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Last film you saw, vol. 6

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  • Curse Of Chucky - Unrated Version (2013)


    • Child's Play 3 (1991)

      "And what are children after all, but consumer trainees?"

      Sleepy Hollow (1999)

      "I stand up for sense and justice."

      Grimm Love (2006)

      Last of the Fangoria expiring movies, but not really a horror movie. It's a fictionalized version of the story of the guy in Germany who ate a volunteer victim.

      Insidious: Chapter Two (2013)

      "Let's go into the further."

      Sasquatch (2006)

      The Relic (1997)

      "Margo Using superstition to bring people to the museum is like hiring topless ushers for the Bolshoi Ballet.
      Dr. Frock: Well if they did, I might go to the Ballet."

      Child's Play (1990)

      "You've been very naughty Ms. Kettlewell."
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      • Stupidly entertaining, however the was audio was terrible, because for the first 30 minutes I couldn't understand what anyone was saying.
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        • The Return of the Vampire (1944)

          "Blimey! Look at this! It's getting so it ain't even safe to be dead!"


          • Human Centipede/Human Centipede 2 - What the fuck did I just watch?!


            • Finally watched this last week and thought it was terrible. As a space nerd, it drove me crazy that they didn't even attempt to make it look like they were in a zero gravity environment. Both in the lunar module and on the moon itself.


              • So many great kill scenes. The effects are dated, but still such a blast to watch. Especially if you have to go to sleep right after watching it

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                • Paranorman (2012)

                  "Your Grandma is in a better place now.
                  No, she's not. She's in the living room."

                  Not as funny as Tim Burton's animation or as cool as Coraline, but worth the watch.


                  • 10/10


                    • Cloud Atlas.

                      Very, very ambitious movie. A great cast and an intriguing web of (sometimes too) loosely interconnected stories spanning multiple centuries. Top performances by everyone except Tom Hanks of all people, whose Cockney gangster/writer and 19th century doctor on a ship were cringeworthy. It gets worse when you add the elaborate makeup that sometimes works (Hugo Weaving as the Devil on top of a mountain, Halle Berry as a white jewish woman in the 1930s) but mostly doesn't (Hugh Grant as Jim Broadbent's older brother, Doona Bae as a Mexican woman, 90% of Tom Hanks' roles, every case of actors playing the opposite gender and the awkward, awkward cases of caucasian actors playing Asians). It's unfair to ruin the excellent performances of the cast with ridiculous Spitting Image faces glued onto them.

                      I think this would have worked a lot better as an animated feature.

                      Still, I can't give this less than 8/10.


                      • Black Sabbath (1964)

                        "What's the matter, woman?! Can't I fondle my own grandson?"


                        • GEOGRPAHIC ISOLATION

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                          • "There's a maniac runnin' around and he's cuttin' people's heads off and plantin' 'em in the ground!"
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                            • Child's Play (1988)

                              "I have a date with a six-year-old boy."


                              • Escape Plan

                                Pretty fun movie. Seeing the two '80's action icons team up for more than a 5-10 minutes (like in the Expendables movies) was a treat, and being a Jim Caviezel fan, it was enjoyable to see him play a villainous role again.