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  • Tulip Fever (2017)

    My 800th post.


    • Since there are only two Friday the 13ths this year and I'll be busy during the July one, I did a Jason double feature last night:

      Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

      "I ain't so pretty myself, I know."

      Jason X (2001)

      "Hey, you're lucky you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict."
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        • Today marks the 10th anniversary for the first Iron Man movie and since it's one of my top five favorite comic book movies, I thought I'd celebrate with another viewing.

          Iron Man (2008)

          "Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it. I mean it's not technically accurate. The suit's a gold titanium alloy."

          Despicable Me 3 (2017)

          "You told me my father died of disappointment the day I was born!"
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          • Action Jackson (1988)

            "I was thinking about it, but it'd go against my Muslim beliefs."

            I've never seen the whole thing, and decided to finally hunt up a copy on eBay. Sucks that the only decent-price listing is probably the original DVD release, in one of those shitty card-stock cases. The formatting is also of the standard-definition variety, meaning sidebars and square video. But hey, the upscaling of modern devices and the video itself being fairly well mastered means that it looks and sounds pretty good even without revision and widescreen.

            Plot is action-film-simple: Carl Weathers is a lieutenant-punished-down-to-sergeant Detroit officer (serving under Billy Duke's Captain Earl Armbruster, but anybody will recognize Mac from Predator). Because people are dying in highly unusual ways, even for a major American city, he begins to investigate and finds that Peter Dellaplane (Craig T. Nelson, with suspiciously-dark eyebrows that don't match his blond hair) is knocking off union bosses to gain power in the auto industry. Working Dellaplane's wife (Sharon Stone) and mistress (singer Vanity), he takes on impossible odds.

            This film is everything an '80s action film embodies: quite literally every cliche you can think off from cheesy one-liners to half-random fights to showcase toughness to ridiculous explosions (that poor truck full of gas tanks!). There's even a forward somersault over a speeding car! (And holy shit, that car stunt at the end!)

            Right before we started watching this, one of my dad's old friends dropped by and we all viewed it together. Of course, he talked during much of it, so a lot of the story details were lost to both me and my dad, which means I need to view it again to get a better understanding. The friend did point out that he thought the hotel drug dealer was Sonny Landham, another Predator star, and checking just now, I see he was right (he looks just different enough to almost be someone else).

            Al Leong (Endo the torture expert from Lethal Weapon) shows up as Nelson's chauffeur, another welcome surprise.

            Bob Minor, who plays one of Nelson's assassin gang members called Gamble, actually kind of looks like he could be Weathers's older, jerkier brother.

            Overall a fun film, definitely worth checking out for hilarious levels of violence and tough-guy shenanigans.
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            • Rampage 2018

              caught the buzz on this flick a few months ago and was immediately interested when I saw the giant reptilian. It's pretty much what you would expect from a Dwayne Johnson movie; loads of action, decent effects, budding love interest....pretty straightforward. I enjoyed it and will but it on DVD when it lands in stores.

              Is this technically a Kaiju film? I'm on the fence about that.

              I was in it for megacroc.


              • Residue (2017)

                "Are you going to finish dressing?"

                Strange and low-key, but decent horror mystery on Netflix.

                Originally posted by Agent Purple View Post
                Action Jackson (1988) ...I've never seen the whole thing, and decided to finally hunt up a copy on eBay. . .
                I've still never seen that either. I really gotta get around to it. It definitely sounds like my kind of movie.

                Originally posted by Jeff View Post
                Rampage 2018 . . . Is this technically a Kaiju film? I'm on the fence about that.
                Man, I remember playing the heck out of that game in arcades. Loved the concept. Some people don't count American movies, but since the original game (and by extension the movie) was inspired by King Kong and Godzilla, I would think it "counts." They certainly meet the minimum requirement of being a giant monster.


                • Anderson's latest stop-motion offering may not hit the highs of say Fantastic Mr. Fox, but it's still a great clever entertaining time, with memorable characters, Plus igreat animation, strong*vocal performances, and some surprisingly really good*political commentary. Plus it's really funny too.


                  • Full Metal Jacket (1987)

                    "God was here before the Marine Corps! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your a$$ belongs to the Corps!"

                    R.I.P., Gunny!
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                    • The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)


                      • Lobster Man from Mars (1989)

                        "It's all very simple! Bunny men from Neptune have invaded Mars!"

                        A Hollywood version of Producers where Tony Curtis is a movie producer in need of a flop when a kid comes in with a B movie about a Lobster Man from Mars who attacks earth to get air (hence it's mostly a movie within a movie and a spoof).
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                        • A Quiet Place - A very intense almost dialogue free horror film, that relies more on the characters constant state of fear, and strong performances to carry it, along with Krasinki's solid direction. It's early, but I predict this'll end up on my top ten of the year. I liked it a lot.
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                          • Terminator (1984)

                            "Pain can be controlled - you just disconnect it."


                            • My review of A Quiet Place.



                              • The Flintsones (1994)

                                "You know, Fred, I hear that eating too much red meat is bad for you.
                                -What a load of bunk. My father ate it everyday of his life, he lived to the ripe old age of thirty-eight."

                                More fun than I remembered. At least visually there's lots to pay attention to.

                                The Flintsones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000)

                                "Your eyes are like two big blue eyes."

                                And this one (which I hadn't seen before) was not so good, but there were some good gags and they tried some twists (like making it how they meet the ladies and adding Gazoo).
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