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Andrew NDB
: Andrew NDB & BaneDorrance (Zero Hour PVE Server)
Showens: Gray Ghost (Zero Hour PVE Server)
BLUELCMISHRA: Green Lightning & Mind Warp (Vices and Virtue PVE Server)
WolfLantern: ? (Zero Hour PVE Server)
Shadowjack: Ghostlight (Zero Hour Server)
BatmanofSector2814: Tungsten Gargoyle (Brave New World Server) & The Gargoyle (New Frontier Server)
JohnnyV: Ms Lavender (Death and Glory Server) & Rock Hard (Cry for Blood Server)
Lord Malvolio: Privateer & Femme LaFrost (Zero Hour Server)
William Tel of SU Delta: Black Horus (Cry for Blood PVP Server) & Reverse Speedster (Cry for Blood PVP Server)
Darth_Andrea: Emerald Goddess (Zero Hour Server)


: Tommy Trojan (Crisis PVE Server)
The_Power_of_WillPrevails: Jason Crimson (Countdown PVE Server)
Larfleazy E: Other Guy & Heisenburg (Killing Joke PVP Server)
Eric (CorpsCast)
: Greybeard (Crisis PVE Server)
GLC2814.4: Junkydude (Crisis PVE Server)
Archrival: Cruciatus & Mesmero (For All Seasons PVE Server)
JayJayCAW: STEELNOVA (Justice Server)
Green.Lantern.303: FreezeFrame (Crisis PVE Server)
Jay Burg: Twilight Mask (Justice Server) & Superium (No Man's Land PVP)
Razorgod: Highway (Crisis PVE Server)
projectile: Projectile (Crisis PVE Server) and Alchemy (No Man's Land PVP)
Alex Sinclair: Sinccolor (Killing Joke Server)
Thunderlips: Emerald Frost & Darkest Doom (Relentless Server)
: Nidhoggr & Ensabah Nur (EU "Crossfire" PVP Server)
Jack-O-Lantern: Driftway (Birthright Server)
Lotrek: Lotrek, Falcon Arrow, The Blackpope, Blacksnow, Lillith & Ninja Roach (For All Seasons Server)
My Soul Corrupted: MySoulCorrupted (Crisis Server)