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Who's playing DCUO, and on what servers? (listing)

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    More character screen shots... starting with one I'd forgotten to post. Here's Owlman from the Crime Syndicate of Amerika...

    He still has a way to go before he looks closer to the comic book version. Needs a better cowl and a better belt, and some shoulder pads that match the cape/wings.

    And here's Stel Version 1.5. Made a few changes...

    Body Type: Changed to Large Striker
    Emblem: Turtle (this is the go-to emblem for GL players, as it's the closest thing to a GL Corps emblem that's available for use on any outfit.)
    Belt: Anti-Freeze Style
    Shoulders: Anti-Freeze Style
    Head: Biohunter Helmet (this is the closest thing in the game to the look of the head on DC Direct's Stel Action Figure)

    Still building up both characters' XP levels and looking for better costume pieces for them.


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      Name: Turquoise2814
      Server: US
      Level: 30 (CR 35/36, PVP CR is 85, Equipped CR is 75)
      Weapon: Hand Blaster (Light)
      Group: TheGreenLanternCorps

      Got back online after a year out, found out all my Tier 0 Ariel Controller armor is now PVP instead of PVE, and thus doesn't work in missions (I literally drop down to a zero). So I'm buying the PVE Tier 1 armor (Super Speed - Controller), but having to get 29-39 Marks of Triumph per armor piece is annoying. Because I solo 99% of the time, and now all the missions that give MoTs require "replay badges". Maybe they'll reset after one week, I've only gotten the chest armor of speed so far and now I'm a "5" in PVE missions (like the one with Larfleeze). Lots of the armor drops, like the Royal Chestguard of Krypton and Death Mask of the Spectre are confusing - do I keep it, or sell it?

      I bought the Light GL ability, as well as War of the Light I and II, but found out you have to be CR 84 just to start War of the Light?! I solo so much, I'd rather go through this on my own, but I may have to team up just to get through War of the Light I and II. Going Controller all the way. I hate Alerts, Toyman missions, and PVP.

      I'm a Free/Premium player, no Legendary monthly bill for me, but I am good at some of the seasonals, like Season's Greedings with Larfleeze, and some of the minor missions. I was collecting exobits for a year and now my character is stuffed with them. Getting skill points by exploration, blowing up barrels, collecting fashion pieces, etc.

      I have my own LowRentApartment now! Filling it up with junk, literally. You mean I have to pay to get the generator to work? (grumble, grumble) Maybe I'll go visit the group GLC base again.

      Picture to follow when I get my Tier 1 armor.
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        I'm finally on DCUO on the PS3!!! ^^^ I have no idea what any of this is, I'm an MMO noob...



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          Originally posted by The Kid Lantern View Post
          I'm finally on DCUO on the PS3!!! ^^^ I have no idea what any of this is, I'm an MMO noob...

          I tried it like one day (maybe an hour). I think I've deleted it. I don't have the patience for RPGs or MMOs.


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            My five year old beat the training with a character I'd made the night before. By the time I got home kid was up to level 5. He enjoys all the people to fight at any time and the free roam. He quite literally said after it was downloaded 'this is gonna be the greatest day of my life...'

            Of course when he wanted to make his own guy, he wanted to make a villain LOL



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              Been a long time since I posted in this thread, so here's some updates.

              First off, here's how Stel currently looks. I finally collected all the in-game items that were needed to unlock the boots that are the closest to what he currently wears in the comic.

              Also, the Developers made an important change several months ago. They're now giving us opportunities to obtain Cross Faction styles. This means that, if I'm lucky, I'll eventually be able to give Stel the Leg Style and Chest Style that look the closest to his current legs and torso in the comics. The necessary styles are Villain Styles, so without the enabling of Cross Faction Styles, he never would have been able to have them.

              I also went ahead and created Stel's counterpart in the Sinestro Corps, Tekik. Here's how he currently looks:

              And here's a little preview of how he'll look with the Sector Incendiary Chest Style, which he'll be given once he's able to purchase it.

              This will keep him looking robotic, while simultaneously matching up better to the Sinestro Corps uniform, especially when it's combined with a certain pair of gauntlets and the Sinestro Corps Belt.


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                Anybody still playing this?



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                  I'm thinking about getting back into it when it comes out on the Xbox one in a couple months


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                    I have accounts on Steam and PS3 but don't really play that often. I'm not super far in either, maybe like lvl 20 or so. It's fun but I've pretty much been limited to solo play


                    • + YouTube Video
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                      • When did they replace Gina Torres?


                        • I still play the game when I have time, and recently, I've been inspired to create a couple more ring-slingers!

                          We'll start with my newest character first. Just today, I decided to create Jenny Lynn Hayden, BKA JADE. After reading a tutorial about how to make a GL Corps Uniform during Character Creation, I'd planned to have her wearing that uniform, like she did when she was Kyle Rayner's girlfriend. But the necessary styles look completely different on Female Characters, so it wouldn't work. The Corps Uniform will have to wait until I can obtain the Scion of Ion Chest and Legs for her.

                          So, I ended up making the closest possible approximation of her very first costume, instead. Here's how she came out:

                          Unfortunately, the game still doesn't allow Dual-Classing, so there was no way to give her both Hard Light Powers AND Nature Powers. Who knows if they'll ever decide to expand the game to allow Dual-Classing, though. In some RPGs, that concept's been around for ages. In DCUO, however, it may never happen.


                          • A couple months ago, I also decided to make Boodikka, based on her earliest appearances back in the early '90s. Since the artists have fiddled around with her look since then, making her look more like a conventional superheroine (at least until she became an Alpha Lantern, anyway) here's a reminder of how she looked when she first appeared:

                            Note how she towers over Hal? She seems to have shrunk a bit since then, LOL!

                            And this was her Corps Uniform:

                            And this was the closest I could get at Character Creation. The lack of shoulder armor is due to the game's Developers not allowing you to select a Shoulder Style during Character Creation. Your characters can't have any Shoulder Styles at ALL until they complete the first mission that gives Shoulder Armor as a Quest Reward, which is usually around Level 8 or 9.

                            I decided the skin tone still wasn't pale enough, so I tweaked it before taking this picture to show how tall she is next to an "average" male human in-game (in this case, Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, LOL!)

                            I'll post updated pics once her costume's more complete.


                            • While playing around with Style options for one of my non-human GL characters, I discovered that it's ridiculously easy to make the standard, humanoid GL Corps uniform from the animated films Green Lantern: First Flight and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. Here's a quick and dirty comparison pic:

                              The recipe couldn't BE easier, and everything you need is available at Character Creation, with the sole exception of the GL Corps Emblem, but new characters can obtain one of those pretty quickly from either a Time Capsule drop, or a quick purchase on the Auction Broker!

                              Here's the breakdown:
                              • CHEST = Streak Slimline
                              • LEGS = Tertiary Slimline
                              • HANDS = Formal
                              • EMBLEM = GL Corps Emblem

                              Naturally, once the character is able to obtain them, the Chest and Leg Styles can be upgraded to Scion of Ion, if so desired, which will make the Emblem an even better match to what was seen in the animated films.

                              Keep in mind, though, that changing the Chest Style will also likely require a change of the Hand Style.


                              • After putting it off for far too long, I FINALLY made myself complete the Conversion Duos and Alert, and have now finally completed the costume for my first character. I give you the Green Lantern of Sector 0017, everyone's favorite gun-and-ring-slingin' scoundrel from the planet Hellhole, the one, the only...

                                JACK T. CHANCE!

                                He is now as close as I can get him to how he looks in the comics. Since the Dev(s) that programmed the Classic Duster Chest Style put the Emblem in the wrong place (it belongs over the left breast as a badge, and nowhere else) I had to have him wear his GL Corps Badge on his back instead:

                                If by some miracle, the Devs ever correct the Emblem size & placement on this Chest Style like they ought to, I'll update his styles again. But until then, his look is locked! Too bad there isn't an in-game emote that lets our characters be seen smoking...

                                Sadly, I know why that isn't in the game. Blah blah blah, bad example for the kids, yadda yadda yadda.

                                P.S. Some of you probably noticed a small change I made to the color scheme for his outfit. In the original comics (he first appeared in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly issues 1 & 8) the entire outfit under his coat was colored in 2 slightly different shades of gray, as you can see above. Since that looks boring as hell, and since his boots, gloves, gun-belt, knee-pads, and vest should all be leather goods, I colored them black, 'cuz black leather is just the way to go for those sorts of items!
                                Jack T. Chance
                                Really knows where his towel is!
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