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    i am speechless ... best comic-related tatoo i've ever seen. And i've seen a lot.


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      .....78 - That is KILLER!

      Nice to see others inking up GL's onto/into them. I'm sure we all have our reasons for getting these, (well, I know my reasons,) and here is the start of my sleeve, (oddly enough, same arm as 78,):

      (My 1st post here was this - earlier this morning

      Eh-low every-Lantern!

      I go by Pearsonic, (Peer-Saw-Nik) on various boards, (not too many of them,) and even though I have been an casual lurker here, after I was asked to share my recent acquistion with other Lantern lovers by super lantern, I've finally joined the Corps!


      Saturday - After months of trying to find time and money to get this thing started, I finally got a chance to get some ink. It took an hour in between being on call for work, (but glad I got that hour in):

      It's the start of what I have planned for a full sleeve. The artist I decided on is pretty cool, found out while chatting with him that he regularly reads Wolverine, and read a lot of the 90's Xmen to current - he's stoked to have a guy come in and want a bunch of comic book work done on him, what can I say - I'm stoked that he's stoked to be taking on my project!

      Originally posted over here:

      So, here are (hopefully,) better pics of the recent work:

      Arm extended:

      Elbow bent:

      and this was the source image the artist and I agreed upon. He said it would work best for the distortion that goes with occupying that bit of bendy real-estate, since: 1) the angled take on the symbol works well, (I wanted to have a 3-d effect, with the symbol being 'construct'-ed out of my skin) and 2) the metallic finish on it:

      I had originally wanted a simple, mostly 2-d version of this:

      But I kept leaning towards a more 3-d effect.

      My other thought was to have a power battery lantern 'built' into my elbow area, with armour encasing it, (similar to an Alpha Lantern,) but not sure how that would of been achieved and if it would look as cool as it sounds.
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        Had another visit to the tattoo shop..had Kyle and the rings flying away from Oa colored in. Hope to have pics up soon.


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          Originally posted by Greenlant78 View Post
          Had another visit to the tattoo shop..had Kyle and the rings flying away from Oa colored in. Hope to have pics up soon.
          Wow.. Cool news.. Cant wait.
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            K, here are the new pics...hope ya like.


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              LOOKS AWESOME DUDE!!!
              *hands down*
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                Man, that is the nuts! Looks awesome! Big-time props to your artist. From the small Blue Lantern Corps done on me, I can imagine how many sessions/hours this must have taken.

                Congrats again! I'm waiting for someone about a year from now posting a sleeve depicting the War of Light.


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                  wow are you going to be pissed if Kyle gets ANOTHER GL uniform? (like he dos every 3 years or so) BTW love it

                  IonFan says

                  MAGA then, MAGA now, MAGA FOREVER


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                    Nice ones crazies


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                      amazing. the colouring is so vibrant.
                      "Don't disturb my circles."


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                        HOLY SHIT. AMAZING tattoo. Having done my simple tattoo of Kyle's logo, I know how much pain that must have been. Pure unadulterated devotion, man. My hat is forever off to you.


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                          Verrry vibrant work! Looking better each time you post an update - I've been trying to talk to my artist since I had my work done, but he's had some personal things in life take priority over work as of late..............

                          Hope I can update y'all sooner rather than later.



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                            that is one AWESOME tattoo mate...only got the one and its on my finger,

                            I want to get sinestro logo on my middle finger on my left hand as thats where sinestro has his ring but Im not forking out 40 for something small lol


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                              Looks great .. try the sinestro man!!
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                                hahaha I will do at some point but theres 7 corps symbols to choose from other than sinestro lol I want then all, theres 8 and 8 fingers lol so can work Id just be screwed if a 9th appeared lol