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      Watched this again with commentary.

      The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

      "Kidnap the Sandy Claws. Beat him with a stick."


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        For the third time. I love this movie. really makes me miss my AD&D days


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          The Wizard of Oz- This never gets old.


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            I Spit on Your Grace (1978)

            Watched this with the rather good Joe Bob Briggs commentary on the DVD. Guess I'll talk about that in the Horror thread.

            The Keep (1983)

            Pretty decent 80s horror fantasy. Nazis vs. a trapped demon-type guy. Includes Ian Mckellen as a professor and Scott Glenn as an angel-type proctector.

            Originally posted by sylent_asassin View Post
            The Wizard of Oz- This never gets old.
            Truly one of the best films of all time. I showed this to my church film club and gave a somewhat lengthy talk about it, which seemed to give some of (especially they younger ones) people a new appreciation for it.


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              Monster on the Campus (1958)

              "Coelacanth, motherfucker! Do you speak it?"

              (Okay, they never actually say that, but that fish is the film's catchphrase, easily).

              A college professor is accidentally infected with radioactive prehistoric fish blood and turns into a murderous caveman. And there's a giant dragonfly.
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                Note to self: stack the deck next time you and your theater queer friends go majority vote on a movie to see...

                The movie was boring. Not to say it wasn't good, however; the cast was superior and music was very well done, but the plot just dragged on and on and on... I count at least three instances where I thought the movie should have ended, but didn't. If it wasn't for me and another friend doing a Rifftrax-like commentary on the movie I would've considered it a wasted day.


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                  The Long Goodbye (1973)

                  Didn't like it. Updating Philip Marlowe just wasn't a good idea.


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                    The Head (1959)

                    "You have a beautiful body, Irene."

                    German film about a creepy doctor (Horst Frank), Ood, who is brought in to help an older doctor and his assistant with an experimental surgery. But Ood wants to use the procedure as a springboard for more risky operations, particularly on a hunchbacked nun he becomes obsessed with.

                    The dubbing is fairly good, but there are no subtitles (all the signs are in English anyway).
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                      Mommie Dearest (1981)

                      "Tina! Bring me the axe!"

                      Great stuff. Faye Dunaway is amazing. It's also interesting to see the life of a star of the studio system. Howard Da Silva is great as LB Mayer (whose such a d**k in this).


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                        This is 40 - Some really really funny moments in here. Jason Segal and Megan Fox were great together. This is hands down the best performance Leslie Mann has had. She was pretty damn good. Great movie, but I thought the ending could have been a lot stronger.


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                          Trying to fit in a bunch of Instant Netflix movies expiring before the new year. Fortunately, several are short.

                          Sorority House Massacre (1986)

                          Not of This Earth (1988)

                          Campy fun.

                          The Good Thief (2002)

                          The Caveman (1981)

                          Mostly slapstick but pretty decent. The dinosaur stop motion was great. Always fun to see a Beatle in a movie (especially in this case since Ringo met his wife, Barbara Bach, on set).

                          As I see more of his films, Neil Jordan has really become one of my favorite directors.

                          Hollywood Boulevard (1976)

                          "Oh, it's a delightful scene: you four girls massacre 300 Asiatic soldiers. Now your motivation, very important, is to massacre 300 Asiatic soldiers."

                          Corman-produced black comedy. Pretty fun.

                          Parents (1988)

                          Weird flick set in the '50s where an antsy kid suspects his parents of cannibalism.

                          Terror Within (1989)

                          Cheap and not-very-good post-apocalyptic Alien rip-off.

                          The Dam Busters (1955)

                          Very-good British WWII movie about the development and deployment of the bouncing bomb.

                          My Mom's a Werewolf (1989)

                          "Look, Edna, a singing werewolf. We don't see many of them nowadays, do we?"

                          Snake Eyes (1998)

                          Forgot I had seen this. It's not great and Cage's character is annoying as all get out, but De Palma pulls off some great technical shots.
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                              Back To The Future


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