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  • (Jet Li's) Fearless (2006)

    "Cat's paw?"

    Hero (2002)

    "How swift your sword."

    This movie is just so beautiful.
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    • UHF (1989)

      "For those of you just joining us, today we're teaching poodles how to fly."

      Funnier than I was expecting (in that corny kind of way).

      And this is not necessarily a movie since it was a History Channel program, but it is a full-length documentary:

      Sniper Deadliest Missions
      + YouTube Video
      ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

      Great info here. Includes 3 missions from the guy (Hatchcock) whose bio I just read. Recreations, computer simulations, and on-the-range replicated shots are used as well as standard interviews. A must for those interested in snipers.


      • The perks of being a Wallflower- This was pretty good. A shy, sheltered teen goes to HS and makes new friends, develops relationships and comes to the realization that his beloved aunt molested him. "Slimy, yet satisfying."


        • Pretty enjoyable movie, with some nice performances by Hopkins and Mirren. Definately makes me want to check out the book, "The Making of Psycho" which was the inspiration for the film itself.


          • Thank you, streaming netflix!


            • A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

              "Jack: We're not really a hugging family.
              John: Damn straight!"

              2001 Maniacs (2005)

              "Next year, no more final requests."
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              • Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986)

                "You watch what yousay about MTV!"

                Oh, if only you knew, Gonzo. If only you knew...

                A leak at a local nuclear power plant (covered up by the manager, a human beach ball who doesn't give a wet/dry fart what others think) causes the honor society at Tromaville High to turn into degenerate biker-thugs. On top of that, the leak infects some marijuana that said thugs sell to the students, which causes a freakish mutant to be born from the two main characters. Among other bizarre happenings.

                Of course, there's also the fact that this is an '80s high school comedy, meaning lots of shenanigans.

                The gore effects are pretty damn good. When Dewey starts vomiting green ooze and then melts to the bone because of the radioactive waste he accidentally ingests, it looks great.

                Troma, the makers of The Toxic Avenger, delivers!

                Highly recommend.
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                • Oz: The Great and Powerful - Good but not great. They probably should have used Zach Braff a lot more though. His character was funny but they just had him shut up once the film really picked up. Mila Kunis' final makeup looked really cheap but I guess that they just did that to not outshine the original movie.

                  Dead Man Down- This would have made a FANTASTIC Punisher movie. All you have to do is switch from Hungarian background to cop and booyah. It wouldn't be as over the top as War Zone was but gritty enough to please critics and enough action to market to audiences and please fans. I enjoyed it. Especially the sniper/building chase scene.


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                    • Safety Not Guaranteed - A very interesting movie about moving on. Plus, it stars Aubrey Plaza and you can't help but love her.


                      • The Return of the Five Deadly Venoms [aka The Crippled Avengers] (1978)

                        I have no idea how this got picked as a sequel to The Five Deadly Venoms (I think that might just be American marketing, not sure), but it has nothing to do with the first. There are 4 good guys and either 2 or a whole mess of baddies.

                        Title aside, this is a great Shaw Brothers Kung Fu flick (thanks for the recommendation, Agent Purple) about 4 men who are handicapped (one loses his feet, another his eyes, another his hearing, and another is brain damaged) by an evil tyrant and how properly trained they can overcome that and seek just retribution. Classic themes, great fights.


                        • Watchers

                          I haven't taken the time to read the Koontz novel, and though I understand those who have don't particularly care for the film adaptation, I've kinda liked the movie ever since I first viewed it as a youngster. As for the sequels, never bothered with those. Doubtful I ever will.


                          • 10 Brothers of Shaolin (1977)

                            "Don't forget: country comes first, before any love."

                            Not a Shaw Brothers movie, but almost as good. I confess to losing track of some of the plot (which has a lot of twists and characters) due to watching it streaming while doing other stuff. Nonetheless, the fight sequences were average to above average and the evil leader (who is reminiscent of Pai Mei) was great.
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                            • Not bad at all. The 3D was well done and I enjoyed the movie for the most part.

                              That being said it wasn't perfect, Franco was pretty meh and Kunis came off as being more silly than threatening.

                              Loved Bruce Campbell appearance.


                              • -I enjoyed it, I liked Mila as the Wicked Witch