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So is it still fun?

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  • So is it still fun?

    Hey guys, I have yet to play the game yet, and just wondering if it is still fun for you guys who have been playing since release? Just wondering if I should consider the lifetime sub or month to month? I just pulled the trigger on getting Lifetime sub for Star Trek Online.
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    It's not bad but ther are still idiots who know nothing about what they're doing even if they are level 30.

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      my advice to you is play the game do month to month then change to lifetime if you are hooked
      i freaking love it
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        It's still fun for me.

        Originally posted by Archrival View Post
        It's not bad but ther are still idiots who know nothing about what they're doing even if they are level 30.
        HEY! Im one of those idiots!

        I just don't know how to do the social/group stuff like invite and league stuff.

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          i just started a bit ago and i like it


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            I've been playing for a bout a month whenever i can. I just hit lvl 30 with my first character. (i have about 5 others that i play around with b/c depending on your alignment and who your mentor is, depends on what missions you get, so i have one for each possibility). I thought the game would kinda die out at around lvl 30, but i was wrong. There is almost more to do at lvl 30 than there is from lvls 1-29. Plus they are supposed to be adding more content each month. I'm actually about to get the lifetime subscription. Granted, this is my first MMO, so there are probably some that are a lot better out there, but as a DC comics fan and a gamer, I think it's great.


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              I've been playing steady since Beta and I still love it. I'd love to get a lifetime, but I just can't put the money down for that
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