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Who's playing DCUO, and on what servers? (listing)

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    you should have got rename tokens if not submit a ticket.


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      PC: Not sure what server it just says USPC.

      Name: Hannu Sector2


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        Platform: PS3
        Name: xionice
        Server: USPS3 I believe. I'll double check next time I log on. Though we can merge onto another person's server.


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          Platform: PC
          Name: Richard Keown

          Not sure what server...:P

          Just got the game yesterday.

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            Hey guys, I've been playing some DCUO lately with Kreon.

            Computer version.
            the 2 servers listed for me just say PVE and PVP with no actual names

            Hero - "Sister Lethe"
            Villain - "Balmoral"

            OH! And Lantern Kreon's characters are also on the PVE server:
            Hero - "Hardrada"
            Villain - "Doomhaunter"
            Soranik Natu
            Green Lantern
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              Hero: Caroll Feris
              Villains: Xynge, Ray Moore, Dr Gross, & Akebishi

              Platform: PS3
              Server: PvP (Not sure to tell which one but if you fill me in on how I'll post it!)


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                just got game today on PC

                PVE server.... dont know which one. Kapsimo Velos is the name


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                  Idk if you guys are still playing. Here are my characters if you wanna hit me up.

                  Stingy Jack/Fire/Dps



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                    I play under Yu Xing (Hero) and Raweas (Villain)


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                      PS3: GL Celtic!
                      Green Lantern's Light!



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                        Mistress Hexxx
                        Lantern 12160

                        Kid Pun
                        Hells Pyre
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                          EZ Lanter - PS3 PVP


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                            Thanks to one of my friends letting me try it out on his copy, I'm now finally playing DCU Online!

                            I'm on the PC, still waiting for my friend to tell me what server he's on, so I'll post that info later.

                            My first character is, naturally, Green Lantern Jack T. Chance. Since some bastich already claimed the character name JackTChance, mine is TheRealJackTChance!

                            Here he is in the nighttime skies over Gotham City...

                            I'm currently keeping an eye out for a pair of boots that look more like the ones he wears in the comics, and a trenchcoat/duster more like the style he wears in the comics, but for now, I'm satisfied with his appearance.


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                              Euro PVP Server - Jaceny

                              (added)Platform: PC
                              (updated)Hero: Jacen Young aka Jaceny
                              (updated)Server: Moved to US Server (European Server PVP is practically dead)
                              Powers: Light
                              (updated)Role: Support - Controller - Energy Management, EoT & Instant - Mortar Rifle, CC and Group Shielding (full combo if needed for boss)

                              I started out as pvp. Just recently I started working on PVE and TIER 1 suit.
                              Still debating if I should go DPS or Controller with this char. It has all the advantages for a controller, but I am so use to PVP DPS.

                              We'll see.


                              With the move from European to US Server I also made the move to controller. It is nice to see your own energy replenish over time for once.
                              Supplying the group with energy is gratifying job.

                              Luckily I didn't have to start all over, I already had a fresh lvl 30 on US server. And with the updates buying a pvp armor with rating 77 was a breeze.
                              Doing Tier 1 & 2 PVE content with PVP armor and mods is do-able. Although with Tier 3 & 4 PVE content I will be using the appropiate PVE armor.

                              I also like the new 8vs8 headquarters pvp Arena and ofcourse the 50 Valor reward and some extra.
                              Corps Recruit
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                                I'm on there too. Can't remember the server name. I'm so used to how WoW plays, I'm still getting the hang of this one. Not sure how the teaming works either. :-/
                                I did realize I need a new multi button mouse.