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  • Crisis Server - No one to play with

    Hey all;

    I got a LVL 30 Fire/Hand Blast (Junkydude - My 5 yer old named him) and I'm always stumped in my attempts to finish Alerts/Raids/etc. I'm not a member of a league becuase everyone I have joined has like 4 dude who are never on. When I get into the "first Available" whatever, everyone drops out in like a minute and I can never finish anything. Very frustrating as I last 5 seconds in any of the hard modes becuase my armor is complete shite.

    Anyone got any friends or leagues who can help me armor up? I'm on 4-5 times a week from about 9pm-12 EST. KNow anyone who is on who can team up/got a good league/anything?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dude I actually played some PVP with you the other night, my character is Highway. My league is The Justice Corps. We're working pretty steadily on gearing up for end game raids.

    As for Alerts and duos, we're tagging those out daily. Right now, we've got 20 members, and about half of us are solid players who are on like clockwork.

    Which way are you spec'ing your fire powers....Tank or DPS?
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      you guys are making me jealous...