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Anyone get the Collectors Edition comic?

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  • Anyone get the Collectors Edition comic?

    Anyone get this:

    Is it any good? I know they are doing a bi-weekly to follow th egame, is this a key issue that is needed? And is it worth what guys are selling it for on ebay for $20? What about the one that comes with the PS3 one? Is it the same book?
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    It's probably just the "preview" that's been included with every DC comic that's come out in the past 2-3 weeks.


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      I have DCUO Legends #0 reserved at my comic store hopefully. Plus a random comic my parents got me ages ago finally makes sense. It was issue #3 of the 6 issue Omac project series, which I completed mission wise last night, Brother Eye is fucked up.

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        I bought the PC Collectors edition just for the Batman statue and got that book. It is basically a comic adapation of the intro moviefor the game with a bit of expanded backstory from future Lex


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          I love the cover. That's badass.
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            I got this from Game Stop when I pre-ordered the PS3 regular game. I thought it was all the same but obviously not. Also not it is bagged and boarded so it is a small sized comic.

            Not sure if they are the same stories...but they probably are.
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