lifts the hood atop his head back, the shadows withdrawing and the full color of his cerulean skin on display.

                    "Have I done something to offend you?" Raker asks, the question to demure for him to be convincing.

                    "Yes… you have, and you know it." Crux steps closer to Raker, "If you want to go ahead with another raid on Apokolips, that’s your business, Raker, but I’ll not have you drag my home into it!”"

                    "My fight is your fight, Crux, and the sooner that you realize this, the sooner we can finally topple Darkseid."

                    "Darkseid has been in control of Apokolips since the beginning of the Fourth World; you’re not likely to remove him from power anytime soon."

                    "Not with your attitude being the general consensus." Raker says, his tone dripping with condescension, "I’m hoping to find a few souls braver than you to help rectify that."

                    The implication is there, and it cools Crux’s anger, hardening it into resolve.

                    "…You question my loyalty to my home?" He ponders.

                    "I question your ability to do all that is necessary to rid the universe of evil. You’re a member of the Corps, and yet you shy away from shedding your light where it is most needed."

                    "The denizens of Apokolips won’t be penning a constitution anytime soon, Raker, and if you tear down Darkseid before they’re ready, they’ll just raise up another despot in his place."

                    "Not if we’re there to guide them!" Raker’s voice rises, his arms shooting out and grabbing Crux’s shoulders, "If we’re there to aid them in a time of transition, they’ll win their independence yet! No villain is unconquerable, Crux--"

                    "This isn’t some simple villain you speak of, Raker!" Crux answers back, shunting Raker’s hands off of his body, "This is Darkseid! He is uncontested by all those who inhabit his world! I am not saying that he won’t one day fall, but this is not the time." As the words pour from his mouth, they seem to make Raker set his face, whatever emotion he is feeling being unclear, "I ask that you be patient… and not waste anymore lives on this doomed crusade."

                    He is quiet for a long while, and then suddenly busts out laughing. It perplexes Crux more than any arithmetic he’s faced yet.

                    "Oh, Crux," Raker comes down from his fit, lightly patting Crux on the shoulder as he turns away back to his meal, "If only we were all as blind as you…"

                    And at the mention of his lost sight, that last straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

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                      Aieg R' hears an argument ensuing behind him a few tables back. The Lantern with the strange visor had a confrontation with his sector partner, one of the oldest Lanterns in the Corps and among the first dozen or so Lanterns to be issued a ring, Raker. Befor Ahkual could take a seat at the table among the other Lanterns who were all talking about their past missions together, Aieg R' hopped out of his seat.

                      "We should probably break that up..." he said to the group making way over to the table that also had Lanterns Hannu and Turytt.

                      The visored Lantern just struck Raker. It took Hannu, Turytt, and the larger energy form of Aieg R' all to hold him back as the others held back Lantern Crux.

                      "Lanterns! Can't we all focus on the enmies of the Corps instead of fighting each other?!?" Aieg R' pleaded to his fellow Lanterns.

                      As the chaos began to die down, Senior Lantern Salaak hovered into the cafetteria through one of the larger sky light openings with his dozen or so ring projected computer screen around him. This usually meant he was about to assemble a team of Lanterns for a specific mission.



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                        Sector 2814,Ysmault

                        As Sato asked the question he suddenly realised it was stupid asking them questions as he only got either an "ARRRRGHHH" or a "GRRRRR" for an answer.
                        "Ok, i should've seen that coming" Sato muttered to himself.
                        "Okay Recruits ,it's either follow me or i'll make you follow !".

                        Sato burst into into the sky as the lanterns looked at each other with disgust and anger.
                        He fired a few energy blasts from his ring to get their attention, the lanterns roaring with rage and quickly ensuing Sato.
                        "Now you're getting the hang of it recruits !"

                        The red lanterns set off for quenicar.


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                          Kilowog finished up his little training speech for the poozers and stopped his pacing, turning to face the recruits. "You know I had thought about letting you poozers test yourselves against the sand pits here on Oa," Kilowog smiled as a michevious gleam appeared in his eyes for just a split second, no doubt picturing the recruits having to deal with the pits like he had to. "But I decided I'd let you poozers last a little while longer as a member of the Green Lantern Corps." He placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the asteriod belt circling Oa before looking back at the recruits. "Today you poozers get the chance to text your reflexes among the asteriods." The smile remianed on Kilowog's lips as he became encased in a green aura and began to float several inches above the ground. "Well hop to it poozers, get up there," He brought his hands up in front of him and cracked his knuckles. "Or I suppose we could skip that and each of you could go a few rounds with me."

                          The thought of having to fight Kilowog passed through Aro's mind for just a brief second, brief simply because he knew that that would be about how long the match would last. "Well," He looked to the recruits on either side of him, one in a mask and the other a large, four-armed man made of blue rocks. "I don't know about the rest of you but I'd rather take my chances up in the asteroids." He said as his ring began to glow and he was encased in the green aura similar to Kilowog's as he bent his knees and jumped up into the air kicking up some sand as he made his way towards the asteroids.


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                            Sector 2814

                            As Sato and the recruits left the atmosphere of ysmault there was one little thing they needed to do first.Since they were recruits Sato realised they probably hadn't done much yet and needed a little warm up.
                            Looking back at the mindless animals flying behind him they looked like they needed waking up so it was time for some training .

                            "Ok ,nearly there now but you guys need some target practice !"Sato yelled.

                            A quick detour meant Sato could lead the recruits into an asteroid field allowing the lanterns to harness the power of being a red lantern as they weave and smash their way through.

                            A quick glance ahead and Sato could see a planet in a distance.

                            "Good .Now you can unleash your rage ,Quenicar is in sight get ready recruits !"


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                              Sector 1368, three hours ago...

                              A purple skinned Green Lantern flew through space looking a bit bored. It seemed like weeks since the Lantern's last mission and he'd just left Oa a mere two days prior. He touched down on the planet Oculon and noticed a strange silence all around him. Before he could make sense of a planet that was supposed to be quite populated, the ground itself began taking humanoid shapes and a larger one grabbed the Lantern by the ankle and smashed him into the ground.

                              "Not even the might of the Green Lanterns can stop me from taking out this galaxy!" screamed Lord Argis as his drone army surrounded the Lantern as the strange plant like substance began covering the purple skinned alien.

                              Back on Oa, in the cafeteria....

                              Senior Lantern Salaak entered the cafeteria from above. He had a look of concern on his face like something was dreadfully wrong in the universe, and there was. His construct computer screens dissipated and he looked at the seasoned Lanterns.

                              "Lanterns Aieg R' and Crux, there is a situation in sector 1368...." the senior Lantern began.

                              Minutes later, after discussing the courses of action with the two Lanterns, it was time for them to choose a team to go into sector 1368.

                              "Choose a team, Lanterns, and take down the plant like creatures who wiped out the population of Oculon. Given enough time, the creatures could move off world... and that is the last thing we want happening. Good luck, Lanterns." Salaak instructs.

                              Now, outside of the Great Hall of Service in the central city of Oa, Aieg R' Ene and Crux Hesiod have to make a decision. Who will they choose to go into battle?

                              "I think we should tackle this threat from two different sides in teams of three. I have experience with with Lanterns Denar and Flair, however I doubt that your sector partner will want to play good cop bad cop with you at the moment." Aieg R' jokes not knowing what to make of the stern face of the man behind the visor.

                              In the distance, the rookie Lanterns can be seen coming back into Oan airspace with Kilowog. Their first day of training coming to an end with minor injuries and only a few bruised egos in the bunch....